Connect Kit from INS400 to MSC chassis

Connect Kit from INS400 to MSC chassis

Connect Kit from INS400 to MSC chassis

Item Number: 400CK2

RRP (Inc. GST)



Qty UoM EAN Colour




Acti 9

Product or component type

connection kit


EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

Range compatibility

  • MSC DC chassis
  • INS400
    • Width

      215 mm


      Package 1 Height

      27 mm

      Package 1 Length

      253 mm

      Package 1 Weight

      211 g

      Package 1 width

      150 mm


      The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the mounting frame for the 4025H2

       Part code is 4000H2

      What is the Run Current and In-Rush current for FLS50LED, LED slimline floodlight 50W 4000K?

      FLS50LED has the below details 

      -Run current: 0.249A 
      -In-rush current: 15A 

      Datasheet attached for further reference. 


      How do you order a custom built 9003K2 cam switch?

      Where do I find the key sheet?   How do I fill it out and where do we send in the key sheet for a 9003K2 cam switch?

      Product Line:
      Push Buttons and Operator Interface

      9003K2 Cams

      This process is unclear.

      See the attachment for instructions and the blank key sheet. 

      Send the completed key sheet into the Commercial team with the purchase order.
      Fax number:  888-329-9773
      Email:  partner.commercial@schneider-electric.com

      Is the 4 position selector switch available in 22mm operators?

      Do we make a 4 position selector switch in a 22mm operators?

      Product Line:
      Push Buttons and Operator Interface

      Harmony Pushbuttons

      Product Features

      We do not. Would recommend that the customer use a 9003K2 cam switch. It will mount in a 22mm hole.

      What is the size of the inter conductor for the N-series recloser cables (38kV)?

      This size will vary depending upon the rating of the conductors:

      • 1. 250A 80mm2
        2. 340A 120mm2
        3. 400A 180mm2
        4. 630A 240mm2
        5. 800A 400mm2

        These are shown in more detail in the attached guide.

        Olex cables.pdfOlex cables.pdf


      What is the replacement lamp for a EXITSM?

      Unfortunately we do not sell these as spare part you will need to seek a different manufacturer such as osram etc.

      The specs are a 4000K, 1.2 Watt LED Tube.
      Highly efficient LED lamp: The fitting is equipped with a 1.2W LED tube which provides longer life and lower power consumption.

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