Coupling Half PVC P/Top End

Amber | Coupling Half PVC P/Top End

Coupling Half PVC P/Top End

Item Number: 437P-AM



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Product or component type

coupling ring

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Mounting support


Fixing center

53 x 38 mm

REACh Regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Environmental Disclosure




PVC (polyvinyl chloride)


Package 1 Weight

0.040 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Video: How does the padlock attachment keep a Masterpact NW circuit breaker locked in the OPEN position?

Product Line:
Masterpact NW Circuit Breakers

In simple terms, when an NW breaker is padlocked in the OPEN position, the breaker is physically kept from being closed. It is held in the OPEN position, almost as if someone were standing in front of the breaker continually pressing the OPEN button. For more details, including a 50 second video demonstrating this point, continue reading.

On the front face of an NW breaker, just below the OPEN and CLOSE buttons, are two small clear windows. Behind those windows are flags that change state depending on the status of the breaker. The left hand flag shows only one message: the status of the breaker contacts (open or closed). The right hand flag shows two messages: the status of the charging spring (discharged or charged), and whether or not there is anything that will physically interfere with successfully closing the breaker (OK or OK).

Compare the right hand flag in figures 1 versus figure 2.
The flag in figure 1 shows "charged OK" (all in yellow), meaning the spring is charged, and there is nothing to physically interfere with the breaker being closed.
The flag in figure 2 shows "charged OK" (yellow and white), meaning the spring is charged, but there is something that will physically interfere with the closing of the breaker.

Image showing difference in right hand flags

When an NW breaker has a padlock attachment, before the padlock is installed, there is nothing to interfere with closing the breaker, and the flags will appear as in figure 1. But once a padlock is installed, it causes physical interference within the breaker of the closing process, locking the breaker in the OPEN position, and the flags will now appear as in figure 2. When the padlock is later removed, the flags immediately change back to figure 1, indicating the breaker can now be closed.

For a 50 second video demonstration of this, watch the video below (no sound).


What is the clear cover that goes over the open/close buttons on the Masterpact NT/NW breaker?

Push button cover for Masterpact Circuit Breaker

Product Line:
Air Circuit Breaker

The padlockable Open/Close push button cover for NT breakers is catalog number S33897 and for NW breakers, it is S48536

Picture showing the padlockable push button covers

What are the part numbers for the adjustable rating plugs for the Compact NS630B- NS3200, Powerpact P and R frame breaker, and the Masterpact NT and NW breakers?

Rating plugs for Micrologic breakers

Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Interchangeable rating plug catalog numbers are as follows:

Long-Time Pick-Up Ir = In  x  ... (dial setting below)
Table showing rating plug part numbers

How to enable security for individual user in GeoSCADA Expert?

Security setting for an individual user is not enabled by default in GeoSCADA Expert (Formerly known as ClearSCADA). Security tab is also not displayed in User Properties window.

Steps to Enable security settings for an individual user:
  • Go to Server Configuration > System Configuration > Security > Tick the box for Allow per-user configuration
  • Apply changes by going to File Tab. On Applying changes, you will be advised to restart the server for the changes to take effect.

  • After restarting the GeoSCADA server. Open new session of ViewX. In User properties window Security Tab will now appear.
  • Go to Security Tab > Tick the Enabled Tick box and Save it.

Security is now enabled for the User. This user can now apply security options which will only apply to that user.