General Accessories Screws, Bugle Head, 7 X 25mm Screw, Bucket of 1000

General Accessories Screws, Bugle Head, 7 X 25mm Screw, Bucket of 1000

General Accessories Screws, Bugle Head, 7 X 25mm Screw, Bucket of 1000

Item Number: 357/25B

RRP (Inc. GST)



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Surface treatment

zinc plated


Environmental Disclosure


Mercury free


China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

EU RoHS Directive


RoHS exemption information



25 mm

Screwdriver shape






Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Height

105 mm

Package 1 Length

130 mm

Package 1 Weight

2041 g

Package 1 width

130 mm

Unit Type of Package 1


Screw gauge


Shape of screw head

  • pozidriv No 2
  • bugle head
    • Screw type

      self drilling

      Size of screw head

      9 mm
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      What is the part number for the bitsa box?

      The part number for the bitsa box is 357TB.
      Some of the key features are:
      • Tool boxes
      • 12 compartment transparent box with assorted screws, screws and quantities included
      • Includes: 357WF30 (100), 357/20 (150), 357WH12 (350), 357P30 (200), 357P20 (300), 357WH25 (100), 357PH50 (50), 357/63 (50), 357WHP32 (100), 357PH45 (100), 357/35 (100), 357/40 (100)
      For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=357TB


      What is part number for Moduline duct 35x125?

      The part number for Moduline duct number is a - PL35125D.


      How to calculate Energy readings from the raw Integer register data on an Energy Meter

      The energy values are stored across two 16-bit integer registers on an energy meter. 

      Product Line
      Energy Meter

      Reading and converting Modbus register values

      The Energy Meter stores energy across two 16-bit integer registers.

      Register #1 and Register #2 (Modbus address 257/258 for Register #1 and 259/260 for Register #2). Register #2 is the High WORD and Register #1 is the Low WORD. 

      The Multiplier/Divisor table states that both of these registers must be divided by 32 to obtain the real value from the raw data.
      The Multiplier/Divisor should NOT be applied to both registers. It is applied to the final value of both registers.

      To calculate the Energy the registers must first be arranged as the register list states [2] is the High word and [1] is the Low word.

      To make [2] the High word it needs to be shifted to the left 16 bits.
      To accomplish this multiply the value in [2] by 65,356.
      You will then add this value to the value in [1].
      The final value will be divided or multiplied by the correct scaling value. Please see the example listed below.

      For this example we will assume an Energy Meter with 300 amp CTs. According to the Integer Multiplier/ Divisor table, 300 amp CTs will give a divisor value, (d), of 32 and a multiplier value, (m), of 0.03125.
      We will assume the following register values.
      Register #1 = 29,586
      Register #2 = 31

      Using Divisor Table
      kWh = ([R2]*65,536+[R1])/d
      kWh = (31*65,536+29,586) / 32
      kWh = 64412.56

      Using Multiplier Table
      kWh = ([R2]*65,536+[R1]) * m
      kWh = (31*65,536+29,586) * 0.03125
      kWh = 64412.56

      *Note the divisor will not always be 32 and the multiplier will not always be 0.03125. For the correct values please see the Integer Multiplier Table.

      what is the part no for a double gang square wall box?

      the aprt no is 157/2

      For further information use this link https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=157/2

      User-added image

      NetBotz Room Monitor 355/455 | POE Power Specifications

      NetBotz Room Monitor 355/455 POE Power Specifications

      Product Line:

      NetBotz Version 3 using POE

      POE specifications


      The NetBotz 355 and 455 are Class 0 POE devices.

      The IEEE standard 802.3 for supplying power over Ethernet allows the device providing power to use a voltage between 36–57 V DC. The nominal voltage is 48 V with a current of 10–400 mA, subject to a maximum load power of 15.40 Watts.

      NetBotz | Do NetBotz support BACnet Integration?

      Do NetBotz appliances support BACNET Integration?

      Product Line
      NetBotz 700 Series
      - NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 (NBRK0750)
      NetBotz 300-500 Series (v3)
      - Wall Appliance: 355/356 (NBWL0355/6) & 455/456 (NBWL0455/6)
      - Rack Appliance: 450/451 (NBRK0450/1), 550 (NBRK0550), & 570 (NBRK0570)
      NetBotz 200 Series
      - NetBotz Rack Monitor 250
      - NetBotz Rack Monitor 200

      NetBotz 200, 300-500, & 700 Series (all versions)
      BMS (BACnet Integration)


      BACnet Integration is not currently supported by any Netbotz devices / appliances. NetBotz v3 (355, 450, 455, 550, & 570) & NetBotz 250 appliances do offer a Modbus output option.
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