grommet flex cord lock

Grommet, 22mm, Suit 1.5sqmm Ordinary Duty Flexible Cord

Catalogue Number: 38A
grommet flex cord lock
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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Standard Series
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22 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the AC3 rating of the LC1D18***

 The rating is 18A

What is the part number for 238A with 25mm spout?

The 238/25 has 1 x 25 mm spout & 2 x25 mm conduit entries.

Where can I find the ASB230501 Data Sheet?

Attached is the ASB230501 Data Sheet.

What is the coil consumption or burden for the Tesys LC*D** contactors?

* 1 or 2
** 09 through 38

Coil consumption or burden for the Tesys LC1D/2D contactors from 9A - 38A

Product Line: 
Contactors and Starters - IEC

North American Products

All AC coils for the LC1D09 through LC1D38 3-pole contactors ( including ring tongue, quick connect and spring terminal versions ) have an inrush of 70 volt-amps for either 50 or 60 Hertz applications, and a sealed value of 7 volt-amps for 50Hertz applications or 7.5 volt-amps for 60 Hertz applications.

Is the PDL 30A switched

 No it is not

Is there a 35A double pole mechanism?

No. We have 30M35 which is 1 pole, 35A mech.

What is the code for a 32A mech for Saturn 406* plates?

There is no 32A mech that fits directly into the 406* plates,
The 60R32-** and 60R32COOK-** will only fit into the extra switch position on the 4025XA-**

For a standard plate with a 32A mech you will need to use a 403* plate with a 30 series 35A mech, 30M35

Is there a 35A Mech that fits the extra switch in the Saturn Series double power point 4025XA available? ?

No unfortunately this part is unavailable. However, we have a 32A 60Series Mech that will fit the double power point 4025XA.
The part number is 60R32

For further information please visit

What is the AC3 rating of a PDL 56SW363/2

The AC3 rating is 18.5kw, 35A

Do you have a 35A mech that says hot plate?

Yes, we do have a 35A mech that says hot plate. 

The part number is 30M35-HPLATE.

For further information please visit

What do I need to put together a single phase 30A 56 Series RCD

Use 56CB4 + A9R51240 40amp RCCB

Can you get the 4025X with a 35A mechanism?

No unfortunately that particular switch only comes in 10A and is not removable.

However, the 4025XA has a removable mechanism and can be replaced with the mechanism 60R32 which is a 32A mechanism.

Some of the key features are:

  • Saturn Series
  • 10A
  • 250V
  • Extra removable switch
  • Various colours available

For further information please visit


What are the dimensions for the standard range 4 gang architrave switch, 34A?

The dimensions for the standard range 4 gang architrave switch , 34A are - L140mm x W32mm x D10mm


What is needed to replace a Model 85 Temperature Controller with a Model 98A Retrofit Kit ?

Retrofit of a Model 85 Temperature Controller.

Product Line
Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformers

Use a kit part # 24806-001-50 for Indoor Xfmer or  24806-001-51 for Outdoor Xfmer. Kit comes with K thermocouples to replace existing thermistors . Include serial # of transformer so the controller can be set for correct temperature rise otherwise 80C is default .
Attached is the document "Instructions for Field Retrofit of a Model 98A Digital Temperature Controller in place of a Model 85 Temperature Controller" 24806-003-01 Rev 0
This document contains a set of instructions for retrofitting a Model 98A Digital Temperature controller in place of an existing Model 85 Temperature controller.

Model 98A Retrofit Instruction Bulletin.pdf

Will the Altstart ATS46 operate at 50 Hz and 380 volts?

Issue: Will the Altstart ATS46 operate at 50 Hz and 380 volts?
Product Line: ATS46
Environment: All
Cause: N/A
Resolution: Yes it will.


What does the "383" suffix represent on and ATV71....N4383 ?

What does the "383" suffix represent on and ATV71....N4383 ?

Product Line:

ATV 71H075N4…HD75N4


Variable speed drive for synchronous motor with speed feedback
The drives are supplied as standard for asynchronous motors with or without sensor feedback.
ATV 71H075N4…HD75N4 drives can control not only those motors included in the standard offer, but also synchronous motors with speed feedback, by adding 383 at the end of the reference.
Example: ATV 71H075N4 becomes ATV 71H075N4383.
See available encoder interface cards.

Is there a 32A version of the 1439/20?

No, 20A is the largest size in this model plug.

Is there a 35A Mech for Saturn Zen Series

No there is no saturn mech available. There is either the Z4061/45 cooker switch plate or the 30M35 in a Z4031VH Plate

Explanation of circuit breakers in 30 amp rPDU's

Product Line
  • Rack Power Distribution
    • AP7XXX, AP7XXXB, AP8XXX series

  • All serial numbers

Circuit breakers are in place to protect the branch circuit and its conductors. With respect to a 30A breaker, all components employed in the circuit (downstream from the circuit breaker) shall be rated for 30A use. In a scenario where a 30A circuit breaker is providing power to a 20A rated outlet, the outlet, load plug, load cord and load are rated for 20A use, thus sized for this rating. In this scenario there is inadequate protection for the outlet and all connected equipment, and potentially (and most harmfully) the conductor that is supplying the outlets themselves.

In North America, Canada, and Europe, PDU's are evaluated under UL/CSA/EN/IEC 60950-1. This standard requires circuit breaker protection when the rating of an output is less than the rating of the input. A PDU with a 30A input plug and 20A receptacles must have circuit breakers. Section 2.7 of the 60950 standard states: "Protective devices necessary to comply with the requirements of 5.3* must be included as part of the equipment" 

*5.3 is the evaluation of abnormal operating and fault conditions.

In North America, the requirement is based on NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code. In general, in the United States, you can have any outlet rated less than 20A protected by a 20A breaker. However, these outlets must have protection rated no less than the outlet rating and no more than 20A. A 30A outlet must be protected by a 30A breaker and may not have anything larger or smaller.

Europe has very similar rules to North America. The main difference is the rating of receptacles and breakers. In Europe, you typically have 10A or 16A outlets protected by a 16A breaker, but the breaker rating can be no more than 16A.

Canada places additional restrictions. In Canada, a 15A outlet must be protected by a 15A breaker. The only exception is the "T-Slot" 20A outlet that accepts either 15A or 20A plugs. This outlet may be protected at 20A.

If a PDU has a 30A plug and 30A receptacles, it will not require and internal circuit breaker. The 30A plug forces it to be plugged into a 30A branch circuit, which will have its own 30A breaker. The PDU can then rely on the branch circuit's breaker rather than an internal breaker.

If a PDU has a 30A plug and 20A receptacles, it must have internal 20A branch rated breakers for the receptacles. The 30A protection of the branch circuit is too high to be safe for the 20A outlets.

Can a 63.75" tall PDU be installed into a 38U NetShelter CX cabinet?

The 63.75" tall PDU does not fit onto the accessory rail. Will it fit anywhere else inside the cabinet? 

Product Line: 
NetShelter CX 

AR4038A, AR4038IA

A customer wants to install one of the 63.75" tall PDUs into a 38U NetShelter CX cabinet. 

Yes, the 63.75" tall PDUs can attach to the rear mounting rail. Please see the attached file for mounting instructions. 

What is a 12vDC isolator for a 32A wind generator

Use a 56SW340KGGY

What is the PDL 600 Series modules for range switching

PDL 32A mechs

What is the heat loss for the ATV31HU75M3X?

Issue:   What is the heat loss for the ATV31HU75M3X?
Product Line:  ATV31 
Environment:  ATV31HU75M3X
Cause:   Watts dissipated
The total dissipated power at rated load is 388 Watts.


Is there a 35A mechanism (Mech) for Saturn series?

The part number is 60R32 which is available in Artic Silver (colour code 3A - which suits the standard Saturn range), Charcoal (CC - for the Saturn Horizon range), Zen Black (ZB - for the Saturn Zen range) and Zen White (ZW - for the Saturn Zen range). This part is rated 32A suitable for the 4025XUA (standard Saturn) or Z4025XUA (Saturn Zen) which is a standard double GPO with an extra removable switch

Please go to the website via the following link and check under the Documentation Tab for more information.

What causes an 'err = 380 invalid property value' in Proworx Nxt?

'Err = 380 invalid property value' can occur when 'Show only True Type fonts in the program on my computer' is checked. To correct this go to Settings, Control Panel, Fonts, Tools,Folder Options, True Type Fonts and uncheck this box.

Which driver should be used for the Model 98A in SPM and PME?

Schneider Electric has 2 temperature controllers:
Model 98 - Black face plate.
Model 98A - Green and white face plate (newer model) 

Which driver is required to communicate to the Model 98A. Can the same driver used for the Model 98 be used for the Model 98A?

Product Line
Model 98
Model 98A
ION Enterprise
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Management Console

The Model 98A uses the same driver as the Model 98. Please reference the below links for the Model 98 driver.

SPM 7.x and ION 6.0 Model 98 driver
PME 8.0 and PME 8.1 Model 98/98A driver
PME 8.2 and PME 9.0 Model 98/98A driver

HomeSafe - Dimensions of Reed switches

The below list are all measured in mm - all Reed Switches are Normally Closed with the magnet in place (NC)

5460               18h x 19w x 13d
5460FD            19(dia)
5460FS            9.5(dia)
5460HD            88h x 38w x 10d (cable lenght: 280)
5460RF            78h x 73w x 27d

L1 VME What Colour Does the PDL151 10 way 32A Connector Strip Come in ?

The PDL151 10 Way 32A Connector Strip Comes in White 

Are the PDL 32A solid fuse links still available?

No, the 32A solid fuse links are no longer available.

Do you have a 32A double pole 30 series mech?

No, the largest rated 30 series double pole switch mechanism is 20A.

What is the part number for the extra mechanism 32A that fits the 4025XU?

the part number is 60R32

What is the part number for a 4 pole 32A circuit breaker?

The part number is A9F54432.

What is a 32A 1phase C/O switch for Gen system in Fiji

Part number is 56SW332CO

What is a 32A inductive isolator for an induction cook top

Part number PDL 56SW150

What is the part code for a 1 pole, 32A RCBO

 Part code is 19777

What is the part code for a 1P 32A relay

 The part code is 15515

What is the rating on the Neutral for the PDL 56CV532

 The rating is 32A

Do we have a 56 series Flat pin 32A Connector?

 No not available

Do you have a 32A 4 pole Telemecanique contactor?

The Telemecanique contactors have now been rebadged as Schneider.
The part number for a 32A AC1 4 pole contactor with 240V coil is LC1DT32U7.

For further information please visit

Do you do a 32A TE contactor with 4 poles?

Yes the part number for a 32A TE contactor with four poles is LC1DT32-U7

What is the part number for a power point with extra 32A cooker switch?

The part number for a power point with extra 32A cooker switch is a 4025XUA + 60R32COOK.

What is the part number for a double pole 32A mech in C2000 series?

The part number for a double pole 32A mech in C2000 seriesis C2031D32.

Please use this link for further information:

Is there a 56 Series 5 Pin 32A with earth leakage combination switch?

Yes the part number for a 56 Series 5 Pin 32A with earth leakage combination switch is a 56SC532RC-GY.

What is the Socket Interior for a WMB532 5 pin 32A outlet?

The Socket Interior for a WMB532 5 pin 32A outlet is a SP-116481.

What is part number for 35A mech marked hplate?

The part number is a 30M35-HPLATE.
For more details please visit the link:

I am installing a Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) system. Can I use a Transformer to convert the output of the UPS to a different voltage?

Use of Transformers with UPS systems

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Low Voltage Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Output voltages of UPS systems may require changing to a more suitable level


SquareD/Schneider Electric does not recommend that standard Transformers be connected to the output of UPS systems, or at the load side of adjustable frequency motor drives. Standard Transformers are designed for a maximum of 5% total harmonic voltage distortion on the input, and the output voltage of many UPS systems and drives will exceed that maximum. For further information contact your Distributor or local SquareD/Schneider Electric Sales Office.

CTA-ID : 388

Are AC fuses covered under warranty for Xantrex GT inverters?

No, due to the nature of what can cause them to blow.
If the replacement fuse blows immediately after replacement, please contact Technical Support on 1300 202 525.

AC Fuse size for GT2/8 inverter: 15A ceramic slow blow
AC Fuse size for GT5/0 inverter: 30A ceramic slow blow

What are the part numbers of the 32A and 45A cooker switches that are unmarked?

Below are the part numbers of the cooker switches that are unmarked.
2031/45 Single-pole 250V, 45A - 2000 Series
C2031/45 Single-pole 250V, 45A - C2000 Series
2031D32 Double-pole 415V, 32A - 2000 Series
C2031D32 Double-pole 415V, 32A - C2000 Series
2031/45N Single-pole, includes Neon, 250V, 45A - 2000 Series
C2031/45N Single-pole, includes Neon, 250V, 45A - C2000 Series
2031D32N Double-pole, includes Neon, 415V, 32A - 2000 Series
C2031D32N Double-pole, includes Neon, 415V, 32A - C2000 Series
For further information, please visit

ATV31 (H, C or K): Do we have derate curves for 70 degrees °C ?


Issue:   ATV31 (H, C or K): Do we have derate curves for 70 degrees °C ?
Product Line:   ATV31
Environment:   ATV31 (H, C or K)
Cause:   Temp derating
Resolution:   The ATV31 (H, C or K) is not expected for working to 70 degrees °C. It's clearly indicated in the ATV31 catalogue (page 10). The high limit is 60°C with derating for ATV31H (page 10). You can use the ATV31 to 70°C with the derating curves and on interpolate (page 38) but then the product will be no guaranted.

Is there a 3 position marked "1, 0, 2" 2 pole cam switch 16A available?

Yes, the part number for a 3 position marked "1, 0, 2" 2 pole cam switch 16A is a 7GN12/52/U.
Brief :

 Rotary Cam Switches and Accessories, Rated Thermal Current (Ith) = 12A AC23A rating - 6kW at 415V. Rated Insulation Voltage Ui = 480V. Maximum 16A Fuse (gG/gL) for 3kA short circuit protection, 2 Pole 12A 60° changeover switch with Off marked 1-O-2.

Some of the key features are:

  • Front mounting
  • AC23A Rating
  • Changeover switch with OFF marked 1-O-2
For further information please visit​




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