Lock Ring Plastic 20mm
lock ring pvc 20mm
Lock Ring Plastic 20mm
lock ring pvc 20mm

Fixing Accessories, PVC, Screwed Lock Rings, 20mm

Catalogue Number: 260/20
Lock Ring Plastic 20mm
lock ring pvc 20mm
Lock Ring Plastic 20mm
lock ring pvc 20mm
Colour: Grey
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Electric Orange 1 PCE
  • Grey 1 PCE
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Product or component type
Accessory / separate part category
fixing accessory
Range compatibility
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is part number 260/25 available in Orange?

No. Unfortunately, the 260/25 is only available in Grey.

Are the Clipsal Conduit Clips available in Electric Orange?

No, they are only available in grey.

This applies to the 280/16 (16mm), 280/20 (20mm), 280/25 (25mm), 280/32 (32mm), 280/40 (40mm) and 280/50 (50mm).

Can I order the 220/20 in white?

Yes, you can order the 220/20 in white but it needs to be done as a special.
For more information, please refer to the link:https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=220/20

What would be a longer screw to suit Clipsals round j-boxes (Junction Boxes)?

The part number would be 248/20 which is a combination screw head 20MM 3/16 BSW.

How do i seal up a 50mm hole in the 230DRAVL?

Using parts 220S50-GY and 260/50-GY. Placethe 260/50 on the inside and the 220S50 on the out side place it in the hole and screw them together. This willl then seal the hole.

For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=260/50

Do you have a cap/ flange to for 20mm conduit?

Yes the part number is 221/20

What is the replacement AC coil for CAD32 and CAD50 relay?

Are replacement  AC coil available for CAD32 and CAD50 relay?

Product Line:
Tesys Relays

All Products

Product selection

Volt = coil part number
12 = LXD1J7
21 = LXD1Z7
24 = LXD1B7
32 = LXD1C7
36 = LXD1CC7
42 = LXD1D7
48 = LXD1E7
60 = LXD1EE7
100 = LXD1K7
110 = LXD1F7
115 = LXD1FE7
120 = LXD1G7
127 = LXD1FC7
200 = LXD1L7
208 = LXD1LL7
220/230 = LXD1M7
230 595 21 LXD1P7
230/240 = LXD1U7
277 781 30 LXD1W7
380/400 = LXD1Q7
400 = LXD1V7
415 = LXD1N7
440 = LXD1R7
480 = LXD1T7
600 = LXD1X7
690 = LXD1Y7


What size Clipsal saddles are available?

Size       Ctn Qty     Part Code
16mm    50             261/16
20mm   100            261/20
25mm   100            261/25
32mm    50             261/32
40mm    50             261/40
50mm    20             261/50

568/20-WE Clipsal Grommet what is carton quantity?

 100 per carton 
 See attachment for more information 

What is the standard pack size of the 262/25?

The standard pack size of the 262/25 is 50

Some of the key features are:
  • Rigid Tube
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=262/25

Is there a black version of the 220S20?

Yes, there is.  The 220S20 comes in 3 colors.

For more information, please refer to the link:

Can I use a wind turbine with my MPPT 60/80 charge controller?

 The MPPT 60/80 charge controllers are not compatible with wind turbines. The MPPT 60/80 charge controllers are designed to work with solar panels only. 

Looking to replace the LXM23DU04M3X and BCH0602O12A1C

Looking to replace the LXM23DU04M3X and BCH0602O12A1C servo motor

Product Line:


The direct replacement is:
LXM28AU04M3X and BCH2LD0431CA5C combination:
- Supply voltage single phase 200/240 VAC or 3 phase 200/240 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz
- Nominal torque 1.27 Nm
- Maximum peak torque 3.81 Nm
- Nominal speed 3000 RPM
- 0.4 Kw motor rating
- 0.27 kgcm2 motor inertia without holding brake
You cannot copy the parameters from the old drive to the new drive. They will have to be entered manually in the new LXM28 drive.

Latest Firmware version of Com'X 200/210 and Natively supported device type in the Energy Server Com'X 200/210

Product Line
COM'X200 / EBX200
COM'X210 / EBX210
Ethernet Gateway supported devices
The latest version of firmware for Com'X 200 is 3.5.15 and the Com'X 210 is 4.0.10. Please find the firmware files below.
They can be downloaded from the following links as well.
COM'X200 firmware
COM'X210 firmware
In addition, review the attached PDF (DeviceList_ComX200_210_2.2.1.pdf) for the list of Natively Supported Device Types on Com'X 200/210 with Firmware Version 2.2.1.
Note: With firmware 3.5.24, the Com'X 210 also supports Masterpact MTZ and the EM4399.

For instructions on how to upgrade the firmware, view article FA270261.

What would be the part number for an Earth Clip, 16/20 mm.

Pressed Metal Conduit Fittings, Earth Clips, Water pipe adjustable earth clip 15 - 20mm or 1/2 - 3/4 inch.
Please see following link under the documentation tab for full catalogue.

What are the part numbers for the 25mm PVC saddles and spacers?

The part numbers are 261/25 for the saddles and 261S25 for the spacers. 

Some of the key features are:
  • 63mm Length x 20mm Width x 29mm Overall Height
  • 48mm Mounting Centre
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=261/25


How can you configure the ATV32 drive to use assemblies 20/70 and 21/71?

How can you configure the ATV32 drive to use assemblies 20/70 and 21/71?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV32

ATV32 with Ethernet option card installed

Set up configuration to use assemblies 20,21,70 and 71.

See case #2 example in the following attachment.

Are magnetic current transformers available for the Sepam 60/80 relays?

Magnetic current transformers are CSP APS_SENSORS, connected on the Sepam 2000 through BNC/BNC cable. This solution was not implemented on the Sepam 60/80 range and is not available.

Typical 3-line drawings for Sepam Series 20, 40 and 80 current and voltage input connections

Goals and Symptoms

Typical 3-line drawings of Sepam 20/40 Feeder, Sepam 20/40 Main and Sepam 80 Main/Feeder.

Causes and Fixes

See attachment

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203669 V1.0, Originally authored by MiZe on 10/09/2010, Last Edited by MiZe on 10/09/2010
Related ranges: Sepam series 80, Sepam series 40, Sepam series 20

What is the accuracy of the Premium PLC CPU real time clock.

Real time clock accuracy:

Accuracy of the real time clock is one second (%SW50) +/- 200ms.

Resolution of the real time clock is one second (%SW50) +/- 200ms,because 200ms is the refresh rate of the RTC.
Accuracy error:
The accuracy error of the quartz oscillator is:
1. At 0 and 70°C : -101/20 ppm, error in second/day is -8.7/1.7, in minute/year is -53/11.
2. At 25°C: -20/20 ppm, error in second/day is -1.7/1.7, in minute/year is -11/11.

What is the part number of the surface mounting box that has a duct entry?

The part number of the surface mounting box that can accept a duct is 900SPMB. The 900SPMB is a standard pattern Surface Mounting Box for single gang accessories. Internal depth - 33mm.
Features: 4 - 25 x 16mm Trunking Entries, including one each end and side.
Supplied with 3 - Cat. No. 900MBC Clip-in/ push out caps, 4 - Cat. No. 220/10 Insulating Caps and 2 - M3.5 x 0.8 x 16mm long pan head screws. Screws thread into brass inserts.
For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=900SPMB


What are the part numbers of slip type expansion couplings?

Slip Type Expansion Couplings are available from 16mm through to 50mm.The part numbers of slip type expansion coupling are as follows:
16mm = 251/16
20mm = 251/20 *
25mm = 251/25 *
32mm = 251/32
40mm = 251/40 *
* = only available in Grey
Where long conduit runs are likely to be exposed to wide variations in temperature, it is recommended that expansion couplings be used at each join. It is not recommended that Slip Type Expansion Couplings be used where the conduit run is exposed to the weather. Standard colour is Grey (GY).
Dimension details are attached.

How do I hardwire 10kva and 20kva transformers in a 208/120 or 240/120 environment

Implementing a hardwire stepdown transformer in a 208v or 240v environment

Product Line:

Smart-UPS / Symmetra


APTF10KT01, APTF10KW01, and APTF20KW01, All Serial Numbers


Unbalanced UPS outputs require a stepdown transformer to power 120v loads


This document refers to installing  the APTF10KT01, APTF10KW01, and APTF20KW01 transformers in a North American 120/240 or 120/208 environment. For installations in other regions please consult the users manual.

The wiring block outputs are as follows:

For domestic use, make sure that the Terminal Block Jumper is installed between the Ground Terminal and Terminal 8 on the output wiring block, as illustrated on page 8 of the user manual. Please also make sure that the input voltage switch is in the correct position.

The step-down transformer provides 240/120 output as 2 120v hots, a neutral, and a ground. It provides 208v output as a 120v hot, an 88v hot, and a ground. The 120v hot (terminal  7) and the 88v hot (terminal 9) are 180 degrees out of phase. You will measure 208v from terminals 7 to 9. The step-down transformer is not able to provide 2 120v hots that are 120 degrees out of phase as you would see with utility power.

 Note: If your installation requires both 208v and 120v output power you will need 2 separate subpanels: a 240v/120v panel and a dedicated 208v subpanel.

What is the part number for a Contactor with Low consumption?

The part number for a low consumption contactor is LC1D09.
General Product information:
Range of product TeSys D
Product or component type Contactor
Device short name LC1D
Contactor application Motor control Resistive load
Utilisation category AC-1, AC-3
Poles description 3P
Power pole contact composition 3 NO
[Ue] rated operational voltage <= 300 V DC for power circuit
<= 690 V AC 25...400 Hz for power circuit
[Ie] rated operational current 9 A (<= 60 °C) at <= 440 V AC AC-3 for power circuit
25 A (<= 60 °C) at <= 440 V AC AC-1 for power circuit
Motor power kW 5.5 kW at 660...690 V AC 50/60 Hz
5.5 kW at 500 V AC 50/60 Hz
4 kW at 415...440 V AC 50/60 Hz
4 kW at 380...400 V AC 50/60 Hz
2.2 kW at 220...230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Motor power HP (UL / CSA) 7.5 hp at 575/600 V AC 50/60 Hz for 3 phases motors
5 hp at 460/480 V AC 50/60 Hz for 3 phases motors
2 hp at 230/240 V AC 50/60 Hz for 3 phases motors
2 hp at 200/208 V AC 50/60 Hz for 3 phases motors
1 hp at 230/240 V AC 50/60 Hz for 1 phase motors
0.5 hp at 115 V AC 50/60 Hz for 1 phase motors
Control circuit type AC 50/60 Hz
Control circuit voltage 415 V AC 50/60 Hz
Auxiliary contact composition 1 NO + 1 NC
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage 6 kV conforming to IEC 60947
Overvoltage category III
[Ith] conventional free air thermal current 10 A at <= 60 °C for signalling circuit
25 A at <= 60 °C for power circuit

For more information please visit https://www.schneider-electric.com.au/en/productcontaLC1D

Com'X 200 / 210 / 510 Documentation (Technical Datasheet, User Guide, and Installation Guide)

Documentation for COM'X 200/210/510 is needed

Product Line
Com'X 200 (EBX200)
Com'X 210 (EGX210)
Com'X 510 (EBX510)


The documents below include Technical Datasheet, User Manual, and Installation Guide

Com'X 200/210/510 Installation Guide:5406AD002
Com'X 200/210 User Manual: DOCA0036EN
Com'X 510 User Manual: DOCA0098EN
Com'X 200/210/510 Technical Datasheet: PLSED310098EN

What are the dimensions for a 261S Saddle Spacer?

The dimensions for a 261S Saddle Spacer are 261S are:
Saddle Spacers
Catalogue Number Size Length (L) Width (W) Centres (CRS.) Standoff (T) Height (H)
261S16 16mm 55mm 21mm 32mm 8mm 14mm
261S20 20mm 61mm 22mm 40mm 8mm 14mm
261S25 25mm 74mm 26mm 48mm 8mm 14mm

Saddles Spacers set a conduit run off the wall 8mm to allow easier cleaning and repainting and to facilitate entry into equipment. They are available in sizes 16mm through 25mm.
Standard colour is Grey (GY), with Orange (EO) also available at extra cost.

For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=261S


Video: What is the default grid snap setting in Vijeo Designer v6.2?

The default spacing is 20x20 pixels.  It can also be changed from the Graphical Panels Properties.

The following video demonstrates adjusting the grid snap spacing in Vijeo Designer via the Graphical Panels Property Inspector.


What is the part number for the Relay and RPO connector for the Conext CL inverters?

One set of dry contact Relay and RPO connectors are provided along with the wiring box packaging.
The Relay and RPO connector is included in a plastic bag with other connectors, if it is lost, you will have to purchase another one.
The part number is 0J-0L2344 (Lit Kit IEC CL 20/25 kw Rohs package)

Procedure for adding an IP address onto a ProworX32 project for a Momentum 171CCC9x0 x0 M1E processor.

Goals and Symptoms

Procedure for adding an IP address onto a ProworX32 project for a Momentum 171CCC9x0 x0 M1E processor.

Causes and Fixes

· Start up ProworX32
· Open your project

· Select Configuration

· Enter a value into the Config Extension Size (ex. 200)
· This value can be modified later depending on the Config Extension Used value

· Select Configuration Extensions
· Check and highlight TCP/IP
· Enter New IP and Subnet Mask info

· Save project

· Select Communications
· Select which form of connection you currently have to download your project.(Modbus, Modbus Plus or TCP/IP)
· Or enter the PRODUCTS current IP address that is stored on the processor if your just changing to a new IP address.

· Save project

· Open Controller tab
· Select Write All

· Select Write

· Make sure you get the Write to M1 960-20 Complete in the Message Central window

· Select Communications
· Enter New IP address info

· Open Controller tab
· Select Transfer to Flash/EEPROM…

· Select Transfer

· Select Yes to stop the controller

· Make sure you get the Write to M1 960-20 Complete in the Message Central window
· Recycle power to your Momentum processor to make sure all changes were saved

· When the processor powers up and the LAN LED on the processor stays on steady try to ping the new IP address

· Open Controller tab
· Select Start/Stop…

· Select Start

· Make sure you get the Controller is Running in the Message Central window
· Check your logic and make sure all is fine

Does the Com'X 200/210 or Com'X 510 support the Powerlogic and SY/MAX protocols?

A user needs to know if the Com'X 200 / Com'X 210 / Com'X 510 supports the Powerlogic and SY/MAX protocols

Product Line
Com'X 200/EBX200
Com'X 210/EBX210
Com'X 510/EBX510

Gateway Portocol Support

A user needs to convert legacy device protocols such as Powerlogic and SY/MAX from CM2000 series, CM200 series, CM100 series, etc. to Modbus TCP/IP.

The Com'X 200, Com'X 210 and Com'X 510 do not support the Powerlogic or SY/MAX protocols.
Use an EGX100 or EGX300 to convert Powerlogic or SY/MAX to Modbus TCP/IP. However, EGX100/300 have been obsoleted and the replacement is EGX150. EGX150 supports the Powerlogic or SY/MAX protocols as well.

Com'X 200 supported Protocols:
Modbus TCP/IP

Com'X 510 supported Protocols:
Modubs TCP/IP

Video: How to Reset the Web page Password to factory values for Com'x 200/210 and 510?

If the web-page password is lost, user would like to reset the password to factory default values. 

Product Line
Com'x 200, Com'x 210, Com'x 510

User has lost their password to login into web-page of Com'x gateway and they would like to reset password to default values.

If the web-page password is lost, follow the procedure below in order to reset the password to factory default values: 
  1. Press the Backup button (number 7 shown in screen shot below) on the Com'x 200 (or 510) from front panel and hold it for 10 seconds until the power LED flashes green 3 times.
  2. Release the button. 
  3. To access to the Com'x configuration web pages, use these settings: 
                     Username: admin
                     Password: admin

Wrench Icon flickers on the Series 700 or 200 Power Meter (PM200 or PM700)

Product Line
PM700 Series
PM200 Series


A possible reason for the flickering wrench icon to occur is a relatively low load of approximately 500 to 525 mA RMS being applied on the current inputs of the PM200 or PM700 (with firmware version 2.020 or previous). This low load will cause the gain change to flip back and forth between low and high gain. This causes the wrench icon to flicker on and off due to clipping during high gain at the transition point.

Firmware version 3.050 or later will check the peak amplitude prior to changing from low gain to high gain and delay the transition to high gain to prevent clipping.

The Series 700 and 200 Power Meters with firmware 2.020 requires a firmware update to version 3.050 or above.

To verify the firmware version from the front panel of the meter, press MAINT > INFO for the PM700 and press DIAGN > INFO for the PM200.

See FA237920 for latest firmware, firmware upload software, and instruction on how to upgrade the firmware.

Why are PM700s pulse weights different on different PM700s?

Some PM700 have the possibility for adjusting pulse weight to 0.01 kWh/pulse even though the documentation says the minimum value that can be set is 0.1 kWh/pulse.

Product Line


OS 2.020 added a higher amount of accuracy for the pulse weight option.

With firmware OS 2.020, the lowest pulse weight value that can be set on the meter was reduced from 0.1 to 0.01kWh/pulse. That is to say, starting from firmware version OS 2.020, lowest pulse weight option is now 0.01 kWh/pulse instead of .1 kWh/pulse. 

How can an IEC 320 International Standardized Appliance Connectors, and it's gender, be identified?

Help is needed to identify an IEC connector.

Product Line:
Cables and Connectivity Solutions
All AC power cords.
There are many different shapes and sizes for IEC connectors, and different amp ratings. There are also male and female versions of each.  

The attached file will help you correctly identify a connector and it's gender. Compare these drawings to the port on the device or the connector on the cable.
Notice that the female connectors are all odd numbers and the males are even: IEC 320-C1 is female, and IEC 320-C2 is male.

If you're having difficulty differentiating between a male and a female connector please follow these guidelines:

1) A male IEC320 connector on a cable plugs into a power source.
2) A female IEC320 connector on a cable plugs into a device requiring power.
3) If the connector on the device is a male you need a female on the cable.
4) If the connector on the device is a female you need a male on the cable.
5) To extend the length of an existing cable requires a male to female cable.

For a list of IEC 320 connectors please see the attached file:

IP protection and gas

Goals and Symptoms

Need to know if the power part with IP54 degree of protection (where is placed the heatsink), of Altivar 71 and 31 is proof (resistant) against the following chimical compound: NPK 8/24/24 - PK 9x36 - UREA 46% N - H8 N2 O4S - PK 14x24 - PK 20x20 - Mg SO4 7 H2O - KC1 60% K2O - K2 SO4 50% K2O - (NH4) 2 HPO4 - NH4 H2 PO4 - Ca (H2 PO4) 2 and "ammonium nitrate" with a percetage of nitrogen. I apologize for the "strange" question but I kindly ask you help for to give an answer to our customer. Please take care of this request ASAP because is very urgent (our PAE should give an answer for tomorrow).

Facts and Changes


Causes and Fixes

Attached is a document with the protection again gas for our drive. The standard IEC721-3-3 is taken as a reference.

How to control the frequency of the VFD over the network when using output assembly 20 or 22 when using DeviceNet or Ethernet IP?

How to control the frequency of the VFD over the network when using output assembly 20 or 22 when using DeviceNet or Ethernet IP?
Product Line:
Altivar 61, Altivar 71
All serial number
VFD will not respond to speed control from the network when the reference channel is programmed to Comm card and the drive shows the active reference channel is Comm Card.
When using output assembly 20 or 22, by default, the Net Ref parameter is set to 0.  This parameter must be set to 1 in order to control the speed from the network for Devicnet or EtherNet IP.   The net ref parameter must be set on each time the VFD is powered.
Net Ref parameter 2A/1/4 = 1
The address can be set with the Class Instance Editor or with a message instruction block.

How do I bring the Com'X Analog Inputs into Power Monitoring Expert (PME)?

The Com'X is not a native device in PME.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x
EBX200, Com'X200
EGX510, Com'X510

Power Monitoring Expert Modbus Device Importer

To bring the device into PME:
  1. Install the Com’X via the Instruction Manual, wiring the Analog Inputs and Ethernet connection.
  2. Connect to the Com'X via its webpage and add the Analog Input via the Com'X User Guide.
    1. Select the Custom Library tab > + Create.
  1. Customize the model and select Create.
  1. Configure the properties of the model (i.e. scaling and units) and Save changes.
  1. Add the device in Device Settings.
    1. For the appropriate Analog Input, select 'Create a new device' for the Device dropdown menu.
  1. Select the previously created Device Type in the Device Type dropdown menu.
  2. Configure the device and select Create.
The data is now available within the Com'X webpage under the Measurements Table tab. The measurement will be associated with the Commodity specified in step 2.5.
  1. If using a Com'X 510 with firmware v3.0.6 or Com'X 200/210 with firmware v2.2.1, Enable Modbus TCP/IP on Ethernet 1; otherwise, continue onto Step 4.
    1. ​Select the Settings tab.
    2. Under Security > Firewall Management, switch the Enable Modbus TCP/IP on Ethernet 1 to ON
  1. Verify that Ethernet 1 is the Ethernet port being used to communicate to the PME server.
  1. In PME, create a device type using the Modbus Device Importer
    1. Open Management Console.
    2. Select Tools > System > Modbus Device Importer.
  1. Select Edit > Advanced Properties and rename the Device Type and check the "Make available as a direct Ethernet device in Management Console" box. Click OK.
  2. Select Edit > New Manager
    1. Manager Name: Analog Input
    2. Manager Type: External Numeric Manager
  1. Add a new Module for Analog Input 1 (**IF USING Analog Input 1)
    1. Add a new Register
      1. Data Type: IEEEFloat
      2. Register Type: Holding Register
      3. Modbus Address 410000
      4. Request Type: R
      5. Use the attached MDI_parameter_calc_for_ComX_AI.xlsx to calculate the appropriate Register Scale, Multiplier, and Offset value.
  2. Add a new Module for Analog Input 2 (**IF USING Analog Input 2)
    1. Add a new Register
      1. Data Type: IEEEFloat
      2. Register Type: Holding Register
      3. Modbus Address 410002
      4. Request Type: R
      5. Use the attached MDI_parameter_calc_for_ComX_AI.xlsx to calculate the appropriate Register Scale, Multiplier, and Offset value.
  3. Save the device type.
  4. Select Tools > Validate Template and verify that there are no errors.
  5. Configure Logging and Calculation.
    1. Select Configure Logging and Calculation
  1. Check "Log" to enable logging for the desired register.
  1. Specify the desired Log Interval in seconds.
  2. Press OK.
  3. Save the device type.
  4. Select Tools > Add Device Type
  1. Open Management Console and Add the Device
    1. Select Devices in Management Console.
    2. Right-click and select New > Ethernet Device
    3. Enter the desired Group and Name.
    4. The Device Type will be the name specified in step 4.3.
    5. Enter the IP address of the device
    6. Click OK.

The referenced Com'X 200 / 210 / 510 Documentation is available here: https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/faqs/FA289876/