Clipsal Iconic Family Room Rocker 10 Pack

Vivid White | Clipsal Iconic Family Room Rocker 10 Pack

Clipsal Iconic Family Room Rocker 10 Pack

Item Number: 40FAR-VW

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The Clipsal Iconic Family Dolly Rocker is designed for compatibility with the Clipsal Iconic accessories range to help make your life simpler. In a modern vivid white finish, the dolly rocker looks great in the home.

Colour Vivid White (VW)
  • Vivid White 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width23 mm

Height icon

Height23 mm

Depth icon

Depth9 mm

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Qty UoM EAN Colour




Clipsal Iconic

Product or component type


Colour tint

vivid white (VW)


Quantity per set

set of 10



Switch function

2 positions


23 mm


23 mm


9 mm

EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

Environmental Disclosure



Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

14 g

Package 1 Height

9.17 mm

Package 1 width

20.39 mm

Package 1 Length

23.25 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the replacement for a C32L-MA Multi9, Circuit breaker, 40kA, 25A?

The closest replacement for a C32L-MA Multi9, Circuit breaker, 40kA, 25A magnetic only is a 25A, 50kA, a magnetic only unit with the dimensions of 81mm(W) X 103mm(H) X 81mm(D).
The part number for this unit is 18884.
This can be found on page 2.1.14 of the 2016 Schneider Product Guide.

Is the Clipal 30FAV a solder connector

They are F connectors on the back.  Clipsal do not do solder on the back of RCA's

Can the 30FAV Red and White be purchased as individual parts

No they come in the pack of 30FAVRWY so red, white and yellow combination

What is the current range of the LV432081?

Long-time protection range of this trip unit is 160 - 400A.

Why is the trip C.B. feature not available for Sepam 40?

The option to select trip CB is not available in the protections.

Product Line
Sepam 40

The Trip C.B. feature for ANSI 46 is only available if CB Control is set to ON.


What is the waveform resolution for the Sepam relays?

Product Line
Sepam 20
Sepam 40
Sepam 80

The Sepam 20 and 40 series relays offer 12 samples/cycle resolution for the waveforms.
The Sepam 80 series relays offer 36 samples/cycle or 12 samples/cycle, configurable on the FRT screen in SFT2841.

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