Clipsal Iconic Data Socket Category 6, U/UTP, RJ45 ,Unshielded

Clipsal Iconic Data Socket, Category 6, U/UTP, RJ45 ,Unshielded

Clipsal Iconic Data Socket Category 6, U/UTP, RJ45 ,Unshielded

Item Number: 40RJ45SMA6-TN

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An integral component for setting up your home network system, this unshielded RJ45 socket from Clipsal Actassi is a quality outlet for transmitting voice and data. Rated category 6 for dependable performance, bandwidth and improved communications.

Colour Translucent (TN)
  • Translucent 1 PCE



Qty UoM EAN Colour





Product or component type

RJ45 network socket

Colour code

568 A/B

Product compatibility

  • RJ45 plug
  • RJ11 plug
    • Warranty

      18 months


      Device presentation

      two piece design

      Quantity per set

      set of 1

      [In] rated current

      1.5 A at 25 °C

      Permissible voltage

      1000 V AC/DC peak, between contacts

      Contact resistance

      20 mOhm

      Insulation resistance

      initial insulation resistance: > 500 MOhm at 100 V DC

      AWG gauge

      AWG 23...AWG 24

      Mechanical durability

      750 cycles

      Coupling attenuation

    • >= 35 dB at 30-100 MHz
    • >= 75 - 20 x log(f) dB at 100-1000 MHz
      • Pin number

        8 pins of copper alloy and gold plated conforming to IEC 60603-7

        Pulling force

        50 N during 60 s

        Transverse conversion loss

      • >= 50 dB
      • >= 68 - 20 x log(f) dB at 1-250000 kHz
        • Tool type

        • punch down tool
        • quick termination tool
          • Cable outer diameter

            0.9-1.1 mm

            Cable shielding type


            Communication network category


            Communication network type


            Communication port protocol

          • PoE+ (Power over Ethernet)
          • VoIP (Voice IP)
            • Transmission frequency

              0-250 MHz

              Type of footprint

              40 mech


              22 mm


              36 mm


              16 mm

              Ambient air temperature for operation

              -40-70 °C

              Climatic withstand

              40/070/21 (21 days)

              Environmental characteristic

            • PEP (Energy depletion)
            • REACH
              • Product certifications



              • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
              • AS/NZS 3080
              • AS/CA S008
              • ISO/IEC 11801
              • IEC 60603-7-4
                • EU RoHS Directive

                  Not applicable, out of EU RoHS legal scope


                  Package 1 Weight

                  0.01 kg

                  Package 1 Height

                  20 mm

                  Package 1 width

                  150 mm

                  Package 1 Length

                  108 mm
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                  Frequently Asked Questions

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                  What is the replacement for the 30RJ88SMA6?

                  The replacement is 30RJ45SMA6.

                  What is part number for BSL plate to accommodate 30RJ45SMA6?

                  Part number BSL31VH can accommodate 30RJ45 jacks.


                  Is part number 30RJ45SMA6 available in Soft Grey?

                  Part number 30RJ45SMA6 is Standard in Soft Grey.

                  Which mechanism goes into RJ6/24PP?


                  What is part number for Saturn plate to suit 30RJ45SMA6?

                  Part number 4031VH will accommodate 30RJ series mech.

                  For more information on this part please refer to http\\

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                  Is part number 30RJ45SMA5 available in Chrome Shadow?

                  No. Unfortunately, part is not available in Chrome Shadow.

                  Is part number 30RJ45SM6AF available in Black?

                  No. Unfortunately, part is not available in Black

                  for more information on this part please refer to

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                  What is the difference between CAT 6 (30RJ45SMA6) and CAT 6A (30RJ45SMA6A)?

                  There isn't much of a physical difference. The only real difference is the twist ratio with in the mechanism. The CAT 6A (30RJ45SMA6A)  has a higher twist ratio there for allowing data to travel at a higher speed.


                  Are there data and telephone mechanisms available in the Saturn range ?

                  Not directly ,  to use the Saturn series with Phone / Data mechanisms etc the Saturn communication plates are required. These are compatible with the 30 series data and telephone mechanisms.

                  For more information on both Saturn and 30 series please visit the Clipsal web site on the links provided

                  What is the replacement for the keystone mechs RJ88SMA5

                  The RJ88SMA5 have been replaced with part no RJ45SMA5

                  For more information please visit the Clipsal Web site on the link supplied

                  Is there an alternative to the 30RJ88SMA5 which will fit the F30Z1.5 clip?

                  Yes it is the VDIB17735UWE.

                  What is the IP rating of the Cat6 shuttered mechanism part number 30RJ45SMA6SH?

                  The 30RJ45SMA6SH is IP22 rated.

                  For further information please visit

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