mount roof tripod tile

MATV Roof Mounts, Tripod Roof Mount Tile

Catalogue Number: 2ANTRPT
mount roof tripod tile
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Product brand
Mounting support
roofing sheet
Unit Type of Package 1
Number of Units in Package 1
Package 1 Weight
2.36 kg
Package 1 Height
235 mm
Package 1 width
250 mm
Package 1 Length
1200 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Under investigation

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the Xantrex GT inverters dual tracking

No, the Xantrex GT inverters are a single tracker (MPPT) only

Did Xantrex ever sell batteries?

 Did Xantrex ever sell batteries?

Yes. See attached.
However, Xantrex/Schneider Electric no longer manufactures batteries.

Did Xantrex ever make a battery?

 Did Xantrex ever make a battery?

Yes. See attached.
However, Xantrex/Schneider Electric no longer manufactures batteries.

Wireless remotes for Xantrex products

The Gateway product is a wireless monitor for Xantrex Residential Xanbus enabled products. These consist of the single phase GT and the XW inverter charger

There are currently no wireless remote controls available or contemplated for any Xantrex products.

How long is the Xantrex GT Warranty?

The Xantrex GT Warranty length is 5 years from date of installation. If date of installation can not be proven, then it is based off of the manufacturing date.

Are AC fuses covered under warranty for Xantrex GT inverters?

No, due to the nature of what can cause them to blow.
If the replacement fuse blows immediately after replacement, please contact Technical Support on 1300 202 525.

AC Fuse size for GT2/8 inverter: 15A ceramic slow blow
AC Fuse size for GT5/0 inverter: 30A ceramic slow blow

Customer is trying to find replacement parts and service for select out of production units/ out of warranty unit.

Please have a customer contact a Xantrex Authorized Service Centers (ASC)

Xantrex Authorized Service Centers repair out-of-warranty and non-warrantable products.

How to power a Xantrex System Control Panel when no XW+ or SW is present?

When using a Xantrex System Control Panel, this unit is powered from either an XW+ or an SW hybrid inverter.

When in a situation that either one of these hybrid inverters are not available, to get the SCP to operate, you will need to provide an independant 15V DC 200mA supply to the Xanbus network.

+ve should be connected straight to pins 1,2 and 7. -ve should be connected to 3, 6 and 8.

ECCN Code / Harmonized codes for Xantrex Solar Products

Customers will occasionally request the ECCN code for Xantrex solar products. This is a code required for products being shipped out of the US. All Xantrex inverter products are code EAR99. 

Customers may also request the Harmonized code for Xantrex solar products. This number is ten digits long; the last four numbers are country specific so Schneider Electric cannot provide that (a local customs broker at the receiving end can determine what these four digits are). The first 6 digits are 850440.

Will the Xantrex Communication Gateway Work With The Conext XW+?

The customer owns a Communication Gateway and is looking to upgrade their legacy XW or has received a Conext XW+ unit as a replacement

Product Line
Conext XW+, Xantrex Communication Gateway

Conext XW+ connected with a Xantrex Communication Gateway on Xanbus

The Xantrex Communication Gateway was discontinued before the release of the Conext XW+.  No firmware was released for the Gateway to make it compatible with the Conext XW+ units.  Any unit carrying XW firmware that is version 2.00 or higher will not be recognized by the Gateway.

The firmware of the XW+ unit has to be downgraded to v1.07 to work with the Communication Gateway.  It will then be recognized by the Gateway as an 865-1000.  To downgrade the firmware, a Conext Combox or a Configuration Tool will be required since the Gateway does not recognize the XW+.


Although Xantrex doesn't make or technically support this product, we occasionally get asked questions about it.

Files exported using this software are saved in .xls format. This information is provided as a courtesy and doesn't constitute an endorsement by Xantrex.

Are the Conext RL range of inverters dual tracking

Yes, this is one of the benefits of this range of inverters over the Xantrex GT range.
While it is possible to connect unbalanced strings, it is best to keep the tracking as close to each other as possible
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