indicator neon mech 110v

Indicator Neon Mechanism 110V

Catalogue Number: 30N110
indicator neon mech 110v
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Red (RD)
  • Red 1 PCE
  • Green 1 PCE


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Range of product
  • Standard
  • Sundry Series 30
    • Product brand
      Product or component type
      indicator module
      PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
      Package 1 Weight
      0.016 kg
      EU RoHS Directive
      Under investigation
      Environmental Disclosure

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      Is 30N110, 110V neon mechanism suitable for both AC and DC loads?

      Yes . 30N110 , 110V neon mechanism can be used for either AC and DC voltages. Neutral and Active can be connected to either terminal.
      For further information, please visit

      What is the code for an extended rotary handle for 31052 (INS400) ?

      Code = 31052 Suits INS320 to INS 630 - Black

      Why a limit of 9672 Registers with CPU31110 since Unity V3.0?

      In the CPU overview there was already a limit of 9672 registers,but Unity didn't have any no limitation for this limit. Since Unity Pro V3.0 a control was added to check this limitation.
      That's why we could configure 9672 registers or more with CPU 31110 using Unity Pro v2.3,  but since Unity v3.0 we cannot exceed 9672.

      How do I Monitor Analog Input Over-Under Range conditions on a SCADAPack 350?

      Only the Scadapack models 314, 334 and 357 (only AI on the 5606 Lower IO board) have register assignments that monitor the out-of-range status for analog inputs.

      The only way to monitor if an analog input has failed, would be to monitor the raw input and look for a zero or full scale value.

      For a SP350 using a 5V/20mA register assignment and a 4-20mA input:
      The screnshot below shows logic that scales the raw value of input 30001 to produce a scaled value in register 40110 (in mA)

      With the 5V/20mA register assignment, a count of 32767 will appear when seeing a full scale value or an out of range value. In either scenario, the mA reading will never go above 20mA which is why the threshold has been set to 19.99mA.

      For a SP350 using a 10V/40mA register assignment and a 4-20mA input:

      The screnshot below shows logic that scales the raw value of input 30001 to produce a scaled value in register 40110 (in mA)

      With the 10V/40mA register assignment, register 30001 can now measure beyond 20mA so it is now possible to tell a full scale value apart from an out of range value. Full scale 20mA now corresponds to a raw input value of 16384. The logic is looking for an out of range condition when it sees 20.01mA or greater.

      Using Command Line Diagnostics SCADAPack E Modbus Master – MODBUSDIAG

      With the introduction of the Modbus Scanner in E-Series Utilities 8.12.4, the SCADAPack E is able to be a Modbus Master for Modbus RTU or Modbus/TCP Client protocols.

      In cases where there might be a challenge communicating to a slave device, the Command line Interface and MODBUSDIAG may be used to troubleshoot the Modbus communication protocol. The Diagnostic Command Line Interface can only be accessed via Telnet or a serial port configured as “CMD Line”. The example below will use “CMD Line” port mode.

      Use the MODBUSDIAG command to filter Modbus protocol diagnostics when you are in a diagnostic display session and the rPAC or RTU is operating as a Modbus RTU Master or a Modbus/TCP Client.

      A Modbus RTU Master communicates with a Modbus RTU Slave using the Modbus RTU protocol over a serial port.
      A Modbus/TCP Client communicates with a Modbus/TCP Server using the Modbus/TCP protocol over an Ethernet port, or using PPP/TCPIP over a serial port.

      Hexadecimal format is used to display protocol data bytes.

      To enter or return to a diagnostic display session, type DIAG at the command prompt.


      MODBUSDIAG mode filter [filter ....]
      Where:        mode = ENABLE DISABLE
      Where:        filter = * TX RX ERROR TCP_CLIENT SERIAL_MASTER
      Using diagnostics can impact system performance. As a result, you may want to disable diagnostics when not in use. The following system diagnostic filters can be individually enabled or disabled, and are retained in non-volatile memory.
      Filter Description
      * Filters enabled or disabled.
      TX Displays Modbus protocol data transmitted by the Modbus RTU Master or Modbus/TCP Client.
      RX Displays Modbus protocol data received by the Modbus RTU Master or Modbus/TCP Client.
      ERROR Messages displayed when there are communication interruptions between the rPAC or RTU and the Modbus RTU Slave or Modbus/TCP Server. Message examples include no response, timeout, or connection success.
      TCP_CLIENT Displays receive and transmit data for the Modbus/TCP protocol when the rPAC or RTU is operating as a Modbus/TCP Client.
      SERIAL_MASTER Displays receive and transmit data for the Modbus RTU protocol when the rPAC or RTU is operating as a Modbus RTU Master.


      The system design will be as follows:

      By connecting to the Command Line Interface port with a terminal program you can use the MODBUSDIAG command to see the Modbus messages to the slave device.
      1. Enable transmit and receive diagnostics on a serial port for MODBUSDIAG.
             C:\>modbusdiag enable tx rx error serial_master

            2. Start streaming diagnostics on the serial port (diag).
            Connecting to diagnostic display. Use <ESC> to disconnect
            16:25:11.286  <--Outgoing Modbus RTU Request-  11 03 00 6B 00 03 76 87
            16:25:11.353 -Incoming Modbus RTU Response-->  11 03 06 00 0F 00 59 00 2F 29 7B
            16:25:12.298  <--Outgoing Modbus RTU Request-  11 03 00 6B 00 03 76 87
            16:25:12.348 -Incoming Modbus RTU Response-->  11 03 06 00 0F 00 59 00 2F 29 7B
            16:25:13.298  <--Outgoing Modbus RTU Request-  11 03 00 6B 00 03 76 87
            16:25:13.365 -Incoming Modbus RTU Response-->  11 03 06 00 0F 00 59 00 2F 29 7B

      The actual windows in the terminal program will look similar to this:

      The following is a basic example on how to decode the messages.

      Modbus Read Holding Registers (FC=03)


      This command is requesting the content of analog output holding registers # 40108 to
       40110 from the slave device with address 17.

      11 03 006B 0003 7687

      11: The Slave Address (11 hex = address17 )
      03: The Function Code 3 (read Analog Output Holding Registers)
      006B: The Data Address of the first register requested. (006B hex = 107 , + 40001 offset = input #40108 )
      0003: The total number of registers requested. (read 3 registers 40108 to 40110)  
      7687: The CRC (cyclic redundancy check) for error checking.


      11 03 06 AE41 5652 4340 49AD

      11: The Slave Address (11 hex = address17 )
      03: The Function Code 3 (read Analog Output Holding Registers)
      06: The number of data bytes to follow (3 registers x 2 bytes each = 6 bytes)
      000F: The contents of register 40108 = 15
      0059: The contents of register 40109 = 89
      002F: The contents of register 40110 = 47
      297B: The CRC (cyclic redundancy check).

      Use Cases

      Understanding what he SCADAPack E is transmitting and what the SCADAPack E is receiving at the “byte” level can help ensure you are sending and receiving the expected data.
      More details on the MODBUSDIAG command can be found in the SCADAPack E “Command Line and Diagnostics Commands” help section of the Technical Reference manuals installed with SCADAPack E Utilities. The SCADAPack E Configuraiotn file used in this example is attached.


      Are EasyPact CVS circuit breakers for sale in the USA or Canada?

      Product Line:
      EasyPact CVS circuit breakers

      This breaker is popular overseas and there is interest in the US

      There are no plans for a general release of the EasyPact CVS circuit breaker line in North America.

      Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?

      For support on APC and MGE products please visit:

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