Flush Plates - Standard Range, Architrave Size, Switch Plate 1 Gang (75 x 32mm)

Flush Plates - Standard Range, Architrave Size, Switch Plate 1 Gang (75 x 32mm)

Flush Plates - Standard Range, Architrave Size, Switch Plate 1 Gang (75 x 32mm)

Item Number: 31-WE

RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE
  • Black 1 PCE
  • Cream 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width32 mm

Height icon

Height72 mm

Depth icon

Depth11 mm

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Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

Standard Series

Product brand


Product destination



Number of gangs

1 gang

Fixing mode

by screws


without marking

Mounting position

horizontal and vertical

Fixing center

55 mm


32 mm


72 mm


11 mm





Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

15 g

Package 1 Height

10 mm

Package 1 width

82 mm

Package 1 Length

118 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the dimensions of the detachable Keypad (VW3A31101)of the Altivar 31 Drive.

Refer the attachment for the dimensions of the detachable Keypad (VW3A31101) of the Altivar 31 Drive.


How to connect external potentiometer in Altivar 31 drive.

You have to program the parameter Frequency Reference 1(Fr1) = AI1 in Control menu (CtL) for potentiometer.

Refer to the attached file for potentiometer connection details in an Altivar 31 drive.

What do I do if I am getting flickering or load distortion

Confirm you are using compatible load type and then there is an option to fit a 31 Cap.  Please refer to Installation Instructions.

What is the cable pinout to connect an M340 to an Altivar 31 drive via CANopen?

The CANopen cable pinout to connect a M340 to a Altivar 31 drive is:

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190316 V1.0, Originally authored by MiMe on 12/11/2007, Last Edited by MiMe on 12/11/2007
Related ranges: Modicon M340

Where can I find the manual for Altivar 31 drives?

Needs the manual for Altivar 31 drives

Product Line:
Altivar 31, ATV31



Please see attachment below for a copy of the manual.

What is the Bus Cycle Time for the Twido AS-Interface module?

This is the cycle time between slave(s) and the master module. The AS-Interface system always transmits information, which is the same length to each slave on the
bus. The AS-Interface cycle time depends on the number of active slaves connected to the bus. The scan time t represents the exchange time between a
master and n active slaves (a maximum of 31 on /A or /B).So, for:
  • up to 19 active slaves, t = 3ms
  • 20 to 31 active slaves, t = (1+n) * 0.156ms

When two slaves A and B have the same address, each slave in the pair is scanned every two cycles. This means that for 31 extended address setting slaves
configured in /A, + 31 extended address setting slaves configured in /B. the scan time will be 10 ms.
Maximum cycle time:
  • maximum 5 ms for 31 standard or extended address setting slaves,
  • maximum 10 ms for 62 extended address setting slaves.

ATV 31 modbus comms with LUFP1.I need application examples and short cuts and configuration for the drive.

Goals and Symptoms

ATV 31 modbus comms with LUFP1.I need application examples & short cuts & configuration for the drive.

Facts and Changes

ATV 31 with LUFP1 to premium plc

Causes and Fixes

There is nothing for the drive, only the baudrate and address, example in attachments.


(Removed File URL: 162238_542E/Appli_ATV.zip)(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/870f29ca3457766285256ea90047269b/fl_block_5/0.612?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)(Removed File URL: 162238_542E/App_LUFP1_ATV.zip)(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/870f29ca3457766285256ea90047269b/fl_block_5/0.113C?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL162238 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Altivar 31

What is the pinout to connect TWIDO CANopen Master module (TWDNC01M) to an Altivar drive 31 ?

The pinout to connect the DB9 connector on the TWIDO CANopen module (TWDNC01M) to a ATV 31 drive is given below:
TWDNC01M (DB9) ------------------------------------------>>> ATV 31 (RJ 45 )

CAN_H ( 7 ) ------------------------------------------>>> CAN_H ( 1 )

CAN_L ( 2 ) ------------------------------------------>>> CAN_L ( 2 )

GND ( 3 ) ------------------------------------------>>> GND ( 3 )

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL182258 V1.0, Originally authored by TVe on 02/21/2007, Last Edited by TVe on 02/21/2007
Related ranges: Twido

Why is my Conext CL showing an alarm code: 31 (AC Curr Snsr Flt Service Alarm)

Customer is calling to confirm alarm code: 31 (AC Curr Snsr Flt Service Alarm)

Product Line: 
Conext CL 18000NA Conext CL 25000NA Conext CL 20000E Conext CL 25000E

On site troubleshooting

AC current sensor doesn’t measure the grid current accurately
Grid connection
Detection circuit malfunction

Check AC connection on inverter

What are the watts loss for the ATV31H075N4?

Issue:   What are the watts loss for the ATV31H075N4?
Product Line:   ATV31
Environment:  ATV31H075N4
Cause:   N/A
Resolution:   Total dissipated power at rated load is 41 watts.


What is the part number for the GSM/GPRS TSXETW330G1 module antenna cable extension?

The part number for the 5m antenna cable extension is TSXETW3GANT1

Why is Slimline being withdrawn?

With the introduction of Iconic, the Slimline range will be withdrawn – this means the Slimline range will not be available commercially after 31 December 2016. We will continue to honour warranty periods and outstanding contracts.

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