Solid Fittings - PVC, Conduit Caps, 50mm

Solid Fittings - PVC, Conduit Caps, 50mm

Solid Fittings - PVC, Conduit Caps, 50mm

Item Number: 262/50-GY

RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Grey (GY)
  • Grey 1 PCE
  • Electric Orange 1 PCE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Range of product

Series 262

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product



48 mm

REACh free of SVHC


EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Environmental Disclosure




PVC (polyvinyl chloride)



  • inner: 50 mm
  • outside: 57 mm
    • Package 1 Weight

      0.044 kg

      Package 1 Height

      38 mm

      Package 1 width

      52 mm

      Package 1 Length

      50 mm
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is part number 242/50 suitable for underground?

      Yes. Part number 242/50 is suitable for underground.

      What is the standard pack size of the 262/25?

      The standard pack size of the 262/25 is 50

      Some of the key features are:
      • Rigid Tube
      For further information please visit

      Is there a 246/50 in orange?

      Yes we do but it is manfactured to order.

      What size Clipsal saddles are available?

      Size       Ctn Qty     Part Code
      16mm    50             261/16
      20mm   100            261/20
      25mm   100            261/25
      32mm    50             261/32
      40mm    50             261/40
      50mm    20             261/50

      Can I get the 251/50 in orange?

      No. Unfortunately, the 251/50 is the only one that comes in grey.

      For further information please visit


      How do i seal up a 50mm hole in the 230DRAVL?

      Using parts 220S50-GY and 260/50-GY. Placethe 260/50 on the inside and the 220S50 on the out side place it in the hole and screw them together. This willl then seal the hole.

      For further information please visit

      Are the Clipsal Conduit Clips available in Electric Orange?

      No, they are only available in grey.

      This applies to the 280/16 (16mm), 280/20 (20mm), 280/25 (25mm), 280/32 (32mm), 280/40 (40mm) and 280/50 (50mm).

      Are the 265 series insulated boxes (suitable for numerous junctions and terminations) IP rated?

      The 265 series is a range of IP56 rated insulated boxes suitable for numerous junctions and terminations. Each box is supplied with a 3mm sealing gasket.

      This applies to the 265/1, 265/3, 265/4, 265/5, 265/7 and 265/7D.

      What is the part number for a 50mm female and 50mm male bush?

      The part number for a 50mm female and 50mm male bush is - 281/50 & 281F50
      For further information , visit link below:-
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      Video: Increasing ATV21 & ATV212 High Speed Setting Beyond 60Hz.

      Increasing ATV212 and ATV12 High Speed Setting Beyond 60Hz..

      Product Line:
      ATV21 ATV212 S-Flex

      All serial numbers

      Overspeed operation is desired.

      First, set the maximum frequency, FH, to at least the desired high speed.
      Second, change the upper limit, UL, to the desired high speed.

      If an analog input is used for speed reference, it will need to be scaled:
      If FMOd=1, VIA analog input, then set F204 to the high speed.
      If FMOd=2, VIB analog input, then set F213 to the high speed.

      PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 Update 5 - Release Notes

      What is new in PSE8.2 and a detailed listing of resolved problems and minor enhancements.

      Product Line
      PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 (PSE8.2)

      A new PSE8.2 cumulative update release.

      PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 Update 5 - Release Notes
      Release Notification (Updated 25 April 2018)

      This is a detailed listing of resolved issues and minor enhancements in this release.




      You must have PowerSCADA 8.2 installed prior to installing this update. No previous updates are required.

      Cybersecurity Announcement

      Floating License Manager v2.1 addresses vulnerabilities in the Flexera FlexNet Publisher component detailed in CVE-2016-10395, CVE-2017-5571 and CVE-2016-2177. Uninstall the current version of the Floating License Manager, and then install version 2.1.
      NOTE: The Floating License Manager v2.1 installer is included with this hotfix release but is not a part of the hotfix installer. Unzip "Floating License Manager" and run "setup.exe".

      Important Notice: There is a known issue with the Floating License Manager v2.1.0.0 installer. When installing with a logged-in Windows User name containing a space, the install will not succeed. The workaround is to install the Floating License Manager with a user that does not include a space character in their name.

      Bug Fixes and Enhancements

      TFS 21482 - AlarmEvents with a state of normal returned in GetAlarmEvents response for EWS

      GetAlarmEvents was changed to not return alarms in the normal state.

      TFS 21483 - Incorrect timestamp information provided for AlarmEvents not in the Active state

      Alarm timestamps are now updated to reflect the true timestamp of occurrence for all state changes (active, drop out, acknowledge).

      TFS 21484 - Unable to filter AlarmEvents by Type using EWS

      Alarms are now filtered based on type. 

      TFS 21485 - Unable to successfully acknowledge alarms using EWS

      In some situations, EWS would not acknowledge alarms correctly.  This behavior has been fixed.

      TFS 21486 - Unable to filter alarms using the PriorityTo and PriorityFrom fields

      EWS did not observe the priority field correctly. This has been addressed and the minimum allowable priority has been set to 1 (to exclude non-alarm objects in the PowerSCADA alarm database).

      TFS 21557 - PowerSCADA projects - including the starter project, PLS_Include, and PLS_Example - need to be upgraded to support the new DBF schemas

      PowerSCADA projects have been upgraded to the latest DBF schemas.  If there are existing projects created from the starter project, set [CtEdit] Upgrade = 1 in the Citect.ini file using the Setup Editor, and then restart PowerSCADA Studio.

      TFS 21564 - Alarm Proxy does not show the analog alarm states

      Alarm Proxy now reports the analog alarm states (HIGH HIGH, HIGH, LOW, LOW LOW) instead of ON / OFF.

      TFS 21566 - If a CSV file that does not exist is selected in the I/O Device Manager, the application throws a runtime exception


      A message is displayed indicating that the file does not exist.


      TFS 21569 - On large systems with 200k configured alarms, the GetAlarmDefinitions call in Alarm Proxy is slow and causes ENM to timeout

      Performance issue in alarm proxy has been resolved.

      TFS 21649 - When CoreServiceHost adds and removes devices, it may lose the original IDs

      CoreServiceHost now keeps a device chronicle.  When the device is removed and then later added, the ID will remain the same.

      TFS 21913 - If the equipment name is changed in the system, but the I/O Device name is unchanged, CoreServiceHost will not refresh the equipment name

      CoreServiceHost now properly updates the equipment on name change.

      TFS 21935 - Logs that are too large for the Windows Event Log do not get logged properly

      Large logs are now broken down into smaller log entries.

      TFS 21970 - Profile Wizard and Automation does not support IPv6

      Profile Wizard and Automation now supports IPv6 for TCP/IP Board level drivers.  This requires the TCP/IP Driver version or later.

      TFS 21975 - Open and Close buttons are disabled at runtime on equipment popup when separate digital tags are used for commands

      The form now enables the command buttons if the Pos_On or Pos_Off tags are defined.

      TFS 21979 - Alarm Proxy cannot return alarms that transition to inactive

      This setting is now configurable in the Application Configuration Utility.

      TFS 22043 - Single sign-on calls from a remote thick client do not work

      Single sign-on now detects remote clients.

      TFS 22060 - The I/O Device Manager cannot bulk import devices with device names greater than 16 characters

      The I/O Device Manager now reads the device name length from the equipment.profiles file for proper validation.

      TFS 22066 - Wonderware ArchestrA Logger Security Patch

      Wonderware ArchestrA Logger Patch 2017.517.2328.1 is applied.

      TFS 22150 - Alarm filters do not work on some resolutions

      Alarm filter AN numbers are fixed for all alarm page resolutions.

      TFS 22155 - Alarm filters perform exact matching

      The alarm filter screen allows the user to select the filtering mode. The default setting is read from the INI file [Alarm] FilterMode.  0 (default) = Exact Match, 1 = Starts With, 2 = Ends With, 3 = Contains.

      TFS 22306 - The equipment tree used on alarm pages is slow to render over the web client

      Any page using the equipment tree should set the default library and symbol on the equipment tree genie, or set 'Hide Symbol Icons' to 'TRUE' if a default icon is not available.

      TFS 22401 - Alarm filter and equipment tree filter operate independently

      The alarm filter and equipment tree filter operate together to filter the alarm tables.

      TFS 22896 - Core service host logs two warnings during shutdown - exception thrown during disposal.


      Cleanup methods were reworked to prevent the exception.


      TFS 22898 - EWS cannot obtain tag updates at a 5 second rate

      EWS and core services were updated to obtain data at a 5 second poll rate.

      TFS 23262 - Equipment popup alarm table does not acknowledge or disable alarms

      Alarms can now be acknowledged or disabled in the equipment page.

      TFS 23274 - Equipment.profiles cannot be imported into the Profile Editor in cases where the original Device Types and Device Profiles were lost

      The Profile Editor can import the equipment.profiles file to generate device types, device profiles, and tags.

      TFS 23437 - Citect 2016 Updates


      Citect 2016 Update (April 10, 2018) is included with this update.

      Project ID management was removed from Citect 2016.  Project IDs are now located in the ProjectInfo.xml file. 

      MinUnitNumber and MaxUnitNumber (previously stored in UnitNumberRange.xml) have also been migrated to ProjectInfo.xml.


      TFS 23637 - The Alarm Summary page does not display state information

      The Alarm Summary page now displays the state that caused the alarm.

      TFS 23650 - 8.2 install does not enable ASP feature within IIS

      The installer now enables the ASP feature under IIS. This server role feature is required to run the Citect web control client. (Previously the View-Only web client was the only option for web deployment.)

      TFS 24205 - When Core Services receives a timeout from the Client, alarm processing may halt until the service is restarted

      Core Services properly recovers from a ctApi deadlock condition.

      Files Modified

      Applications\Profile Editor\Tags.xml
      Applications\Profile Editor\ProfileEditor.Business.dll
      Applications\Profile Editor\ProfileEditor.exe
      Applications\Profile Editor\ProfileEditor.UserControls.dll
      Applications\Profile Editor\Resources\ProfileEditor.UserControls.resources


      Unzip "PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 Update" and run "PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 Update 5.exe".