socket clock 4pin

Clock Point Socket Outlet, 250VAC, 4 Pin

Catalogue Number: 408/4
socket clock 4pin
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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Product brand
Quantity per set
set of 1
Cover type
full cover plate
without marking
Local signalling
without light indicator
Device mounting
Fixing mode
by screws
[In] rated current
5 A
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V AC
30 mm
106 mm
59 mm
Fixing center
84 mm
  • AS/NZS 3112
  • AS 3100
  • AS 3109
  • AS/NZS 3122:approval number S/1
    • Unit Type of Package 1
      Number of Units in Package 1
      Package 1 Weight
      43 g
      Package 1 Height
      35 mm
      Package 1 width
      57 mm
      Package 1 Length
      103 mm
      EU RoHS Directive
      Under investigation
      Environmental Disclosure

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Need a socket for a 409/4 - Electric Clock Connection Accessories, Clock Point Plug 250V 5A

       Use a 408/4 - Unswitched Socket, Electric Clock Connection Accessories, Clock Point Recessed Socket 250V 5A - 4 pin.

      What is the part number of fire rated wall box to suit clock point socket 408/3 and 408/4?

      157/1F fire rated wall box will suit clock point socket  408/3 and 408/4.
      For further information, please visit:

      What is the plug to suit the 408/3?

      The plug to suit the 408/3 is a 409/3.


      What is the code for a flush box to suit the 408/3?

      408/3 has 84mm mounting centres so can be mounted on standard clipsal flush box like the 157/1 for example.

      What is the part code for a 3 pin Clock Socket in the Clipsal range

       The part code is 408/3 - WE

      Does the Clipsal 438/2 suit the 492

      The 438/2 does suit the 492. 

      What is the SOCKET to suit 439/4?

      The socket to suit 439/4 is 410.
      For more information, Please visit:

      What is the plug to fit a 410-WE

       Part code for the Plug is 439/4

      What is the Clipsal socket to suit the 439/4 plug

      Clipsal Socket part number - 410

      What are the sockets suitable for 492-WE?

      The suitable sockets for 492-WE are :
      438/2 - extension socket
      402-WE - surface socket

      Video: How to I replace the modules in my Smart-UPS Modular UPS?

      Replacing modules in Smart-UPS Modular units.

      Product Line:

      All "SUM" models, All Serial Numbers

      Smart-UPS Modular models feature user replaceable Power and Battery modules.

      The following video details the installation and removal of modules in a Smart-UPS Modular UPS:

      Can I poll 6 Digit Modbus registers with Telepace Studio?

      The MSTR and MSIP use a block of registers to store their configurations.

      If the MSTR block uses register 41001 in the SCADAPack as it's configuration start register, then :

      41001 = Comm port number

      41002 = function code

      41003 = slave controller address

      41004 = slave register address

      41005 = master register address

      41006 = length

      41007 = time out in 0.1s increments

      Trying to configure the MSTR block in Telepace prevents you from putting in a slave register address greater than 49999.

      Using a PUTU block, you can put an unsigned integer in the range 40001-65535 into register 41004 to indicate the slave register address. It appears as though the program will take the value in register 40004 and subtract 40001 to determine the holding register offset that gets sent in the actual modbus message.

      For example, using PUTU to put a value of 50010 into register 40004 would then cause the MSTR block to poll for a holding register with an offset of 10009 in the message which would correspond with a 6 digit address of register 410010.

      The largest unsigned integer you could put into register 40004 would be 65535, which would correspond with a 6-digit modbus holding register of 425535.

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