Ceiling Switches, Ceiling Switch cord in 6 ft Lengths

White Electric | Ceiling Switches, Ceiling Switch cord in 6 ft Lengths

Ceiling Switches, Ceiling Switch cord in 6 ft Lengths

Item Number: 346-WE

RRP (Inc. GST)



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Device presentation

basic element

Switch function


Local signalling


[Ue] rated operational voltage

250 V AC

Rated current

15 A


without marking


pull cord

REACh Regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Environmental Disclosure



Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

8 g

Package 1 Height

35 mm

Package 1 width

20 mm

Package 1 Length

80 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I check if I have the latest firmware for my Wiser device, update my firmware and what happens if my phone disconnects from the Wiser device in the middle of firmware upgrade?

To check the firmware of a device in Wiser by SE, click on the device you want to check, click on the top right-hand pencil icon, click on Check for firmware update. If a firmware update is available, it will prompt if you want to update immediately.

Note: It is recommended to switch on Auto Update. This is only an option for devices in Zigbee mode that are connected to a Hub.

In Bluetooth/BLE and Zigbee if your phone disconnects in the middle of an upgrade the device will retain its current firmware. You will have to reconnect to the device and attempt to update the firmware again.

In Zigbee mode if using Auto Update there is no need for your phone to be connected.
Check device for Firmware Step 1 (Zigbee).jpgCheck device for Firmware Step 2 (Zigbee).jpg
Check device for Firmware Step 3 (Zigbee).jpgCheck device for Firmware Step 4 (Zigbee).png

Can the IEM3000 series read energy output from a Solar Panel?

To be able to measure the energy out from a Solar Panel a meter needs to be able to do Four Quadrant Calculation.

This means it is capable of Identification of imported and exported active and reactive energy allows you to monitor energy flow in both directions: delivered from the utility and produced on-site.

In the iEM3000 series the following meters are capable of Four Quadrant Calculation.

iEM31** range - iEM3135, iEM3155, iEM3165, and iEM3175
iEM32** range - iEM3235, iEM3255, iEM3265, and iEM3275
iEM33** range - iEM3335, iEM3355, iEM3365, and iEM3375
iEM34** range - iEM3455, iEM3465, iEM3555, and iEM3565


Are the PDL348PB10TMBT and the PDL348PB6TMBT the same physical size?

No, The 348PB10TMBT has a larger frame size, A maximum or 3 of these will fit in an iconic switch plate. The 348PB6TMBT are a smaller frame and 6 of those can be fit into an Iconic switch plate.
Note that the PDL348PB10TMBT and the PDL348PB6TMBT have been superceded by PDL356PB10MBTW-VW and PDL346PB6TCMBT-VW. The PDL346PB6TCMBT-VW will only be available until approximately April 2020 when it will also be replaced by the PDL356PB10MBTW-VW which is a universal BTL timer/time clock/electronic switch in the larger frame size. (Installation instructions attached.)

Does the PDL346PB10TCMBT-VW fit into the extra switch position of the PDL395X?

Yes it does.

What are the remote reset (after fault trip) options in Masterpact MTZ ACBs?

When a fault trip happens, the fault trip indicator SDE indicates ‘fault’ and the blue fault trip reset button pops up. To close the breaker, the reset button needs to be pressed down.

To do a remote reset after fault trip, two solutions, RES and RAR, are provided.

Please see the following detailed explanation of RES from Masterpact MTZ Catalogue.

Example terminal block marking for RES for MTZ2/MTZ3 Fixed and drawout devices.

Please see below showing how blue reset button pops back in when the RES is used.

Please see the following detailed explanation of RES from Masterpact MTZ Catalogue.

Please refer more details in Masterpact MTZ Catalogue and User Guide.

What is the difference between 56SB13 and 56CB13 enclosures?

56CB13 replaces 56SB13 and the key differences between the 56CB13 and 56SB13 series are as follows:
  • Cover and cover flap design are more rounded to resist dirt becoming trapped in its surrounds, especially on the top edge.
  • The latches on the 56SB13 required rotating the knobs 90 degrees to open or lock and were prone to breakage, where the 56CB13 latch in an identical manner to the 56SO cover flaps. This creates more consistency for the operator and the range so opening and closing of cover flaps is simplified. The new latch design also accepts 56SOLOCK locking accessories
  • The DIN Rail position and related assembly is now moulded for added safety and to decrease weight.

Features and Benefits of 56CB13:
  • 13 Module DIN Rail to suit RCDs, MCBs, RCBOs and accessories.
  • Deep cover providing ample wiring room
  • Impact resistant cover
  • Lockable cover for padlocking up to 7mm diameter hasp
  • Simplified dual latching system for front cover
  • Less enclosure version (56CB13LE-GY) available to replace damaged covers

CLI 56SB13-GY | Leckys eCommerce Website
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