nut 6nc 32tpi square

General Accessories Nuts, No.6 Nc Square Nut

Catalogue Number: 359
nut 6nc 32tpi square
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part number of the lock nut for 355 series screw?

359 is the locknut for 355 series screw.
  • Size: 6 mm x 6 mm
  • fits M3.5 x 0.8 mm pitch screws
For further information, please visit

What is the dimensions of the cover only for CEF40WK

354 x 354 x 32mm

Do you have a 4 pole normally closed 159 Series contactor?

Unfortunately the 4 pole normally closed 159 Series contactor was a part of the Square D brand and has been discontinued.

How long does part number 319 run for?

Part number 319 can be run up to 20mins.

What is part number for 319 reverse action?

The part number is  319RA.

Does part number 319 have N/C contact?

Yes it does.

Can I get a 56SW2K120 but with a 059 key

Key numbers are not able to be specified 

What is the cable size for the PDL 35S festoon

Size is 2.5 TPS

Is there a 35A double pole mechanism?

No. We have 30M35 which is 1 pole, 35A mech.

Will an ION8650 35S socket meter work in a 45S socket.

User may have purchased a 35S socket meter and needs to connect it to a 45S socket

Product Line:
ION8650 Series Meter
Meter Socket 

Meter installation

The 35S and 45S sockets are interchangeable. The ION8650 form 35S meter will function correctly in a 45S base.  


What is the maximum time for a 319 timer?

319 Pneumatic timer can be set from 30 seconds to 20 minutes

please see link below for further information

Can the 319 switches be wired in two way?

Yes, the 319 pneumatic switches can be wired in parallel so that they can switch the same load.

For further information please visit

What is the AC3 rating of a PDL 56SW363/2

The AC3 rating is 18.5kw, 35A

Dimensions of PDL699 and mounting block?

Dimensions 48mm(h) x 170mm(w), with mounting centres 150mm.
Suits 567L mounting block and 559 mounting bracket.

Dimensions for PDL 699 699TB 699 TBR 699TB/15

Plate 48mm (H) x 170mm (W)
Mounting Centres: 150mm
Suits PDL 567L mounting Block & PDL 559 Mounting Bracket

Do you have a 35A mech that says hot plate?

Yes, we do have a 35A mech that says hot plate. 

The part number is 30M35-HPLATE.

For further information please visit

What is the part number of the mounting block suitable for 319 pneumatic timer?

238/25 mounting block is suitable for 319 pneumatic timer. 238/25 is a 1 Gang Surface Mounting Box, with 25mm end entries and dimensions of 115mm( length), 74(Width), 42(Depth).
For further information please visit
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What is the part code for a Clipsal black festoon lampholder

 The part code 541ES-BK is not longer stocked in NZ
use the PDL code PDL35S 35s festoon lampholder

Is the time delay switch 319 compatible with two way switching?

No, the time delay switch 319 isn't compatible with two way switching.

For further information on this product please visit

What is the dimension of 31VA, 32VA, 33VA, 34VA, 35V and 36VA standard sized vertical flush switches?

31VA, 32VA,  33VA,  34VA,  35VA and 36VA standard sized vertical flush switches have a dimension of 115mm(length) x 73mm(width) x 11mm(depth). Mounting centres are 84mm apart. The switches are rated to 250V AC, 10A, 1 way/ 2 way.
For further information, please visit


What is the adjustable range of time for the CLipsal 319-WE?

It is adjustable from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.

Is it possible to configure a Form 9S 8600/8650 meter as a Form 35S?

Customer purchased a ION 8600/8650 with "Form Factor" of 9/29/36S Base and wants to wire as a Form 35S

Product Line

Installation and wiring

Customer purchased 9s meter for use in form 35S environment

It is possible to configure a form 9S ION 8600/8650 meter as a form 35S, but a form 35S cannot be converted into a 9S since
the form 35S meter does not have a blade for I2 connection.

Following the diagrams below, the meters connection terminals can be rewired to match.

The 9S meter is normally configured as bellow to accept a 3 Element 4Wire-Wye system. 
As you can see, the blade inputs are used to accept the I1/I2/I3 & V1/V2/V3/Vref inputs for the 9S. A 35S meter only uses I1/I3 & V1/V3/Vref to meter the Delta system.

The 9S can be modified easily to simulate the 35S measurement structure as below:

This can be done by modifying your 9S base meter wiring as the image below:

The meter's Volts mode configuration setting, found in the Basic Setup Parameters, needs to be changed to 35S 3-Wire instead of 9S 4-Wire.
The firmware is the same for all types of form factors hence, it is not required to change the firmware.

I need a similar switch with key insert on the top of the xcsa512?

The xcsa512 has a black blanking plug on the top , which can be removed and a key can be used on top as well.
The actual head can be rotated as well in any direction for actation.
Please refer to safety catalogue 2008/2009 on page 3/9 and 3/20

Is there a 35A Mech for Saturn Zen Series

No there is no saturn mech available. There is either the Z4061/45 cooker switch plate or the 30M35 in a Z4031VH Plate

Is there a 35A Mech that fits the extra switch in the Saturn Series double power point 4025XA available? ?

No unfortunately this part is unavailable. However, we have a 32A 60Series Mech that will fit the double power point 4025XA.
The part number is 60R32

For further information please visit

GT String sizing calculator temperature compensation.

The GT string sizing tool uses a compensating value of 35ºC above the user input temperature range.

Cell temp is always higher than ambient temp. If you've ever placed your hand on a solar panel on a sunny day, that's very evident. It's the cell temp that determines the change in Vmp, thus the need for the temperature compensation. It's our way of determining the lowest array voltage during the hottest part of the day.

The temperature difference that our calculator is using is fixed at 35C above ambient. This value was chosen based on several research reports stating that the average cell temp (above ambient temp) is 35C above ambient temp in a range of ambient temps and module mounting configurations.

Conzerv ELF3200 series Instruction Manual.

This manual includes instructions for the ELF 3259, ELF 3234, and ELF 3234-3.
ELF 3200 Fan fold New.pdf

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203110 V1.0, Originally authored by MiZe on 08/14/2010, Last Edited by MiZe on 08/14/2010
Related ranges: ELF 3259 VAF, ELF 3234, ELF 3234-3

Can you get the 4025X with a 35A mechanism?

No unfortunately that particular switch only comes in 10A and is not removable.

However, the 4025XA has a removable mechanism and can be replaced with the mechanism 60R32 which is a 32A mechanism.

Some of the key features are:

  • Saturn Series
  • 10A
  • 250V
  • Extra removable switch
  • Various colours available

For further information please visit


I believe someone has hacked my Wiser Link system, what do I do?

If you have any doubt regarding the integrity of your system, contact Schneider Electric Customer Care Center on 1300 369 233

If I face an issue during installation and commissioning whom should I contact?

CUSTOMER SERVICE 1300 369 233 (7:30AM TO 7:00PM (MON TO FRI) AEST)
TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1300 202 525 (7:30 AM to 7:00 PM MON TO FRI AEST)

For further information please visit Trade - Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Is there a MSDS for 157FSM?

Yes, the material safety data sheet for the 157FSM Flexible Fire Resistant Sealant is available on request only.
To receive a copy, please call the Clipsal Technical Department on 1300 369 233.

What modules support the 140 XSM00200 16 point discrete simulator module connector?

The simulator module connector is designed to operate with the 140DAI 540 00 and the 140 DAI 740 00 modules. These modules are 115 and 230 volts AC and field wire in the same manner. If the power source was reduced to 30volts or less AC the module 140DAI 353 00 could also be used for simulating discrete inputs.

Is the Clipsal 31E2PUDM compatible with Inductive loads ?

Yes. The pushbutton universal dimmer 31E2PUDM is compatible with Inductive loads  - 350 Watts Max.
See the attached brochure for more detail.

What is part number for 35A mech marked hplate?

The part number is a 30M35-HPLATE.
For more details please visit the link:

What time adjustment is possible for a Clipsal 319 Timer?

Can be set between 2 and 10 minutes but will only be approximate.

• This time delay switch operates on the air bleed principle and therefore it is not
possible to calibrate precisely. The timing will vary slightly with manufacturing
tolerances, air temperatures, relative humidity, and barometric pressure.

Do the DZ2 lug kits offered for the ATS22 softstarters include mounting hardware?

Do the DZ2 lug kits offered for the ATS22 softstarters include mounting hardware?

Product Line:
ATS22 Altistart 22

ATS22C11 through C59 models

Hardware is required.  Is it provided with the lug kit?

The DZ2FH6 and DZ2FK6 lug kits do not include any lug mounting hardware.
The ATS22 does not include lug mounting hardware.
The installer needs to procure the hardware elsewhere.
The installation bulletin references the hardware required.  See the attached file.

Is it possible to defeat or disable ground fault on Masterpact NW with Micrologic 6.0A for primary injection testing?

Is there a way to defeat or disable ground fault on a Masterpact NW breaker for primary injection testing?  

Product line:  
Power circuit breakers

Masterpact NW circuit breakers with Micrologic trip units

There are two ways to defeat ground fault on the NW breaker for primary injection testing.  You can use the Hand Held Test Kit, Cat. No. S33594, or the Full Function Test Kit, Cat. No. S33595 OR you can use the looping method to counter the single phase current during primary injection testing.  See the attached Data Bulletin 0600DB9901 page 35, for looping method, or FAQ FA265488.

I believe someone has hacked my Wiser Link Energy Monitor system, what do I do?

If you have any doubt regarding the integrity of your system, contact Schneider Electric Customer Care Center.

CUSTOMER SERVICE 1300 369 233 (7:30AM TO 7:00PM (MON TO FRI) AEST)
TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1300 202 525 (7:30 AM to 7:00 PM MON TO FRI AEST)

What is the code for a 32A mech for Saturn 406* plates?

There is no 32A mech that fits directly into the 406* plates,
The 60R32-** and 60R32COOK-** will only fit into the extra switch position on the 4025XA-**

For a standard plate with a 32A mech you will need to use a 403* plate with a 30 series 35A mech, 30M35

NetBotz Appliances version 1 and 2 Operating Environments


NetBotz version 1 and 2 Appliances Operating Environments

Product Line:



NetBotz version 1 and 2


Opearting environment


The NetBotz Appliances and pods are designed for indoor use only.

The environmental operating conditions are as follows:

* Temperature: 35F to 120F (1.6C to 48.8C)
* Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing 

How to connect 4203DR current sinking AOUT to PLC with current sinking AIN?

AOUT on 4203 cannot be connected directly to AIN on the SP350 because both are current sinking type of I/O.
Drawing shown below describes how AOUT on 4203DR transmitter should be connected to AIN on SCADAPack 350 when I-I Isolator is used.
Jumper for analog input on SCADAPack 350 must be in the Current position.

How to wire SCADAPack 32 4-wire RS-485 COM1 to device with 2-wire RS-485 interface?

Serial port COM1 on the SCADAPack 350 is dedicated 2-wire RS-485 serial communication port.
Wiring diagram for SCADAPack 32 and SCADAPack 350 communication through RS-485 COM ports is shown below.
Note that jumper J9 must be installed so that SCADAPack 32 COM1 is in RS-485 mode.

Changing counter value while Hot Standby switchover

Goals and Symptoms

This resolution describes a workaround for an effect by a Hot Standby switchover with RIO and a software counter.
The RIO cable connection to the Primary CRP 931 fails.
An input from a 140 DDI 353 00 module has value "1" at the same time.
The Standby system switches to Primary (what is correct).
But the input bit gets for a short time the value "0", because the CRA is not available while switchover.

If the binary input is linked to a software counter the counter will change the value. Also affected are program parts, which use this binary input together with Edge detection.

Facts and Changes

Problem is known with the following components:
Concept 2.6 SR2
140CPU43412A, EXEC 1.25, Kernel 1.01
140CHS11000, EXEC 1.04, Kernel 1.00
140CRP93100, EXEC 1.15, Kernel 1.01
140 DDI 353 00

It should exist with all Hot Standby systems equiped with 140CRP93100, every discrete Input and a software counter or a Edge detection is linked to the Input module.

Causes and Fixes

Use the EN input of the software counter and link it to the healthy bit of the Input module. This avoids to increase the counter during RIO cable interrupt.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL167770 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Modicon Quantum

Internet Explorer Security Settings for ION EEM

Unable to use any of the buttons in the user interface. Script error when uploading a report pack.

Product Line
ION EEM 3.5, 3.7 3.8, 3.9, 3.9 SP1, 3.9 SP2, 3.95, 3.95 SP1

Internet Explorer

Outdated version of Internet Explorer, or improper security settings.

Internet Explorer 5 & lesser: Upgrade to Internet Explorer version 6 or greater for ION EEM to function correctly.
Internet Explorer 6: Set the Security settings in Internet Explorer to Medium instead of high.
Internet Explorer 7 & 8: Set the Security settings in Internet Explorer to Medium-Low (default for local intranet).

How to Change the Security Settings:

1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options
2. Select the Security tab
3. Select Local Intranet
4. Click on Custom Level button
5. Select the security level. (ex. Medium-Low)
6. Click Apply and OK

Note: Most general ION® EEM users should be able to use Medium-High on Internet Explorer 7 & 8 however issues can occur when performing administrative tasks. Such a scenario would be recommended where you have an admin user in the intranet zone that performs all the administrative tasks with Medium-Low or lower settings. General users of EEM (for reports, trending, etc.) can then which use EEM over the internet, where a higher level of security is critical, by setting the security level to Medium-High. ION® EEM will not function with Internet Explorer security level High.

How to determine the Over and Under Range Alarm Modbus Register on a Scadapack models 314, 334 and 357 using Telepace Studio?

The SCADAPack 334 with 5607 I/O module is comprised of four types of I/O channels, digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, and analog outputs.

The digital input assignment provides twenty four I/O channels for the digital input data from the SCADAPack 5607 I/O Module hardware. The digital input registers are updated continuously with data read from the digital inputs.

The 5607 I/O Module provides sixteen external digital inputs. These are externally wetted inputs.

The module provides 8 internal digital inputs, which indicate if the corresponding analog input is in or out of range.

See Configuration Example below:

Can I stop triggering my SAE_UE_MS_CDBWE sensor when I walk past my room in the hallway?

Yes. the sensor head can be pulled down 30º and rotate in range of 350 º to orient at desired angle for better detection, or avoid from unwanted direction

What is the replacement for a Clipsal 6CTR38/15?

This is part of the old Clipsal 6 series contactors which are no longer available .It is an old Clipsal overload, which would need to be changed over to a Schneider LC1D range contactor with overload to suit . Over load to use is either LRD21 for 12-18A or LRD16 for 9-13A

For correct selection of contactor and overload required please call Schneider Electric on 1300 369 233

Do I need to call an electrician to install Wiser Link solution in my home or can I do it on my own?

Yes, Wiser Link is installed in your electrical switchboard. We suggest you to call your electrician or contact Schneider Electric customer care:  

CUSTOMER SERVICE 1300 369 233 (7:30AM TO 7:00PM (MON TO FRI) AEST)
TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1300 202 525 (7:30 AM to 7:00 PM MON TO FRI AEST)
For Further information please visit

I don’t have access to my Wiser Link MIP anymore, what can I do?

You will need to try to recover your MIP by pushing the "MIP button" (on the front face of the product) for more than 10 seconds and then try to connect to the embedded webpages.

If the issue still exists please contact:

CUSTOMER SERVICE 1300 369 233 (7:30AM TO 7:00PM (MON TO FRI) AEST)
TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1300 202 525 (7:30 AM to 7:00 PM MON TO FRI AEST)

The Firmware Upgrade is not complete and my Wiser Link extensions (MIO) installed, doesn't work anymore (red led), what can I do?

Please launch the firmware upgrade process again.
If the issue still exists please contact:

CUSTOMER SERVICE 1300 369 233 (7:30AM TO 7:00PM (MON TO FRI) AEST)
TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1300 202 525 (7:30 AM to 7:00 PM MON TO FRI AEST)
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