Sparkemate, Circuit Testing Equipment, Multiple Function Tester, 240V, 50Hz

Sparkemate, Circuit Testing Equipment, Multiple Function Tester, 240V, 50Hz

Sparkemate, Circuit Testing Equipment, Multiple Function Tester, 240V, 50Hz

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Under investigation


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11.8 cm

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13.8 cm

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25.2 cm

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1.32 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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VIDEO - Spark-e-Mate - How to Change Mode & Disable the Desensitisation Routine

A Quick how to video to show changing the mode on the Spark-e-Mate 493BTLi unit to Safe Mode, Super Safe Mode, Turbo Mode and then back to Normal mode. An explanation of each of the modes is also included and how these influence the tripping of RCDs during the Fault Loop or Earth Continuity testing. This video then shows how to disable the Desensitisation routine on the Fault Loop and Earth Continuity tests which can cause RCD tripping in some cases.

How to troubleshoot ATS480 with "INF6" when an optional communication card VW3A3720 is inserted?

Unfortunately, ATS480 is only compatible to VW3A3720 on version v2.1IE28 and higher. When we put an optional communication card VW3A3720 below this version, it will come up with INF6.
To update the firmware of the optional communication card VW3A3720, we will need the software: EcoStruxure Automation Device Maintenance
The software is available on se.com via this link:
EcoStruxure Automation Device Maintenance V3.0 Software - Release | Schneider Electric
Once installed, please launch Schneider Electric Software Update (SESU) and check that EADM is up-to-date.
Minimum required version is v3.0.196.
The following certificates must be installed:
The Ethernet package is also needed and available on se.com via this link:
Ethernet Firmware for VW3A3720 V2.1 IE28 | Schneider Electric (se.com)
Please note, VW3A3721 card is not compatible with ATS480.
The update procedure is available in EADM folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Automation Device Maintenance\Documents

Step 1.
Check the firmware version of the optional module VW3A3720, this is "V1.FIE26", below v2.1IE28, update is needed
Step 2.
Setup the IP address of the communication module so that it would become visible to your network
Step 3.
Open the software "EcoStruxure Automation Device Maintenance" software, later referred as EADM. Add the device, to me, I am in a local Modbus TCP connection, therefore I select MODBUS(TCP), and input the IP address I setup in previous STEP 2.

The device will show up.
Step 4.
Unzip the downloaded firmware, and put to the address set in the "Package Setting".
Default is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Schneider Electric\Data Packages
The firmware we put in the "Data Package" should show up in the list in "Data Package" after restarting the software. We will need to save the project, you will be required to set up a password, (it will need to be strong password).
Step 5.
Open the saved project, make sure the "dot" on the left top corner is in yellow, else there is issue with connection. Select the Data Package from the red box, and click the button in the green box.
In the pop-up, select "Anonymous" and click "Connect", if the connection is successful, we should see a green tick, and green indicator, the correct description of the drive will also show up. If unsuccessful, the "Invalid credentials" may show up, this is usually caused by the cybersecurity setting in drive. Or the firewall is enabled that blocked the communication (especially common for internal Schneider users).
While the communication is OK, we select the device, and find "Update Firmware" button at the bottom of the page. After we click "Update Firmware", click "Confirm" on the pop-up window, and it will show "Confirmation required", click on the "Bell" button, select the device, read the warning carefully and confirm when all is ready.
The update will start and complete automatically when is done, the drive will reboot.
If we double check, the INF6 will go away and firmware of VW3A3720 is now V2.1 IE28.

Why are all my tests in Spark-e-Log coming up as failed?

Spark-e-Log does not have the ability to determine what values are passes or failures. This determination should be made by the qualified person doing the tests. You can select within the settings of Spark-e-Log if you wish to have the results default to failure or pass. If set to failure you will need to change them all to passes if the values tested are correct otherwise if set to pass you will still need to confirm the values obtained during testing are a pass or fail and will need to change those that fail to fail.

Why can't I send my report from Spark-e-Log via email on my iPhone?

On the iPhone there is no ability to select from what app the email is generated. Due to this iPhone requires that its default email app be set up with an account so that these report emails can be sent through this default app.

What are the catalog numbers and available voltages for shunt trip and shunt close accessories for the Masterpact NW?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Shunt Trip, Second Shunt Trip, and Shunt Close
Voltage 50/60 HzT-, W-, & Y-Frame
W- & Y-Frame
12 dcS47359S33809S48490
24–30 ac/dcS47360S33810S48491
48–60 ac/dcS47361S33811S48492
100–130 ac/dcS47362S33812S48493
200–240 ac/dcS47363S33813S48494
277 acS47364S33814S48495
380–480 acS47365S33815S48496

See instruction bulletin, 48049-237-03

For VA consumption

What is the operating voltage tolerance, catalog numbers, and clearing times for the Masterpact NT and NW shunt trip and shunt close coils?

What is the operating voltage tolerance, catalog numbers, and clearing times for the Masterpact NT and NW shunt trip and shunt close coils?

Product Line:
Masterpact NT NW

Shunt trip: operating threshold is 0.7x to 1.1x Vn (nominal voltage)
Shunt close: operating threshold is 0.85x to 1.1x Vn
Catalog numbers are the same for MX and MN (shunt trip and shunt close) devices; function is determined by placement in the breaker.
Voltage (V) at 50/60 HzT-, W-, & Y-Frame FixedT-Frame DrawoutW- & Y-Frame Drawout
12 DCS47359S33809S48490
24-30 AC/DCS47360S33810S48491
48-60 AC/DCS47361S33811S48492
100-130 AC/DCS47362S33812S48493
200-240 AC/DCS47363S33813S48494
277 ACS47364S33814S48495
380-480 ACS47365S33815S48496

MX operating time at Vn:  50 ms ±10 (NW and NT)
XF operating time at Vn:  
70 ms ±10 (NW ≤ 4000 A)
80 ms ±10 (NW > 4000 A)
55 ms (NT)

NOTE:  Shunt trip (MX) and shunt close (XF) circuits must be energized for a minimum of 200 ms. In other words, don't use an impulse signal. Use a signal of at least 200 ms.
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