indicator neon power avail
indicator neon power avail

Neon Indicator Mechanism, Marked POWER AVAILABLE, 250V, Amber

Catalogue Number: 30NPA
indicator neon power avail
indicator neon power avail
Colour: Amber
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Amber 1 PCE
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Range of product
  • Standard
  • Sundry Series 30
    • Product brand
      Product or component type
      indicator module
      PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
      EU RoHS Directive
      Environmental Disclosure
      Circularity Profile

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Will a 30NPA fit into a BSL25XA-WE

       Yes it will fit

      What is the protective available mech N01 in the ML series ?

      The power available mech on its own is part number 30NPA.

      Is the Clipsal 30SPK available in black

       Only available in white

      Is 30N24 ,AC or DC rated??

      They do both AC and DC.

      Can I use if I need a fan controller 300va but no neutral

      Not available

      Is the Clipsal 30N 24v DC

      Yes the 30N24 is suitable for AC and DC loads

      What is the part number for 4 pole, 63A, 300mA RCD?

      The part number for 4 pole, 63A, 300mA RCD is A9R25463

      iID - earth leakage protection - 4P - 63A - 300mA - A type 
      For more information see;

      What is the part number for a 4 pole 63A Selective super immune RCD with 300mA trip?

      The part number for a 4 pole 63A Selective super immune RCD with 300mA trip is - 4RC463SIS300

      For further information, visit the link below:

      What will make up a double pole/double throw switch with a 24V Neon indicator in a plate

       Part codes you need  30MD2 + 30N24 + C2032VH

      Is the Indicator neon mechanism 30N24 DC compatible ?

      Yes, the 30N series can be used on either AC or DC voltages.

      What is the part number for 300mA sensitivity RCCB, in 63amp?

      The part number will be A9R25263.
      For more specifications please follow the below link,
      Image result for A9R25263 schneider


      What is the minimum and maximum rated voltage on which the Vigi C120 can operate.

      The minimum/maximum rated voltage on which Vigi C120 range can operate is as follows:
      1. For VigiC120 30mA - Minimum Voltage 196V / Maximum Voltage 456V
      2. For VigiC120 300mA - Minimum Voltage 189V / Maximum Voltage 456V
      3. For VigiC120 500mA - Minimum Voltage 175V / Maximum Voltage 456V

      Can I upgrade an E-Flex to a larger drive size by changing the ATV61 drive?

      Can I upgrade an E-Flex to a larger drive size by changing the ATV61 drive?



      Can I change drive from an 25hp to a 30hp, for a 30hp rating?

      No, not recommended. The E-Flex is designed for the horsepower rating it was order for.
      Other E-Flex components and certifications must be considered. This would include wire size, breaker size, contactors (if bypass).
      This could void the warranty and the UL listing.


      What sizes are available for the Altivar 630 and Altivar 930 Process drive?

      What sizes are available for the Altivar 630 and Altivar 930 Process drive?

      Product Line:
      Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930)

      All serial numbers for ATV630/930 Process Drive



      Size 1
      • 208/240Vac
        • 0.75 – 4kW (1 - 5hp)
          • ATV630U07M3, ATV630U15M3,  ATV630U22M3, ATV630U30M3, ATV630U40M3
          • ATV930U07M3, ATV930U15M3,  ATV930U22M3, ATV930U30M3, ATV930U40M3
      • 400/460Vac
        • 0.75 – 5.5kW (1 - 7.5hp)
          • ATV630U07N4, ATV630U15N4, ATV630U15N4, ATV630U22N4, ATV630U30N4, ATV630U40N4, ATV630U55N4
          • ATV930U07N4, ATV930U15N4, ATV930U15N4, ATV930U22N4, ATV930U30N4, ATV930U40N4, ATV930U55N4
      Size 2
      • 208/240Vac
        • 5.5kW (7.5hp)
          • ATV630U55M3
          • ATV930U55M3
      • 400/480Vac
        • 7.5 – 11kW (10 - 15hp)
          • ATV630U75N4, ATV630D11N4
          • ATV930U75N4, ATV930D11N4
      Size 3
      • 208/240Vac
        • 7.5 – 11kW (10 - 15hp)
          • ATV630U75M3, ATV630D11M3
          • ATV930U75M3, ATV930D11M3
      • 400/480Vac
        • 15 – 22kW (20 - 30hp)
          • ATV630D15N4, ATV630D18N4, ATV630D22N4
          • ATV930D15N4, ATV930D18N4, ATV930D22N4
      Size 4
      • 208/240Vac
        • 15 – 22kW (20 - 30hp)
          • ATV630D15M3, ATV630D18M3, ATV630D22M3
          • ATV930D15M3, ATV930D18M3, ATV930D22M3
      • 400/480Vac
        • 30 – 45kW (30 - 60hp)
          • ATV630D30N4, ATV630D37N4, ATV630D45N4
          • ATV630D30N4, ATV630D37N4, ATV630D45N4
      Size 5
      • 208/240Vac
        • 30 – 45kW (40 - 60hp)
          • ATV630D30M3, ATV630D37M3, ATV630D45M3
          • ATV930D30M3(C), ATV930D37M3(C), ATV930D45M3(C)
      • 400/480Vac
        • 55 – 90kW (75 - 125hp)
          • ATV630D55N4, ATV630D75N4, ATV630D90N4
          • ATV930D55N4(C), ATV930D75N4(C), ATV930D90N4(C)
      Size 6
      • 208/240Vac
        • 55 – 75kW (75 - 100hp)
          • ATV630D55M3, ATV630D75M3
          • ATV930D55M3C, ATV930D75M3C
      • 400/480Vac
        • 110 – 160kW (150 - 250hp)
          • ATV630C11N4, ATV630C13N4, ATV630C16N4
          • ATV930C11N4C, ATV930C13N4C, ATV930C16N4C
      Size 7A
      • 400/480Vac
        • 220kW (350hp)
          • ATV630C22N4
          • ATV930C22N4(C)
          • Similar to Frame size 12 for the ATV61/71

      Size 7B
      • 400/480Vac
        • 250 – 315kW (400 - 500hp)
          • ATV630C25N4, ATV630C31N4
          • ATV930C25N4C, ATV930C31N4C
          • Similar to Frame size 13 for the ATV61/71
      "C" Suffix means it comes without a braking resistor. 

      Current Clamp wiring configuration with ION meters

      Goals and Symptoms

      Users may order the following current clamps to use with our ION meters:

      Model #
      Current Range
      50mA to 10A AC
      1 VAC
      1 to 1000A AC
      1 VAC
      3 to 3000A AC
      1 VAC
      0.333 VAC
      0.333 VAC

      These clamp come with three wires
      1. Blue
      2. White
      3. Shield (If ordered separately from the meter).

      Which wire is positive and which is negative?

      Causes and Fixes

      The Blue wire is the POSITIVE wire and should be conencted to I11, I21 or I31
      The White wire is the NEGATIVE wire and should be connected to I12,I22 or I32.
      The Shield wire can be grounded.

      Last Revised: December 13, 2007
      Applies To: ION 7300, 7550 / 7650, 8600, 8800
      All content © 1992-2007 Schneider Electric

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190319 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 12/11/2007, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 12/11/2007
      Related ranges: ION8800, ION8600, ION7550/ION7650, ION7300

      Can a 60 Hz rated Transformer be energized with 50 Hz source?

      Transformers rated for 60 Hz ONLY are sometimes chosen to be installed in a location that has a 50 Hz Distribution system. 

      Product Line:
      LV Transformers 

      Applies to MOST Transformers made by SquareD/Schneider Electric.  Exceptions are 9070 series Control Transformers and Export Model Transformers which are dual rated for 50Hz and 60Hz.

      Domestic (USA) power systems are rated 60 Hz.   Many other power systems in the world are rated at 50 Hz.

      A 60 Hz rated transformer can only be used on a 60 Hz system (with certain exceptions -- read further.) Whereas a 50 or 50/60 Hz rated transformer can be used on either a 50 or a 60 Hz rated system.
      Exception: If the energizing voltage does not exceed 83% of the transformers nominal voltage, the transformer can be used. Remember that transformers are simple ratio devices and the output will also be lower. Another important factor to remember is that the transformer`s capacity will also have to be derated at the same ratio of the applied voltage divided by the nominal voltage.

      Example: An EE30T3H, 30kVA 480 delta to 208Y/120 transformer 60 Hz, can be utilized on a 50 Hz system as long as the applied voltage does not exceed 50/60 or 5/6 of the nominal 480, or rather 400 volts. With 400 volts 50 Hz applied, the output voltage will be 400/480 * 208 = 173 volts line-to-line, and 100 volts line-to-neutral, or 173Y/100 50 Hz. As well, the capacity or kVA of the transformer will be 400/480 * 30 = 25kVA. Transformers cannot change frequency, thus frequency in = frequency out. 


      A customer's leakage circuit breaker will immediately trip when ATV28's earthing terminal is well-grounded. How to stop its leakage circuit breaker no...

      Goals and Symptoms

      A customer's leakage circuit breaker will immediately trip when ATV28's earthing terminal is well-grounded. How to stop its leakage circuit breaker not to trip if ATV28 is installed and well-grounded ? Does ATV28's internal protection have the same function as leakage circuit breaker has? Can any ATV28's fault code subsitiute the function of leakage circuit breaker?

      Causes and Fixes

      About SCF:

      This fault is detected by the ZCT (zero current transformer).
      Trip level is a differential current > 2.5 A

      But if there is a 2.5A leakage current (or unbalance between phase)

      So we advise to check the earth and unbalanced current with an oscilloscope at the moment of the fault.
      If the cable is shielded check that it is correctly connect (no high current circulation in the shield).
      Test with disconnecting one side of the shield.
      Test with a motor inductance (may be the capacitance of cable and motor is high and generate leak current peak.
      Check that the supply voltage is stable and at the good value when the fault occurs.

      For the leakage current:

      1 - Drive generate a HF leakage current which perturbs the magnetic circuit of the breakers (saturation).
      The solutions are
      - to use immunized breaker as DPN SI range or RH328AF from MerlinGerin (data in attachment).
      - to use motor inductance (long cable only)
      - to use eventually RFI filters
      - to reduce the switching frequency

      2- The other reason is the level of the 50Hz leakage current due principally to RFI filters (internal and external), the cable and motor capacitance, and at power on, to the transient unbalancing between phases.
      In this case it's often not possible to reduce this level (you can disconnect the filters but you increase the HF leakage), the only solution we know is to increase the tripping threshold of the breaker.
      Generally drives (also our competitors) are not compatible with 30mA differential breakers, we rather advise a 300mA minimum to not trip on power on or to disable the protection during power on.

      The values of leakage current depend to the range, you can find a sheet in the GHD Lotus Notes base.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL159326 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
      Related ranges: Altivar 28