PadLocking Terminal for Aluminium Cables from 16 to 50 mm2, Set of 1

Catalogue Number: 27060
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
  • C120
  • C60
  • I-NA
  • Multi 9
  • ID
    • Range
      Acti 9
      Product or component type
      Accessory / separate part category
      connection accessory
      [In] rated current
    • 100 A
    • 80 A
    • 63 A
    • 25 A
    • 32 A
    • 40 A
    • 50 A
    • 125 A
      • Connections - terminals
        cable connector
        Wire stripping length
        13 mm
        Tightening torque
        10-10 N.m
        Range compatibility
      • Multi 9 C60
      • Acti 9 C120NA-DC
      • Multi 9 ID
      • Acti 9 DT60
      • Acti 9 C120
      • Vigi C120
      • Acti 9 C60H-DC
      • Acti 9 iSW
      • Acti 9 iC60
      • Acti 9 Reflex iC60
      • Acti 9 iID
      • Acti 9 iSW-NA
      • Acti 9 SW60-DC
      • Acti 9 C60NA-DC
        • Product compatibility
        • C60 UL1077
        • C120NA-DC
        • Vigi C120
        • ID
        • I-NA
        • SW60-DC
        • C60NA-DC
        • C120
        • C60
        • C60CTRL
        • C60H-DC
        • iSW 40-125
          • Market segment
            small commercial
            Compatibility code
            Unit Type of Package 1
            Number of Units in Package 1
            Package 1 Weight
            20 g
            Package 1 Height
            2 cm
            Package 1 width
            6 cm
            Package 1 Length
            8 cm
            Unit Type of Package 2
            Number of Units in Package 2
            Package 2 Weight
            340 g
            Package 2 Height
            12.5 cm
            Package 2 width
            11 cm
            Package 2 Length
            23 cm
            Unit Type of Package 3
            Number of Units in Package 3
            Package 3 Weight
            4.58 kg
            Package 3 Height
            30 cm
            Package 3 width
            30 cm
            Package 3 Length
            40 cm
            REACh free of SVHC
            EU RoHS Directive
            Toxic heavy metal free
            Mercury free
            RoHS exemption information
            China RoHS Regulation
             Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
            The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
            18 months

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            Frequently Asked Questions

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            Will 27060 fit copper conductors?

            No. Unfortunately, 27060 will not fit copper conductors.

            What is the part number for an expanding terminal to suit Clipsal Breakers ?

            The part number is a 27060 , This will accommodate up to 35mm cable and has replaced the old 4XT

            What is the degree of protection of 27046, 27047 and 27048 rotary handles.

            The degree of protection of rotary handles references 27046, 27047 and 27048 is IP40.

            These rotary handles are designed for C60, C120 and NC100 circuit breakers and "I switches".

            Unfortunately IP54 degree of protection given in the catalogue is incorrect.

            What is the separator for a 15092

             The separator part code is 27001

            Is the 17065 the same as the A9M17065

            Yes there no technical difference

            What is the alternate part code for a 17070

             The alternate part code is A9MEM3100

            Fuse Sizing Guidelines

            Some of our manuals ask you to calculate the short circuit amperage rating or cold cranking amperage rating of your battery bank in order to determine the type of fuse necessary in an installation. Fuses are rated by both their Ampere Interrupting Capacity (AIC) as well as the better known, current trip level rating. This can be very confusing. Here is a much better explanation

            For batteries with a less than 650CCA or 2700 short circuit amps, you may use an ANL type fuse of the correct current trip rating as listed in the manual for your properly sized battery cables.

            For batteries with more than 650CCA or 2700 short circuit amps, you must use a Class T fuse of the correct current trip rating as listed in the manual for your properly sized battery cables.

            It is acceptable to use a Class T fuse in all applications, so if you are having a problem determining the ratings of your batteries, feel free to use a Class T fuse. These fuses are available from most RV or Marine supply stores or from our Outlet Store.

            InRoom (Stulz) operations manual for C7000 CompTrol

            InRoom (Stulz) operations manual for C7000 CompTrol

            Product line:  
            ACPXD-2186, ACPCW40-150

            All Serial Numbers  


            See File Below

            Required ports for PME Engineering Client Licensing

            Engineering Client installations require two TCP ports be opened between the server and client machine in order for the license to be seen by the Client machine. The PME 7.2.x installation guide does not currently include these ports. However, the PME 8 installation guide has been updated to include these ports as well as information on how to change them if necessary.

            Product Line
            Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x, PME 8.0, PME 8.1

            Engineering Client Installations in PME

            Often the TCP ports that the Engineering Client requires for licensing are blocked between the server and client machines. 

            Before performing a PME Client installation, ensure that both the client and primary machines can
            resolve each other by name. Then open the following ports. 
            Port 1: Enterprise License Server port
            This port can be viewed in the Flexnet Publisher (https://localhost:8090). Login with admin/admin on the Administration tab. The “License Server Manager Port in Use” is on the System Information tab. Open this port between the server and client machines.

            Port2: Vendor Daemon Port
            This port by default is a dynamic port. In order to open a port for the client to see, the port needs to be set to be static.
            To set the Vendor Daemon port to static:
            - In Flexnet Publisher (https://localhost:8090), navigate to the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab and click the “Administer” link
            - Set the Vendor Daemon Port to 27010 (or another port if this is taken) and hit Save.
            Open this port between the server and client machines.

            Can the VLT Ref 16060 (analogue voltmeter) be used on DC voltages?

            Goals and Symptoms

            Can the VLT Ref 16060 (analog voltmeter) be used on DC voltages.

            Causes and Fixes

            This VLT ref 16060 is usable for AC voltages only within the range of 50-60 Hz. You cannot use it on DC voltages.

            Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL201042 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 01/20/2010, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 01/20/2010
            Related ranges: Analog Amp - voltmeters

            What is the part number for an LED flood light that has 20000 Lumens output?

            The part number for an LED flood light that has 20000 Lumens output is - FLH200LED

            For further information , visit link below:-
            User-added image

            What causes Concept error " 20630 - Module not found in SYSINFDB" ? )

            SYSINFDB is a database within Concept containing information on I/O modules..
            This error means that the 3rd party module .MDC file has not been loaded into Concept. This is done using Concept's Modconnect Tool.
            These .MDC file can usually be obtained from the 3rd party manufacturer's web site.

            Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212811 V1.0, Originally authored by DaSo on 10/19/2013, Last Edited by DaSo on 10/19/2013
            Related ranges: Concept
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