elbow cond pvc 80mm p/pipe

Conduit Elbow, Solid, 90Deg, PVC, 80mm

Catalogue Number: 245P80
elbow cond pvc 80mm p/pipe
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Electric Orange (EO)
  • Electric Orange 1 PCE


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Product brand
Range of product
Series 245
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
80 mm
Operating angle
90 °
390 mm
Inner radius
230 mm
AS/NZS 2053
Package 1 Weight
1.16 kg
Package 1 Height
7.2 cm
Package 1 width
43 cm
Package 1 Length
37.8 cm
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the code for the Merlin Gerin 25680 ?

  new code = A9F54363 

What is the part number for an electrical interlock for 9422 disconnect switch?

9422 aux contact

Product Line:
Class 9422 Flange Mounted and Cable Operated

Accessories, Disconnect Switches

The electrical interlock for a 9422TC1, 9422TC2, or 9422TC3 is 9999R45 for single pole, double throw or you may use a 9999R46 for double pole, double throw.
See table for the rest:

How to read alarm status's via registers on a CM3000/CM4000 series meter

Reading alarm registers

Product Line


Register 10011 - 10022 (12) contain the active alarm status for all alarms in a Series 4000 or 3000 Circuit Monitor (CM3, CM4). The least significant register is 10022 and 10011 is the most significant register. Therefore, register 10022 contain the status of the first 16 alarms. In binary, the least significant bit (referred to as bit 00) to the right of the register represents alarm 1, bit 01 = alarm 2, bit 02 = alarm 3, and ...........

1 = alarm is active
0 = alarm is inactive

Alarm 2 and 4 are active (bits 01 and 03)
register 10022 reads 0000000000001010 in binary

Alarm Description
01 Over Current Phase A Over Ia 
02 Over Current Phase B Over Ib 
03 Over Current Phase C Over Ic 
04 Over Current Neutral Over In 
05 Over Current Ground Over Ig 
06 Under Current Phase A Under Ia 
07 Under Current Phase B Under Ib 
08 Under Current Phase C Under Ic 
09 Current Unbalance, Max I Unbal Max 
10 Current Loss Current Loss 
11 Over Voltage Phase AN Over Van 
12 Over Voltage Phase BN Over Vbn 
13 Over Voltage Phase CN Over Vcn 
14 Over Voltage Phase AB Over Vab 
15 Over Voltage Phase BC Over Vbc 
16 Over Voltage Phase CA Over Vca 
17 Under Voltage Phase A Under Van 
18 Under Voltage Phase B Under Vbn 
19 Under Voltage Phase C Under Vcn 
20 Under Voltage Phase AB Under Vab 
21 Under Voltage Phase BC Under Vbc 
22 Under Voltage Phase CA Under Vca 
23 Voltage Unbalance LN, Max V Unbal L-N Max 
24 Voltage Unbalance LL, Max V Unbal L-L Max 
25 Voltage Loss (loss of A,B,C, but not all) Voltage Loss 
26 Phase Reversal Phase Rev 
27 Over kVA Demand Over kVA Dmd 
28 Over kW Demand Over kW Dmd 
29 Over kVAR Demand Over kVAR Dmd 
30 Over Frequency Over Freq 
31 Under Frequency Under Freq 
32 Lagging true power factor Lag True PF 
33 Leading true power factor Lead True PF 
34 Lagging displacement power factor Lag Disp PF 
35 Leading displacement power factor Lead Disp PF 
36 Over Current Demand Phase A Over Ia Dmd 
37 Over Current Demand Phase B Over Ib Dmd 
38 Over Current Demand Phase C Over Ic Dmd 
39 Over THD Voltage AN Over THD Van 
40 Over THD Voltage BN Over THD Vbn 
41 Over THD Voltage CN Over THD Vcn 
42 Over THD Voltage AB Over THD Vab 
43 Over THD Voltage BC Over THD Vbc 
44 Over THD Voltage CA Over THD Vca 
45-80 Reserved for custom alarms.