General Accessories Wall Plug, Hollow Wall Anchor Supplied with Combination Head

General Accessories Wall Plug, Hollow Wall Anchor Supplied with Combination Head

General Accessories Wall Plug, Hollow Wall Anchor Supplied with Combination Head

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What is the part name for the standalone C-Bus power supply?

The part name for the standalone C-Bus power supply is 5500PS

This power supply should only be used to power C-Bus hardware, and provides up to 350mA at 36v DC

Note, this power supply is not suitable for use with the CTC series touchscreens, these units have their own power supplies

Can a PDL 654PBM (Push Button Universal Dimmer Module 350W) be used for 2 way dimming/switching?

2 way dimming/switching is not possible with the push button dimmers. They are an on/off switch that is energized into an off state and there is no way to 2 way dim/switch unless using standard switches with a rotary dimmer.

Alternatively, 2 way dimming can be acheived in the 600 series by using an Iconic dimmer (PDL354PB) and x2 momentary push puttons (PDL681M10PB).

Can part numbers 30PB or 30PBL be used as a dimmer?

Unfortunately not, 30PB or 30PBL are switch mechanisms which can be used for ON/OFF. They cannot be used for dimming lights.
31E2PUDM is 30 series Standard Range universal push button dimmer mechanism, 250V 350W, that can be used for On / Off and dimming the lights. These are designed for
one-way operation only.
For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=31E2PUDM

What is the alternate for 4061E2PUDN, Saturn push button dimmer assembled on a plate?

4061E2PUDN can be built using the below part numbers:
4061VH - Saturn 4000 series, One gang grid and cover assembly, less mechanisms
4061E2PUDM-TR - Saturn 4000 series, Universal Push-button Dimmer Mechanism 250V, 350W, single mech design with On / Off feature.
For further information, please visit

What is the part number for a push button dimmer mech in the Saturn series?

The part number for a Saturn push button dimmer is 4061E2PUDM-TR 250V 350W. This is also compatible with the Saturn Zen Range.

This part can be used to control loads such as incandescent lamps, 240V halogen lamps, dichroic lamps and low voltage lighting that uses iron-core or electronic transformers. The dimming performance has been optimised to ensure smooth, linear, flicker-free dimming across the control range. The Clipsal C-Thru Integrally Switched Push Button (ISPB) dimmers set new industry standards for compatibility and reducing the space required in a wall plate.

Please see following link for further details and complete range of Saturn products.

Why is my Back-UPS ES giving a Constant tone with the Power on LED flashing?


Why is my Back-UPS ES giving a Constant tone with the Power on LED flashing?

Product Line:



BE350G, BE450G, BE550G, BE650G1 and BE750G


If this is a new installation confirm that the internal battery was connected properly.

Refer to the user manual for instructions on this procedure.

The Back-UPS ES performs an internal self-test every 14 days, the internal self-test checks the integrity of the battery. If the battery fails the self-test, the Power on LED will flash and the unit will emit a constant tone. This is a WARNING that the battery may be near the end of its life, replacement is typically recommended within 2-4 weeks.


Step 1:

Verify that the UPS is not being overloaded:

- The Back-UPS ES 350 can support 350VA or 200Watts on the battery powered outlets.

- The Back-UPS ES 450 can support 450VA or 257Watts on the battery powered outlets.

- The Back-UPS ES 550 can support 550VA or 330Watts on the battery powered outlets.

- The Back-UPS ES 650 can support 650VA or 390Watts on the battery powered outlets.

- The Back-UPS ES 750 can support 750VA or 450Watts on the battery powered outlets.


APC recommends plugging only the computer and monitor in the battery powered outlets, other peripherals should be plugged into the ""Surge Only"" outlets on the labeled on the the UPS. Outlet strips or surge protectors should NEVER be plugged into any UPS. Remove any excessive load from the UPS. On the same note if the Back-UPS ES is close to being fully loaded (>80% of the battery outlet’s watt capacity) it is not recommended that the Back-UPS ES be used as a master on/off switch to turn on your equipment. Instead power the Back-UPS ES on, letting it complete its self-test before turning on the connected equipment.

Step 2:

A self test should be performed with the UPS fully charged (charging without interruption or transfer to battery for 5 hours) and normal load attached. To do this, power down all equipment attached to the battery outlets. Then reboot the Back-UPS ES by turning it off then count to 5 and power it back on. If the constant tone clears, then it was a false onbattery condition and the unit has been reset. It now is ready to be used again. Proceed to step 3 if it does not clear.

Step 3: (proceed only if "step 2" does not clear the Replace Battery Condition)

The Back-UPS ES comes with a 3 year warranty which includes the internal battery. If the Back-UPS ES was purchased within 3 years, please contact APC Support and reference the steps performed in this document. Also include the exact part number and serial number found on the bottom of the Back-UPS ES.


If the Back-UPS ES is outside of the 3 year warranty, click HERE for upgrade and battery replacement options