Switch disconnector Interpact INS40 - 4P
Compact INS80 3P; Switch Disconnector
Switch disconnector Interpact INS40 - 4P
Compact INS80 3P; Switch Disconnector

Compact Interpact Switch Disconnector INS40, 3 Poles, 40A

Catalogue Number: 28900
Switch disconnector Interpact INS40 - 4P
Compact INS80 3P; Switch Disconnector
Switch disconnector Interpact INS40 - 4P
Compact INS80 3P; Switch Disconnector
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
Product name
Compact INS
Product or component type
switch disconnector
Device short name
Compact INS40
Switch-disconnector name
Compact INS40
Poles description
Network type
  • DC
  • AC
    • Network frequency
      50/60 Hz
      [Ie] rated operational current
    • AC-22A: 40 A AC 50/60 Hz 220/240 V
    • DC-23A: 40 A DC 125 V 2 poles in series
    • AC-22A: 40 A AC 50/60 Hz 380/415 V
    • AC-22A: 40 A AC 50/60 Hz 440/480 V
    • AC-22A: 40 A AC 50/60 Hz 500 V
    • AC-23A: 32 A AC 50/60 Hz 500 V
    • AC-23A: 40 A AC 50/60 Hz 220/240 V
    • AC-23A: 40 A AC 50/60 Hz 380/415 V
    • AC-23A: 40 A AC 50/60 Hz 440/480 V
    • DC-22A: 40 A DC 125 V 2 poles in series
      • [Ui] rated insulation voltage
        690 V AC 50/60 Hz
        [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
        8 kV
        [Ith] conventional free air thermal current
        40 A at 60 °C
        [Icm] rated short-circuit making capacity
      • 15 kA switch-disconnector alone 500 V AC at 50/60 Hz
      • 75 kA with upstream protection circuit breaker 500 V AC at 50/60 Hz
        • [Ue] rated operational voltage
        • 125 V DC
        • 500 V AC 50/60 Hz
          • Suitability for isolation
            Contact position indicator
            Visible break
            Pollution degree
            Control type
            rotary handle
            Handle colour
            Mounting mode
            Mounting support
          • DIN rail
          • plate
            • Upside connection
              Downside connection
              Cable cross section
              1.5-50 mm²
              Maximum power
            • AC-23: 11 kW at 220/240 V AC 50/60 Hz
            • AC-23: 18.5 kW at 500/525 V AC 50/60 Hz
            • AC-23: 20 kW at 380/415 V AC 50/60 Hz
            • AC-23: 22 kW at 440 V AC 50/60 Hz
              • Rated duty
                Intermittent duty class
                class 120 - 60 %
                Enclosure dimensions for Ithe
                190 mm x 115 mm x 55 mm
                [Icw] rated short-time withstand current
              • 0.067 kA during 20 s conforming to IEC 60947-3
              • 1.73 kA during 3 s conforming to IEC 60947-3
              • 3 kA during 1 s conforming to IEC 60947-3
              • 5.5 kA during 30 s conforming to IEC 60947-3
                • Mechanical durability
                  20000 cycles
                  Electrical durability
                • AC-22A: 1500 cycles 220/240 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • DC-23A: 1500 cycles 250 V DC 2 poles in series
                • AC-22A: 1500 cycles 380/415 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • AC-22A: 1500 cycles 440 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • AC-22A: 1500 cycles 500 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • AC-23A: 1500 cycles 220/240 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • AC-23A: 1500 cycles 380/415 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • AC-23A: 1500 cycles 440 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • AC-23A: 1500 cycles 500 V AC 50/60 Hz
                • DC-22A: 1500 cycles 250 V DC 2 poles in series
                  • Connection pitch
                    18 mm
                    85 mm
                    90 mm
                    62.5 mm
                    Net weight
                    0.5 kg
                    Compatibility code
                  • IEC 60947-1
                  • IEC 60947-3
                    • Product certifications
                    • KEMA-KEUR
                    • CCC
                      • IP degree of protection
                        IP40 conforming to IEC 60529
                        IK degree of protection
                        IK07 conforming to EN 50102
                        Ambient air temperature for operation
                        -25-70 °C
                        Ambient air temperature for storage
                        -50-85 °C
                        Sustainable offer status
                        Green Premium product
                        REACh Regulation
                        Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
                        REACh free of SVHC
                        EU RoHS Directive
                        Toxic heavy metal free
                        Mercury free
                        RoHS exemption information
                        China RoHS Regulation
                        Environmental Disclosure
                        Circularity Profile
                        The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
                        California proposition 65
                        WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including: DINP and DIDP which is known to the State of California to cause Carcinogen and Reproductive harm. For more information go to
                        18 months

                        Documents & downloads

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                        • CAD Files and Packs

                        • Technical Data Catalogues

                        • Catalog Page

                        • Product Environmental

                        • Installation Instruction

                        • End of Life Manual

                        • Operating Manuals

                        • Specification for Tender

                        • Declaration of Conformity

                        Frequently Asked Questions

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                        Extended front rotary handle for the 28910 INS 125A Load Break Switch ?

                        Code = LV428941

                        What is the load break switch 63Amp 3P dinrail mounted with extended rotary handle

                        You can use a 28902 load break switch with a LV428941 extended rotary handle

                        Is there a replacement handle for the INS63 / 28902?

                        Yes - The 28962 suits the INS40 - INS60 load break switches

                        What is the replacement for RM4JA01F?

                        The replacement is RM22JA21MR, but if not in stock, can offer the RM35JA31MW 
                        see data sheets for more information.....
                        User-added image

                        What is the replacement for the RM4JA32F?

                        Replacement for the RM4JA32F is the RM35JA32MW
                        For more information, see data sheet.....
                        User-added image

                        Does a UV trip or UVR undervoltage release sense phase loss?

                        Does a UV trip or UVR undervoltage release sense phase loss?

                        Product Line:
                        Circuit Breakers

                        Circuit breakers that have a UVR undervoltage trip

                        The UVR will sense phase loss only on the phase(s) its control power is taken from. The UVR should not be used in place of a phase-failure. See the latest Digest for phase-failure relay information.

                        Replacement for a 28945

                        The equivalent part number in Australia is 28943.


                        What is the IP rating of the 28943 extended rotary handle ?

                        The IP rating of the 28943 rotory handle is IP55

                        What is the alternative part number for the 28941 INS extended handle?

                        The alternative part number is

                        What is the part code for IN160T options

                        The part code is a 28912

                        What is the Multi9 1P circuit breaker lock

                         The part code you need is a 26970

                        Is the 28941 the shaft for the extended handle on the INS160

                         Yes it is the correct part code

                        What is the part code for a din rail mounted isolator, 3P 150A

                         You can use a 28912

                        What is the part number for the S8000 series power point?

                        The part number for the S8000 series power point is a S8025L.
                        Some of the key features are:

                        • With automatic switching
                        • Strato Series
                        • LED indicators
                        • 10A Rated
                        • 250V

                        For further information please visit​

                        What is the part number of the adaptor to fit 30USBCM, 30 series USB charger mechanism on Strato, S8000 plate?

                        80MA30 is the part number of the adaptor to fit 30USBCM, 30 series USB charger mechanism on Strato, S8000 plate. 80MA30 is single 30 series mechanism adaptor module, size S2. 80MA30 can be used to fit any 30 series mechanism on Strato S8000 plate.
                        For further information, please visit

                        Complying with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Shipping Regulations for Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries


                        Are the batteries in your UPS products considered to be hazardous materials?

                        Product Line:

                        All UPS products


                        All models, All Serial Numbers


                        No, sealed lead-acid batteries, such as the ones used in APC UPSs, are not considered hazardous shipping materials.

                        All the batteries APC ships meet the requirements of UN Number 2800 (""Batteries, wet, non-spillable""). The Packaging Instruction Number (PIN) is 806, but there are exceptions that apply (A48 and A67). Exception A67 reads as follows:

                        ""Non-spillable batteries are not subject to these regulations if, at a temperature of 55 degrees C (130 degrees F), the electrolyte will not flow from a ruptured or cracked case and there is no free liquid to flow and if, when
                        packaged for transport, the terminals are protected from short circuit."" Since APC's batteries meet this exception, they are not subject to the dangerous goods regulations.

                        In the United States, the Department of Transportation has an additional requirement regarding batteries which complies with the above.

                        NetBotz v3 | Security Information

                        NetBotz v3 Appliance Security Information

                        Product Line:
                        NetBotz v3 (355,450, 455, 550, & 570)

                        NetBotz (all versions)


                        Network Protocols and Ports

                        Firewall Configuration
                        - NetBotz includes an IP Filtering feature.  Configure IP Filtering in Advanced View.

                        Cybersecurity Considerations
                        - Where possible, all unnecessary services should be disabled (SNMP, HTTP, etc.).
                        - Use Strong encryption (AES for SNMPv3, HTTPS, etc.).
                        - Change the default password and use passwords that are considered strong.
                        - If SNMP is required, consider changing the V1 community strings, and do not user SNMPv1 thereafter.  Use SNMPv3 instead, configured with SHA and AES-128.

                        NetBotz Software Vulnerability Scans

                        What padlocking device can be used with the Domae range?

                        You can use the 26970

                        What is the maximum Modbus port speed on the M340 CPU?

                        Modbus port speed up to 38400 baud on all CPU's with embedded Modbus ports. (ex. BMXP341000, BMXP342000, BMXP342010, BMXP342020)

                        What is the part number for an LED flood light that has 20000 Lumens output?

                        The part number for an LED flood light that has 20000 Lumens output is - FLH200LED

                        For further information , visit link below:-
                        User-added image

                        Is there anything other than a lock that can be fitted to a breaker to keep it in the off position in the DOMAE range

                        No there is nothing other that the 26970

                        What is the part code for an MCB

                        Use the 26970 for the C60& 120's  - 1 for the 1 & 2pole  - 2 for the 3pole and larger

                        What is the Pin out detail for the Modbus programming cable 110 XCA 20 3000?

                        The pin out details of the Modbus programming cable 110 XCA 20300 is as shown in the attached.


                        What is the replacement for a 5 Series Load Breaker 5LBC4125CD?

                        The replacement for 5 Series load breaker 5LBC4125CD is a schnieder 31335.

                        For further information please visit the link below.



                        What is the Maximum amount of consecutive bits/words the M340 Read_Var function can handle per operation?

                        The Modicon M340 PLC READ_VAR function can read up to 2,000 consecutive
                        bits or 125 words in a remote device per read operation..

                        What is the part number for the black handle only to suit extended rotary handle 28943?

                        The part number for the black handle only to suit extended rotary handle 28943 is - 28962

                        For further information visit the link below:-
                        User-added image

                        Is it possible to padlock the C60 MCB.

                        For padlocking the C60 MCB use part reference 26970. Find attached the Installation Manual for the same.
                        Note: For 3P, 3P+N and 4P MCBs, use 2 numbers of 26970.

                        What are the dimensions for 8639 LPA4NA & LNA4NA?

                        Issue: What are the dimensions for 8639 LPA4NA & LNA4NA?
                        Product Line: 8639 ATS46
                        Environment: 8639 LPA4NA & LNA4NA
                        Cause: N/A
                        Resolution: Theses are Floor mount unit at 34.21 inches wide, 92.68 inches tall, 26.00 inches deep with disconnect handle extended.

                        The wieght is 850 lbs

                        This is the same for class 8638 & 8639 Type NI - NQ standard duty and LM - LP heavy duty.


                        How do I view SoMachine variables in Vijeo Designer?

                        Vijeo Designer uses ModbusRTU or Modbus/TCP to read and write data to a M171/172 HVAC controller. Only SoMachine HVAC Status Variables have an assigned modbus address. Therefore only Status Variables can be Viewed and written to by a Magelis HMI. You can define Status Variables in you SoMachine HVAC project in the Resources Tab. When you create a Status Variable, SoMachine HVAC automatically assigns an address to the variable. Such as 8960. In Vijeo Designer you would reference that address by using 48960 in your variable definition window.

                        Does the SR2MOD03 wireless modem support 3G networks?

                        Does the SR2MOD03 wireless modem work with 3G networks?

                        Product Line:

                        The modems with manufacturing dates greater than or equal to 1630 are six Bands (Band I (2100 MHz), Band II (1900 MHz), Band IV (1700 MHz), Band V (850 MHz), Band VI (800 MHz) and Band VIII (900 MHz)) in 3G UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA.

                        We are configuring TRIO radios and will use SNMP. Do you provide MIB files for TRIO Radios. Where can I find it?

                        A MIB is a text file which contains all the data objects used by TRIO Radios. This MIB file can be loaded in the SNMP manager to manage TRIO Radios.
                        Schneider Electric provides MIB files for TRIO radios and it can be found with firmware files. These firmware files can be downloaded from Schneider Electric website.

                        What is the recommended line Fuse and Circuit Breaker size for the ATV58HD79N4XZU?

                        Issue:   What is the recommended line Fuse and Circuit Breaker size for the ATV58HD79N4XZU?
                        Product Line:   ATV58
                        Environment:  ATV58HD79N4XZU
                        Cause:   Breaker and fuse sizing
                        The recommended maximum ratings depend on how the drive is used. This is due to the fact that the rated current of the drive varies due to application requirements.

                        For 60 HP Constant Torque Low Noise (CTLN) and 100 HP Variable Torque (VT) applications, the recommended maximum line fuses are Class J fast acting 200 amp fuses. Class T fuses are acceptable.

                        For 60 HP Constant Torque Low Noise (CTLN) and 100 HP Variable Torque (VT) applications, the recommended Circuit Breaker is KAL36200 with a minimum enclosure volume of 12900 cubic inches.

                        For 75 HP Constant Torque (CT) and 75 HP Variable Torque Low Noise (VTLN) applications, the recommended maximum line fuses are Class J fast acting 175 amp fuses. Class T fuses are acceptable.

                        For 75 HP Constant Torque (CT) and 75 HP Variable Torque Low Noise (VTLN) applications, the recommended Circuit Breaker is KAL36175 with a minimum enclosure volume of 12900 cubic inches.

                        It is acceptable to use fuses or circuit breakers with lower current ratings.


                        How to Simulate Events in SER Using a CM4000 or Monaghan ProTime Sequence of Events Module

                        CM4000 (CM4)

                        To simulate descrete input switching(On and Off), use SMS, PAE generic Modbus/Jbus Tester or some other Modbus utility write holding registers:


                        Modbus Register Value

                        8000 32333 command to begin input simulation mode.

                        8001 9999

                        8002 1 or 2 for number of seconds on

                        8003 1 or 2 for number of seconds off





                        Test mode is entered by writing to the holding register 1577 as indicated below:


                        Modbus Register Value

                        1577 21930 test mode on


                        To disable test mode.

                        1577 set to any other value to turn off test mode.

                              • OR ten minutes will turn off.

                        Writing a value of 21930 decimal to register number 1577 will cause the ProTime module to simulate status input changes for a period of approximately 15 minutes. This can be useful for testing to see that events from an SER module are being recorded by the SER software.

                        Keywords: Sequence of Events Recording, Sequence of Events Recorder, SER 6.0, 6.3, 7.0, 7.1

                        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL198177 V2.0, Originally authored by AnVa on 04/01/2009, Last Edited by MaTh on 09/28/2011
                        Related ranges: Sequence of Events Recorder (SER)

                        What is the weight capacity of NetShelter open frame racks: AR201, AR203A and AR204A?

                        Static load rating is required. 

                        Product Line: 
                        NetShelter Open Frame Racks

                        All models, all serial numbers. 

                        On the APC website, weight capacity is not noted in the Specifications tab of the product pages.  

                        AR203A and AR204A Weight Capacity 2,000 lb (907.18 kg).  
                        AR201 Weight Capacity 1,000 lb. (453.6 kg). 

                        What is the maximum allowable MPPT imbalance on Conext CL25000NA?

                        60% 40% unbalanced MPPT input capability allows for asymmetrical loading from panels installed on size of rooftops or with different orientation (i.e., east, west..)

                        This is reflected in the Max power per MPPT spec in the manual, which is 15900W. That means the designer may have 15.9kW on one MPPT and 10.6kW on the other. 
                        The total of the two MPPTs equals the nominal DC power of 26.5k as specified in the manual.

                        The maximum power of an array connected to each MPPT must not exceed
                        11400 W (for the Conext CL 18000NA inverter) or 15900 W (for the Conext
                        CL 25000NA inverter).
                        Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.

                        Using Modbus to trigger a Waveform Capture on a CM2000

                        Product Line
                        CM2000 series meter

                        Modbus Register Writes

                        In order to trigger a waveform capture, it will be necessary to use Modbus Command Writes to trigger the waveform capture.

                        Using Modbus Tester (or another Modbus read/write program):

                        Write the value 4913 to register 7700.
                        Write the value 1 to register 7701.
                        Write the value 28120 to register 7702.

                        What TCP Port do ION Meters use for DNP v3.0 via Ethernet?

                        What TCP port is used for the DNP 3.0 protocol when connecting to a meter via Ethernet.

                        Product Line:
                        ION meters

                        ION meters

                        Information Request

                        TCP port 20000 is used for the DNP v3.0 protocol via the Ethernet port.

                        What is the life of the neon lamps DL1CS3220? What does the part number DL1CS3220SP mean?

                        Part numbers DL1CS3220 and DL1CS3220SP, which at first sight seem similar, designate products whose packaging and service life are very different:

                        DL1CS3220 is a pack of 10 long-life neon lamps. Their service life is 20,000 hours.

                        DL1CS3220SP is a pack of 100 standard neon energy-efficient lamps in reduced packaging. Their service life is 2,000 hours. (SP means Super Price)

                        There are three variants of the neon lamps and they all have the same properties as described above:
                        • DL1CS3220  for Green
                        • DL1CS6220  for Blue
                        • DL1CS7220  for Orange

                        What is the lumens output for the FLH200LED?

                        The lumens output for the FLH200LED are - 20000 Lumens

                        For further information , visit link below:-

                        Specification: Black Die Cast Aluminium Body, IP65, Tempered Glass.
                        200 Watt, >20,000 Lumens, Efficacy 105 Lumens/Watt, CRI >70
                        Lamp Colour Temp 6500 ° Kelvin, Lamp Life 50,000 hrs (L70)
                        Dimensions: Body & Bracket – Width 438mm, Height 505mm, Depth 150mm
                        User-added image

                        Are EasyPact MVS circuit breakers for sale in the USA or Canada?

                        Where can I buy a EasyPact MVS breaker?

                        Product Line:
                        EasyPact MVS circuit breakers

                        There are no plans for a general release of the EasyPact MVS circuit breaker line in the US.

                        What ambient conditions are acceptable for operation and storage of the Masterpact NT and NW circuit breakers?

                        What considerations must be made for ambient temperature, humidity, altitude, and vibration when storing or operating Masterpact NW and NT circuit breakers?

                        Product Line:
                        Circuit Breakers

                        Masterpact NW and Masterpact NT circuit breakers

                        Masterpact circuit breakers are suited for use:
                        At ambient temperatures between -13°F (-25°C) and 158°F (70°C).  Operating the breaker above 104F (40C) may require derating or overbussing the circuit breaker.  See attachment for details.
                        At altitudes less than or equal to 13,000ft. (3900 meters).  At altitudes < 6600 ft. (2000 m), rerating factors apply.  See attachment for details.
                        It is recommended that the equipment be cooled or heated to the proper operating temperature and kept free of excessive vibration and dust, and be protected from water intrusion and condensation.
                        See attachment for vibration, humidity, and storage recommendations.

                        Video: Back-UPS CS, RS & XS - Manual Adjustment for Sensitivity


                        UPS will not operate on utility power or may be clicking between utility and battery power.

                        Product Line:

                        Back-UPS RS/XS & Back-UPS CS (4-LED Interfaces)


                        All models & serial numbers


                        This may be caused by one of the following conditions;
                        • Low Voltage / Sag
                        • Black-out
                        • High Voltage / Over-Voltage
                        • Frequency is out of range
                        • Total Harmonic Distortion


                        The following video details the process for manually adjusting the Back-UPS RS & XS or Back-UPS CS system's AC Input Sensitivity.

                        How many times can a PME licensed be returned? What is the contact information for the software registration group if the limit is exceeded?

                        A customer is needing to return a license more than once, but is unable to.

                        Product Line
                        PME 7.2.2
                        PME 8.x

                        Floating License Manager

                        The "Return" function within the Floating License Manager has a use limit of once per year.

                        If the wrong machine was licensed, or if the license was mistakenly returned a second time the customer will need to reach out to the licensing support group to approve additional 'Return' or 'Activate' functions.

                        Software Registration Centers are open during the stated hours, Monday - Friday only.
                        Europe  |  English, Spanish, German
                        8:30 - 17:00  (CET*)
                        +420 281 088 696   

                        North and Central America  | English
                        8:00 - 17:00  (EST*)

                        +1 888 266 8705   (from US and Canada) +1 978 975 9755   (from other countries)


                        South America  |  English, Spanish
                        8:30 - 17:00  (CET*)
                        +420 281 088 696
                        2 +420 281 088 697

                        Asia and Pacific  |  English 
                        9:00 - 17:00  (AEDT*)

                        +61 2 9125 8531
                        2 +61 2 9888 3841

                        France  |  French  |
                        8:00 - 18:00  (CET*)

                        +33 (0) 825 012 999
                        2 +33 (0) 173 024 722


                        Italy  |  Italian  |  
                        8:00 - 18:00  (CET*)

                        +39 011 40 73 333
                        2 +39 011 22 81 340

                        *  CET    =    Central European Time                  =   UTC + 01:00
                           EST    =    Eastern Standard Time                  =   UTC  - 05:00
                         AEDT    =    Australian Eastern Daylight Time    =   UTC + 11:00
                           UTC    =     Coordinated Universal Time

                        Process not running: Please start service" when trying to start the Event Notification Solution (ENS) Service

                        Goals and Symptoms

                        When trying to start the ENS service, the error "Process not running: Please start service" is displayed.
                        The Windows event log may also show the following error: APMService.exe "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions"

                        Facts and Changes

                        PRODUCTS Affected

                        APM, ENS, ENM

                        Causes and Fixes


                        Under some circumstances, the TCP port being used by the APMService.exe is already being used by something else in Windows.


                        Change the port ENS is using.

                        1. Stop all ENS services.
                        2. Open the file APMService.exe.config in the Event Notification Solution\EventNotificationSoution\ folder for editing in notepad.
                        3. Change the following line:
                        <add key="Port" value="63387" />


                        <add key="Port" value="25500" />
                        4. Open the file service.xml in the Event Notification Solution\OPC Logger\ folder for editing in notepad.
                        5. Change the following line:
                        <ESService Machine="" Name="PLActivePagerModule" URL="tcp://"


                        <ESService Machine="" Name="PLActivePagerModule" URL="tcp://"
                        6. Restart the ENS services.

                        Note: If port 25500 is also being used by Windows, a different port number may be necessary.

                        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL208357 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 06/09/2012, Last Edited by MaTh on 06/09/2012
                        Related ranges: SMS Add-on, Paging Module

                        Will the leap second added at the end of 2016 effect the PME system?

                        A customer is wanting to know if the leap second will effect energy and power values provided by the PME system.

                        Product Line:
                        ION Enterprise 6.0 / SPM 7.x / PME 7.2 / PME 8.x

                        Power Monitoring Expert energy and power values

                        Time keepers have introduced an additional second to yearly time in order to account for drift.

                        The leap second handling is done within the Operating System.  The Siteserver service requests the current time from the OS, converts it into the timestamp format required by the device, and transmits it.
                        Data log record processing [for on-board data logs] is independent of the clock value.  PC logged data just takes the current clock value when generating the log record.  The only issue of concern with an extra second is that particular interval will be one second longer so power and demand calculations may be slightly off for some devices.  This is only 1/900 or about 0.111% and is still within meter and software logging accuracy.

                        Some additional Microsoft articles below discuss how Windows handles the "leap second":

                        The story around Leap Seconds and Windows: It’s likely not Y2K
                        Part two of the story around Leap Seconds and Windows: #NotY2K

                        Serial Terminal Connection Parameters for all NetBotz Appliances


                        Serial Terminal Connection Parameters for all NetBotz Appliances

                        Product Line:



                        Versions as described below
                        terminal emulation


                        Terminal emulation (ie. Hyper-Terminal) configuration for communications with NetBotz appliances.


                        Terminal emulation is often used for initial IP configuration on NetBotz appliances. Hyper-terminal or Putty are often used for this configuration.

                        Serial Terminal Connection Parameters for all NetBotz Appliances

                        When connecting to a Netbotz appliance or a NetBotz Central via a serial cable, the terminal settings must be set to:

                        38400 and 8-N-1

                        When connecting to a models 300, 303, 310, or 400, you must use a standard serial cable, such as the kind used to connect a modem to a PC.

                        When connecting to models 320, 420 or 500, you must use a NULL modem cable.

                        When connecting to models 355, 455, 550, 570 or similar version 3 Netbotz, you must use a USB A-B cable.

                        The NetBotz 200 uses a Null Modem cable and a baud rate of 9600.

                        NOTE: When connecting to a NetBotz Central, you must use a NULL modem cable.

                        What does "Total Compensated" represent in test mode in ION Setup?

                        The total compensated value from the test mode screen on an ION meter represents the sum of the phase kw MU (metering units) from the meter. This number will match the total KW listed if the compensation function is disabled. If the compensation value is enabled and set correctly, the total compensated value will be representative of the total KW taking compensation into account.
                        Metering units are the readings that the meter is directly reading negating any CT/PT ratios.

                        As an example:
                        A meter is programmed to use a one to one (potential/voltage transformer) ratio and a CT (current transformer) ratio of 600:5.
                        The primary readings from the meter are 208V L-L/120V L-N and the current was 300A per phase. The total compensated value would be calculated using the metering units. The metering units would be:
                        Voltage line to line = 208V (no transformer ratio)
                        Voltage line to neutral = 120V (no transformer ratio)
                        Per Phase Current = 2.5A This was calculated by maintaining the ratio(the same calculation would be performed for the PT's):
                        (600/5) = (300/x)
                        120 = (300/x)
                        120x = 300
                        x = (300/120)
                        x = 2.5
                        (This is assuming that all per phase currents are the same, if they are not the calculation would need to be performed on each phase)

                        kw A = 120V * 2.5A = 300W = 0.300 kw
                        kw B = 120V * 2.5A = 300W = 0.300 kw
                        kw C = 120V * 2.5A = 300W = 0.300 kw
                        kw total = kw A + kw B + kw C
                        = 0.300 + 0.300 + 0.300
                        = 0.900 kw (Keep in mind this value is in metering units, this is the value that the inputs of the meter is seeing directly negating CT and PT values.)
                        The kw total calculation will be the same value that is listed as the total compensated value.

                        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209437 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 10/18/2012, Last Edited by MaTh on 10/18/2012
                        Related ranges: ION Setup 3.0

                        Configuring Alarm Server to send page or email to staff based on site

                        Goals and Symptoms

                        Using DOS batch files it is possible to send a page or email to a specified list of people that depends on which site initiated the alarm. 
                        For example, you may have two ION meters at two different stations; StationA and StationB.  If an alarm happens at StationA you want to notify PersonA. Similarly for StationB you wish to notify PersonB.  Each person has an email address ( and pager address (

                        Causes and Fixes

                        Commissioning Procedure

                        1. Construct the pager and email DOS batch files (Details below)
                        2. Construct the alarmsrv.cmd file (Details below)
                        3. Start AlarmServer with the alarmsrv.cmd file
                        4. Test your alarms
                        Operating Procedure

                        Add the alarmsrv.cmd file into the Windows startup folder for the user who operates the ION Enterprise system. Alternatively, set up a Windows scheduled task to launch the alarmsrv.cmd file when the machine boots.

                        Please read the help for configuring Alarm Server before proceeding.

                        Contents of alarmsrv.cmd

                        The purpose of this DOS command file is to launch AlarmSrv with all of the necessary parameters. This includes the modem type, the serial communications port, the baud rate, followed by a list of programs to run when an alarm is received. Each program in this list needs to be enclosed in double quotes. Also note that the command is using DOS variables (e.g. %g, %M etc) and these need to be "escaped" so that they are correctly passed onto the command.  This is why there are two % signs.

                        The four programs that AlarmSrv will run when it receives and alarm from a meter are as follows:

                        1. "D:\IONEnterprise\pager.bat %%g %%M %%n"
                          This sends the email and page. We are passing in the site name, message from the meter, and the meter name.
                        2. "conman -p900 %%g"
                          This instructs ION Enterprise to connect with the meter to download logs, events and waveforms.
                        3. "net send IONServer %%t %%M Please check the meter: %%n"
                          This sends a network message, using NET SEND. The message is sent to a machine named IONServer.  Substitute a machine name that suits. The message includes the local time, the message from the meter, and the meter name.

                        All of the following text is placed into a file called alarmsrv.cmd.  All of the following is placed on one line.
                        • D:\IONEnterprise\system\bin\alarmsrv.exe -m"USRobotics Faxmodem V.90 56k" -cCOM2 -b9600 -D "D:\IONEnterprise\emailpage.bat %%g %%M %%n" "conman -p900 %%g" "net send PQMETER %%t %%M Please check the meter: %%n"

                        Contents of emailpage.bat

                        The purpose of this DOS command file is to send the an email and a page to the appropriate person.  It expects three command line arguments; the site name, the meters message and the meter name.

                        • echooff
                          rem  Change to the drive where ION Enterprise is installed.
                          rem  Must do this in case DOS environment opens in another drive.

                          rem  Change to the directory where ION Enterprise is installed
                          cd \dev
                          rem ****************************************************************

                          rem Routine to create message text file
                          rem ***************************************************************
                          rem  Create the message in the file call body.txt
                          rem  The echo command is followed by some text, a single > and then
                          rem  the file name.  The single > directs the text output of the

                          rem  echo command into the file. It also creates this file.
                          echo Alert Incident date and time: > body.txt
                          rem  Push the date and time into the file. Use >> to append to file.
                          date /t >> body.txt
                          time /t >> body.txt
                          rem  Add an empty line into the file
                          echo. >> body.txt
                          rem  Add the three command line arguments to the message.
                          rem  WARNING. This sample does not contain any error detection.
                          rem  Production system should check for existence of these parameters. 

                          echo Site:              %1 >> body.txt
                          echo Condition:         %2 >> body.txt
                          echo Node:              %3 >> body.txt
                          echo. >> body.txt

                          rem **************************************************************
                          rem  Send out messages to specific pager based on a site name
                          rem ****************************************************************

                          rem   Blat available from
                          rem   The following assumes you have installed blat.

                          if %1==StationA goto sendStationA
                          goto end2
                          blat body.txt -to, -subject "Meter Alert!" -f

                          if %1==StationB goto sendStationB
                          goto end1
                          blat body.txt -to, -subject "Meter Alert!" -f

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                        Last Revised: October 24, 2007
                        All content © 1992-2007 Schneider Electric

                        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL188657 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 10/26/2007, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 10/26/2007
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                        Why is my Conext CL showing an alarm code: 2633 & 2634 (PV1 OC Wrn & PV2 OC Wrm Service Alarm)

                        Customer is calling to confirm an alarm code: 2633 & 2634 (PV1 OC Wrn & PV2 OC Wrm Service Alarm)

                        Product Line: 
                        Conext CL 18000NA Conext CL 25000NA Conext CL 20000 Conext CL 25000E

                        On site troubleshooting

                        Check the PV1 or PV2 generator in the units power meter 
                        If the unit’s power meter doesn’t match with the readings on a handheld meter, replace the unit

                        Improper string sizing
                        Problem on one MPPT input due to a string problem
                        Unbalanced current between 2 inputs > 100%
                        PV1 or PV2 input over current detected, hence the power output from PV1 or PV2 is stopped (half a power capability)

                        Security Notification - Petya Ransomware Attack


                        Starting June 27th, a new variant of the Petya ransomware, also known as Petrwrap, Not Petya and exPetr, spread internationally to several businesses. Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe were among those that needed to go offline. More than 2,000 attacks took place with the help of the Windows SMBv1 vulnerability that the WannaCry ransomware attacks utilized. Unlike WannaCry, Petya does not encrypt files one by oone on a targeted machine or system. Instead, Petya reboots the victim's machine and encrypts the hard drive's master file table (MFT). The master boot record (MBR) is rendered inoperable therefore, restricting access to the full system by seizing information on file names, sizes, and location on the physical disk. Petya replaces the computer's MBR with its own malicious code that displays the ransom note and leaves computers unable to boot. Researchers at Symantec say they have confirmed the ransomware is using the Eternal Blue exploit. The malwares capabilities include the following: network surveying, password extraction, and file decryption.

                        Products Affected

                        Schneider is currently assessing impact.

                        Recommended Mitigations

                        Schneider Electric recommends customers with supported systems check with their designated supoort portals first before executing the following to prevent this attack:
                        • Immediately apply the Microsoft patch for the MS17-010 SMB vulnerability:
                        • Based upon guidance from your product support team, you may want to consider disabling SMB v1 file-sharing protocol.
                        • Ensure you have up-to-date backups. This alone is the most effective way to recover from a ransomware attack.
                        • Enable strong spam filters to prevent phishing e-mails from reaching the end users and authenticate in-bound e-mail.
                        • Configure access controls including file, directory, and network share permissions with least privilege in mind.
                        • Inform and educate your employees to identify scams, malicious links, and social engineering attempts.
                        For More Information

                        Ensure all other cyber-defenses are up-to-date. If you are unclear then seek engagement with the Industrial Cybersecurity Services team:

                        To obtain full details on the issues and assistance on how to protect your installation, please contact your local Schneider Electric representative. These organizations will be fully awate of the situation and can support you through the process. 

                        For further information on vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric's products, please visit Schneider Electric's cybersecurity web page at
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