PadLocking Interphase Barriers, for C120 C60 I, NA ID, 1 Set of 10 Parts

PadLocking Interphase Barriers, for C120 C60 I, NA ID, 1 Set of 10 Parts

PadLocking Interphase Barriers, for C120 C60 I, NA ID, 1 Set of 10 Parts

Item Number: 27001

RRP (Inc. GST)



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

  • Multi 9
  • ProDis
  • iSW 20...32
  • C60
  • I-NA
  • C120
  • ID
  • DPN
    • Product or component type

      interphase barrier

      Market segment

      small commercial


      18 months


      Quantity per set

      10 pieces

      Range compatibility

    • Multi 9 C120
    • Multi 9 C120 C120NA-DC
    • Multi 9 C60
    • Multi 9 C60H-DC
    • Multi 9 C60 C60 UL1077
    • Multi 9 ID
    • Multi 9 C60 C60PV-DC
    • Multi 9 C60 C60NA-DC
    • Multi 9 SW60 SW60-DC
      • REACh Regulation

        Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

        REACh free of SVHC


        EU RoHS Directive


        Toxic heavy metal free


        Mercury free


        RoHS exemption information


        China RoHS Regulation

         Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)


        Accessory / separate part category

        insulation accessory

        Compatibility code

        Multi 9

        Unit Type of Package 1


        Number of Units in Package 1


        Package 1 Weight

        26 g

        Package 1 Height

        1 cm

        Package 1 width

        10 cm

        Package 1 Length

        14 cm

        Unit Type of Package 2


        Number of Units in Package 2


        Package 2 Weight

        5.687 kg

        Package 2 Height

        30 cm

        Package 2 width

        30 cm

        Package 2 Length

        40 cm


        The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the separator for a 15092

         The separator part code is 27001

        PowerLogic Sub Meter Display (SMD63M) Instruction Bulletin, 63230-216-215A2, September 2001

        Product Line
        Sub Meter Display

        See attached file


        What is the degree of protection of 27046, 27047 and 27048 rotary handles.

        The degree of protection of rotary handles references 27046, 27047 and 27048 is IP40.

        These rotary handles are designed for C60, C120 and NC100 circuit breakers and "I switches".

        Unfortunately IP54 degree of protection given in the catalogue is incorrect.

        What are the Modbus addresses in ADVC controller?

        Modbus addresses in ADVC controller are detailed in the Modbus protocol map found in the Modbus Communication page. The Modbus addresses in ADVC controller are categorized as four types:


        Binary Output, this is equivalent to Coils

        Binary Inputs, equivalent to Discrete Inputs

        Analog Inputs, equivalent to Input Registers

        Analog Outputs, equivalent to Holding Registers


        On many Modbus devices, the Modbus addresses are numbered like this


        • The coils are numbered from 00001 onward

        • The input bits are numbered from 10001 onward

        • The input registers are numbered from 30001 onward

        • The holding registers are numbered from 40001 onward


        However, on the ADVC mapping table, the addresses shown are the offset values only. Eg, If you want to read the "Switchgear Open" from the below Binary Input table (point number zero), you will need to use function code 02 (Read Discrete Input) to read the address 10001 (which is 10001+ 0)


        Will 27060 fit copper conductors?

        No. Unfortunately, 27060 will not fit copper conductors.

        Getting error E7701 on LXM32 drive

        Getting E7701 on the LXM32 drive

        Product Line:

        E7701 is a system error: Timeout during connection to power stage.
        The drive will have to be replaced. This error cannot be reset.
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