Protective Paint Cover 100PK
Protective Paint Cover 100PK

Clipsal Iconic Paint Protectors Translucent Green, 100 Pack

Catalogue Number: 3000PP/100
Protective Paint Cover 100PK
Protective Paint Cover 100PK
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Clipsal Iconic
Range of product
Product or component type
protective cover
Surface finish
Colour tint
  • translusent
  • green
    • Unit Type of Package 1
      Number of Units in Package 1
      Package 1 Weight
      1 g
      Package 1 Height
      4 mm
      Package 1 width
      25 mm
      Package 1 Length
      67 mm
      Unit Type of Package 2
      Number of Units in Package 2
      Package 2 Weight
      1673.2 g
      Package 2 Height
      335 mm
      Package 2 width
      261 mm
      Package 2 Length
      335 mm
      Unit Type of Package 3
      Number of Units in Package 3
      Package 3 Weight
      60235.2 g
      EU RoHS Directive
      Under investigation
      Environmental Disclosure

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Are there paint protector covers available for the Iconic range?

      Yes, the 300APP/100 comes in a pack of 100. (Not available for architrave grids.)

      What is the part number for Iconic paint covers/protectors?

      3000PP/100 is the part number for Iconic paint protectors, pack of 100.
      For further information, please visit

      Is DDE Included With SMS-3000/1500?

      Product Line
      System Management Software 3000/1500

      DDE Server

      DDE is included in the SMS-3000/1500 software package.

      :CBUS: Can you operate the 5500shac network directly from the 5000EPT10W touchscreen?

      Yes, using either crossover or straight through network cable

      Touchsrcreen need to be on the same IP range as the Shac/Nac


      What is the part no for the C2000 series paint protection covers?

      The part no is C2000PP/50 > pack of 50
      or C2000PP > pack of 250

      This is the link to the page

      User-added image

      What is the minimum firmware version required on a Series 3000/4000 Circuit Monitor that enables it to access the features available in the ECC21 firmware version 5.0?

      Product Line
      Series 3000 Circuit Monitor
      Series 4000 Circuit Monitor

      The Series 3000/4000 Circuit Monitor must have firmware version 12.81 or greater in order to enable it to access the features of the ECC21 firmware version 5.0.

      How to enable and disable EN50160 functionality via System Manager Software (SMS) on a Circuit Monitor 3000/4000 (CM4000/CM3000) or Power Meter 800 (PM800)

      Enabling and Disabling EN50160 functionality via System Manager Software (SMS) 

      Product Line


      Enabling and Disabling EN50160 functionality

      In the SMS Setup Utility, go to Setup->Device/Routing and double-click on the CM3/CM4/PM8 meter. Under the "Basic Setup" tab click on the "Advanced" button. On the "EN50160" tab check the "Enable EN50160 Evaluation" box to enable EN50160.
      EN50160 alarms cannot be enabled under "Onboard Alarms/Events" tab until "enable EN50160" is checked.

      EN50160 alarms cannot be disabled under "Onboard Alarms/Events" tab until "enable EN50160" is unchecked.

      Why does the Series 3000/4000 Circuit Monitor display show stars or asterisks for frequency?

      Why does the Series 3000/4000 Circuit Monitor display show stars or asterisks for frequency?

      Product Line
      CM3000 and CM4000 series meter

      Customer see stars or asterisks for frequency on CM3000 or CM4000 front display.

      Reading Frequency from front display on CM3000 or CM4000 meter. 

      There are several possibilities in which this could occur:

      1. The frequency is changing too quickly. (Possible causes could be when monitoring a Generator that has not stabilized the voltage frequency)
      2. The voltage on phase A and C has dropped to zero. (Normal)
      3. (CM4000 series only) The Current Voltage Module (CVM) module is not properly seated. (NOTE: In this instance cycling control power to the meter will not help.)
      4. (CM4250 Only) This symptom can also be caused by the temperature chip in the meter when the firmware version is earlier than 14.4. To confirm this is the issue read register 3238. If the value is zero, then this may not be the issue. It is recommend that the firmware be upgraded to the latest version available.
      5. If none of these solutions work then use the attached flow chart to validate the issue and contact the appropriate group per the PDF attachment.

      Is it possible to have a negative Voltage Unbalance reading from a circuit monitor or a power meter?

      No, it is not possible to have negative Voltage Unbalance reading from a Series 800 Power Meter or a Series 3000/4000 Circuit Monitor. All voltage unbalance readings will be an absolute value expressed as a percentage of unbalance. Voltage Unbalance is calculated using the following formula: Vunbalance = [(Vavg-Vphase) divided by Vavg].
      It is possible, however, to have negative Voltage Unbalance readings if the device is a Series 600 Power Meter or a Series 2000 Circuit Monitor. These devices express Voltage Unbalance as a positive or negative percentage.

      In general the absoute value of any Voltage Unbalance larger than 2.5 can cause heating in motors.

      Version: Series 600 Power Meter
      Series 800 Power Meter
      Series 2000 Circuit Monitor
      Series 3000 Circuit Monitor
      Series 4000Circuit Monitor

      © Schneider Electric 2005
      Original article#1078

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL182108 V1.0, Originally authored by DaMi on 02/13/2007, Last Edited by DaMi on 02/13/2007
      Related ranges: ION Other

      Video: How to change the accumulated energy in CM4000/CM3000/PM800 series meters from absolute to signed?

      The circuit monitor 3000/4000 series and the Power meter 800 series can accumulate the energy values in one of two modes: signed or absolute.
      In signed mode, the meter considers the direction of power flow, allowing the magnitude of accumulated energy to increase and decrease.
      In absolute mode, the meter accumulates energy as a positive value, regardless of the direction of power flow. In other words, the energy value increases, even during reverse power flow.
      In signed mode, the meter will effectively subtract power that is flowing in the reverse direction from the power that is flowing, or has flowed, in the positive direction resulting in a net power usage.

      The default accumulation mode is absolute.
      Product Line
      CM3000 series
      CM4000 series
      PM800 series
      Energy readings 

      To change mode from absolute to signed using front panel, view the following video and the following steps:

      Enter the Read/Write menu from the display: From the meter main menu, scroll right to diagnostics, then navigate to read/write registers. It will ask you for your meter password.
      If the password is default, press the up arrow button to select 0 and press enter. If password is not default, enter meter's password.
      In the read write regs screen press up/down button to go to your desired register. If you keep the arrow button pressed it will start to scroll through registers faster.
      To write a value to a register, hit enter when you reach the register and change the value.

      1. Write 9020 to register 8000, this places the meter in setup mode.

      2. Write 1 to register 3232

      3. Write 1 to register 8001, this saves the changes.

      4. Write 9021 to register 8000, this exits setup mode and that will initiates a soft reset on the meter.

      To change the mode using ION setup, follow these steps or the video below.
      1. Connect the meter in ION setup. In Setup mode, Double click the energy and demand option.

      2. Change the accumulated energy from absolute to signed and send it to the meter.

      How does the Command Code 1120 work on the Series 3000/4000 Circuit Monitor?

      The way that the 1120 command works changed in firmware version 10.204.

      Product Line

      Register Commands

      The 1120 command in the CM4000 has historically cleared all memory. This command would clear all configuration registers including basic setup and communications parameters. The command would also clear all data log and alarm setup and all data log data.

      This command has been modified and now requires the use of a parameter with the command to clear selected segments of the meter or to clear everything like the original command. This new command is implemented in the CM4000 in firmware versions beginning with 10.204. The following table provides a list of the parameters to clear selected segments of the meters memory.

      To issue commands using the command interface, follow these general steps:

      1. Write the related parameter(s) to the command parameter registers 8001 through 8015.
      2. Write the command code to the command interface register 8000.
      Command Parameters Notes
      1120 (8001) Bitmap of systems to reset Restart System – Hard Reset with Memory Clear
      Bitmap of systems to reset:
      Bit 00 = Utility Registers
      Bit 01 = Reserved
      Bit 02 = CMPL
      Bit 03 = Config Display
      Bit 04 = Commands
      Bit 05 = Files
      Bit 06 = Alarms
      Bit 07 = I/O Points
      Bit 08 = Config Meter
      Bit 09 = Administrative Ctl
      Parameter value of 9999 causes meter to reset all registers to meter defaults and format the disk-on-chip.
      Parameter Description
      Bit 00 = Utility Registers Clear all utility register (15,800 - 15,999).
      Bit 01 = Reserved  
      Bit 02 = CMPL  Clears all custom Programs created in the meter.
      Bit 03 = Config Display  Clears all custom Displays created in the meter.
      Bit 04 = Commands  Clears all command interface registers.
      Bit 05 = Files  Clears all data log files (data and configuration).
      Bit 06 = Alarms Clears all alarm configuration parameters.
      Bit 07 = I/O Points Clears all I/O point configuration and assignments.
      Bit 08 = Config Meter  Clears all metering setup including PT and CT ratios.
      Bit 09 = Administrative Ctl Clears all user account created in the meter.
      9999 = Clear All Clears all memory in the meter (including comms).

      *NOTE: The 1120 command is disabled when revenue security is active.
      *Reference CM3000 Register List Commands Page (Page 314).
      *Reference CM4000 Register List Commands Page (Page 359).