Socket Sw Horiz Single 20A 250V VW

Clipsal Iconic - Socket Switch Horizontal Single 20A 250V

Catalogue Number: 3015/20
Socket Sw Horiz Single 20A 250V VW
Colour: Vivid White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Vivid White 1 PCE
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Clipsal Iconic
Product or component type
switched socket
Device presentation
complete product
Outlet poles configuration
2P + E
Device mounting
Number of power socket outlets
Number of rocker
Range compatibility
Outlet standard
Outlet standard description
with earthing contact
Outlet standard
Australian/New Zealand
Ground lug position
straight 180° position
Fixing mode
by screw
Installation direction
Colour tint
vivid white (VW)
Surface finish
Type of packing
Quantity per set
set of 10
Sale per indivisible quantity
Rated current
20 A at 250 V AC 50 Hz
Electrical durability
9000 cycles
Connections - terminals
3 screw terminals
Screwdriver shape
  • Philips No 2
  • square drive no 1 (SQ1)
    • Clamping connection capacity
    • 1 x 2.5...4 x 2.5 mm² for rigid cable(s)
    • 1 x 2.5...4 x 2.5 mm² for stranded cable(s)
    • 1 x 2.5...4 x 2.5 mm² for flexible cable(s)
      • Wire stripping length
        16 mm
      • PC (polycarbonate): fixing frame
      • PP (polypropylene): rocker
      • PC (polycarbonate): cover frame
      • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene): cover frame
        • Height
          78 mm
          120 mm
          30 mm
          Embedding depth
          24 mm
          Net weight
          0.098 kg
          Ambient air temperature for operation
          0-45 °C
          Relative humidity
          10-95 %
          AS/NZS 3112
          Product certifications
          Sustainable offer status
          Green Premium product
          EU RoHS Directive
          Toxic heavy metal free
          Mercury free
          RoHS exemption information
          China RoHS Regulation
           Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
          Environmental Disclosure
          Circularity Profile

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          What is the cover for a C2015/20?

          The cover for a C2015/20 is a C2015/20C.

          What is the mounting bracket to suit part number 3015/4?

          The part number is 3155H4 at this stage anticipated release is December 2016.

          What is part number for Iconic cover to suit 3015/4?

          The part number for Iconic cover to suit is 3015/4C.

          Is part number C2015/20 available in Red?

          Yes it is and the part number is C2015/20-RD.

          Do Clipsal make a 3 pin, 20 amp, switched outlet with flat pins?

          Yes, 20A 3 flat pin switched outlets are available in a few variants , most commonly the 2015/20, C2015/20 and 56C320F.

          For further information please visit:


          What is part number for Stainless Steel cover to suit C2015/20?

          The part number for Stainless Steel cover to suit is a C2015/20C.

          Do you have a bracket for the 3015/4?

          Yes, you would use the 3155H4.

          For further information please visit

          What are the mounting centers for the 3015/4 quad outlet?

          ​The mounting centers for the 3015/4 quad outlet is 179.8mm.

          Are there double GPO's that are individually wired on each side?

          Yes, there are a few GPO's that are individually wired, they are C2016/2, 16/2MF, 2015/2V and 15/2V. In a weather proof option we have the WSC227/1/2

          Is there a wall box to suit 3015/4 ICONIC quad outlet?

          No unfortunately there is no wall box to suit 3015/4 ICONIC quad outlet.

          The only mounting accessory available for the 3015/4 is a 3155H4 which is a stud bracket.

          For further information on our product range please visit Trade - Clipsal by Schneider Electric


          Does the Anthracite Skin for the 3015/4 come with Anthracite Dollies?

          Yes, the dollies are included and the same colour as the skin.

          For more information, please refer to the link:


          Do we still have any 4013/40 globes available?

          No longer  available

          Is the 801/20R retractable lead still available?

          This retractable lead is no longer in our product range and there is no alternative available.

          Do we have a replacement for retractable cabel reel 801/20R?

          No. Unfortunately, 801/20R is discontinued and there is no replacement.

          In the 600 Series, is the 691/15 available in RED

          Not available, but Clipsal 2015/15 is available in red but it's horizontal.

          What is the difference between AS3112 and AS3123?

          AS3112 is used for standard 3 pin 10/15/20A sockets, AS3123 is for three phase round pin sockets.

          What is the difference between the Quantum 140CPS11410 power supply and 140CPS11420 power supply?

          Difference between 140CPS11410 and 140CPS11420

          Product Line
          Modicon Quantum

          The Quantum 140CPS11410 is a 115/230 Vac, 8A summable power supply.
          The Quantum 140CPS11420 is a 115/230 Vac, 11A summable power supply.


          What is the difference between ATS48C14QE21 and ATS48C14QE41?

          The Differences between ATS48C14QE21 and that if no supply neutral is available, the 415/240 control transformer is supplied, the control voltage is always 240V...see notes on page 3.2.7

          What is the part no for a double powerpoint with a larger space in between to use with power packs?

          The part no is 2015H2. It is 2 x single horizontal switched sockets side by side with a single frame.


          What are the part number for a 15 amp outlet with RCD protection?

          Not available as 1 unit. Would have to use 2015/15 with 2031VRCD30
          For further information , visit links below:-

          User-added image
          User-added image

          What is the ATS48 line voltage operating range?

          What is the ATS48 line voltage operating range?

          Product line:
          Altistart 48, ATS48



          The Altistart 48 is suitable for three phase supply voltages that range from 208VAC to 690VAC , 50/60Hz.  The tolerance of the voltage supply is -15% to +10%. 


          Is there a padlock device for the 9001KR9R?

          What Padlock Device can be used on the 9001KR9R E-stop Pushbutton?

          Product Line:
          Harmony Pushbuttons

          All Products

          9001K62, 9001K162
          NOTE: These attachments will not work when the operator is supplied with a 2 1/4 inch diameter mushroom.

          What is the part number for a replacement for 15/15/EL30?

          There is no direct replacement for this unit. Customer would be able to use 3 items to make this up - 2015/15 , 2031RC30 & 2000H2

          For further information , visit links below:-

          User-added image

          User-added image
          User-added image

          What is EUSERC and what does it mean?

          Acronym meaning

          Product Line:
          Metering Equipment


          EUSERC is an acronym for Electric Utility Service Equipment Requirements Committee. Formed in 1983, the purpose of the organization is to promote uniform electric service requirements among the member utilities, publish existing utility service requirements for electric service equipment and provide direction for development of future metering technology. There are approximately 80 utilities involved in EUSERC from 12 states. Not all EUSERC member utilities accept all metering devices that meet EUSERC specifications. So, although a device may meet EUSERC specifications, it may not be accepted for use by a specific utility company. Always check with the utility company for approval before using any metering device.


          What is the accuracy of the Premium PLC CPU real time clock.

          Real time clock accuracy:

          Accuracy of the real time clock is one second (%SW50) +/- 200ms.

          Resolution of the real time clock is one second (%SW50) +/- 200ms,because 200ms is the refresh rate of the RTC.
          Accuracy error:
          The accuracy error of the quartz oscillator is:
          1. At 0 and 70°C : -101/20 ppm, error in second/day is -8.7/1.7, in minute/year is -53/11.
          2. At 25°C: -20/20 ppm, error in second/day is -1.7/1.7, in minute/year is -11/11.

          Do the Advantys STB Power distribution modules (PDT) require an Input Power connection (Sensor Bus) for the island to function properly ?


          Input power required on a PDT module.



          Product Line

          Advantys STB






          With the 24 Vdc Power distribution module (STBPDT3100), you are required to have this connection, otherwise you will receive a module error (Flashing ERR led) on all 24 Vdc input modules. With the 115/230 Vac Power distribution module (STBPDT2100), you are not required to have this connection, therefore allowing you to connect directly from the field device to the input module.

          ENM 8.2 not sending alarms : Event Gathering Service was unable to find either PSE or PME on target host.

          ENM does not process alarms or emails

          Product Line:
          Power monitoring expert 8.2
          ENM 8.3

          Energy monitoring 

          Upon opening the diagnostic screen for ENM an error appears in the log

          Event Gathering Service was unable to find either PSE or PME on target host.

          HandlingInstanceID: 1b319608-2529-4843-8107-97dcc899e01e An exception of type 'Utility.UpdateEfSourcesException' occurred and was caught. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03/15/2018 08:52:30 Type : Utility.UpdateEfSourcesException, Utility, Version=1.0.14188.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null Message : Unable to Update EF Sources Source : Module.EFSourceSave Help link : Data : System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal TargetSite : Boolean Update() HResult : -2146233088 Stack Trace : at Module.UpdateEFSources.Update() at Components.UIEndpointHost.<.ctor>b__5(Object u) Additional Info: MachineName : FPM12 TimeStamp : 3/15/2018 1:52:30 PM FullName : Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.ExceptionHandling, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null AppDomainName : SEEGS.exe ThreadIdentity : WindowsIdentity : NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Inner Exception --------------- Type : System.ArgumentNullException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 Message : Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source Source : System.Core Help link : ParamName : source Data : System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal TargetSite : System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[TResult] Select[TSource,TResult](System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[TSource], System.Func`2[TSource,TResult]) HResult : -2147467261 Stack Trace : at System.Linq.Enumerable.Select[TSource,

          If PME is upgraded to 8.2 then ENM would need to be upgraded to function properly. 
          PME 8.2 requires ENM 8.3.3 to be installed. 

          Run the ENM installer located on the PME 8.2 disk to install ENM 8.3.3 to restore alarms and email processing. 

          PME 8.2 Download

          Software Compatability Matrix

          Changing the Language of the Symmetra PowerView RM Display


          I need to change the language displayed by my PowerView RM display interface

          Product Line

          Symmetra Power Array
          Symmetra RM
          Symmetra LX
          Symmetra PX
          Smart-UPS VT
          Smart-UPS RT 15/20 kVA
          PowerView display interface


          All serial ranges


          The display defaults to using the English language.  The user may opt to display the information in a different language.


          You can change the language by downloading new firmware into the PowerView RM interface. French, German, Italian, and Spanish are available on the enclosed CD. Support for additional languages may be available on the CD or at the APC Web site ( Product documentation in these languages also appears on the CD or at the APC Web site.  To change the language of the interface, perform the following steps in the order given.

          1. Disconnect the PowerView RM from the UPS.

          2. Disconnect the data cable from the RJ-45 port of the PowerView RM.

          3. Connect the programming cable (included, APC part number 940-0082) between PowerView RM and the UPS data cable:
          a. Attach the RJ-45 connector to the port on the rear of the PowerView RM interface.
          b. Connect the female DB-9 connector of the programming cable to a serial port on the computer. The downloading computer must have access either to the file on the CD provided with PowerView RM or to the APC Web site.
          c. Attach the UPS data cable to the female RJ-45 connector on the programming cable.

          4. Locate the language program file to be downloaded into PowerView RM. Each language program file appears on the CD under the folder of its language(Français, Español, etc.) with a .bin extension. Program files for additional language support or code updates may be available on the APC Web site.

          5. Place the PowerView interface in programming mode by pressing simultaneously the three keys on the right (Escape, Help, and Enter) for about three seconds, until the interface emits a long beep. The LCD will display the Programming screen. To leave the Programming screen before starting a file transfer (step 6), press Esc until it beeps (about one second).

          6. Start HyperTerminal or another terminal emulation program on the computer. Set the communication parameters to 8 bits, no parity, no flow control, 1 stop bit, and 19,200 bps. After establishing a connection, use the Xmodem protocol to transfer the language program file from the CD or your download folder to PowerView RM. When the file transfer is complete, the PowerView RM interface will reset itself and display the Startup screen in the new language. If the file transfer fails, the interface will reset itself. Retry the file transfer by repeating steps 5 and 6.

          7. Quit the terminal session. Disconnect the programming cable and reconnect the UPS data cable to the PowerView RM RJ-45 port.

          8. Affix the PowerView RM to the UPS.

          What is the part number for the 520VPU19200 Hand Held Programmer (HHP) Accessories Kit?

          Part number for Hand Held Programmer (HHP)

          Product Line
          Modicon Micro

          The part number for the 520VPU19200 Hand Held Programmer (HHP) Accessories Kit is 520VIA19200.

          The Kit includes the following:
          1) 115/230 Volt universal power supply.
          2) 9 pin D shell adapter.
          3) 25 in D shell adapter.

          Send an e-mail to for price and availability.

          What is the altitude derating for a TeSys D-Line contactor?

          What is the altitude derating for a TeSys D-Line contactor?

          Product Line:
          Digest 177 Section 18 : Contactors and Starters, IEC

          North American Products

          The contactors are fully rated up to 3000 meters. Following are derating multipliers for altitudes above 3000 meters for both voltage and current:

          3500m x 0.90
          4000m x 0.80
          4500m x 0.70
          5000m x 0.60

          3500m x 0.92
          4000m x 0.90
          4500m x 0.88
          5000m x 0.86

          For example, an LC1D80 at 5000 meters:
          - The maximum rated operational voltage is 1,000V (IEC947-4) and 690V (UL/CSA). At 5000 meters it becomes 1000V x 0.6 = 600V (IEC947-4) and 690V x 0.6 = 414V (UL/CSA).
          - The maximum rated operational AC3 current is 80A. At 5000 meters it becomes 80A x 0.86 = 68A.