Junction and Adaptable Boxes PVC, Round Junction Boxes - 16mm Entries, 3 Way

Grey | Junction and Adaptable Boxes PVC, Round Junction Boxes - 16mm Entries, 3 Way

Junction and Adaptable Boxes PVC, Round Junction Boxes - 16mm Entries, 3 Way

Item Number: 240/16/3-GY

RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Grey (GY)
  • Grey 1 PCE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

Series 240

Product brand



REACh free of SVHC


EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)



PVC (polyvinyl chloride)




Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

78 g

Package 1 Height

4.2 cm

Package 1 width

8 cm

Package 1 Length

9.6 cm

Unit Type of Package 2


Number of Units in Package 2


Package 2 Weight

780 g

Package 2 Height

8.3 cm

Package 2 width

15.9 cm

Package 2 Length

21 cm

Unit Type of Package 3


Number of Units in Package 3


Package 3 Weight

7.8 kg

Package 3 Height

25 cm

Package 3 width

21 cm

Package 3 Length

34.8 cm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part number for a plug to suit the 240/25?

The part number for a plug to suit the 240/25/3 is a 220/25.

What is the rating of transformer in the PDL shaver sockets

Rating are 240/115V 20va

Is a 30USM-WE a normal switch rocker mechanism

30USM-WE = Universal switch mechanism 20/16AX - compared to the 10A only 30M-WE
(see attached 30USM Brochure)

What voltage is the XB4BD33 rated for?

What voltage is the XB4BD33 rated for?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

Product Features

The XB4 standard contact blocks are rated for 600 VAC.

Characteristics Conforming to IEC/EN 60947-5-1
Utilization category AC-15
Standard blocks (single or double) with screw clamp terminals:
A600: Ue = 600 Vac and le = 1.2 A or Ue = 240 Vac and le = 3 A
or Ue = 120 Vac and le = 6 A
Continuous Thermal Current = 10 A
Blocks for plug-in connector:
A300: Ue = 120 Vac and le = 6 A or Ue = 240 Vac and le = 3 A
Standard blocks for printed circuit board connection:
B300: Ue = 120 Vac and le = 3 A or Ue = 240 Vac and le = 1.5 A

CTA-ID : 2011683

How do I hardwire 10kva and 20kva transformers in a 208/120 or 240/120 environment

Implementing a hardwire stepdown transformer in a 208v or 240v environment

Product Line:

Smart-UPS / Symmetra


APTF10KT01, APTF10KW01, and APTF20KW01, All Serial Numbers


Unbalanced UPS outputs require a stepdown transformer to power 120v loads


This document refers to installing  the APTF10KT01, APTF10KW01, and APTF20KW01 transformers in a North American 120/240 or 120/208 environment. For installations in other regions please consult the users manual.

The wiring block outputs are as follows:

For domestic use, make sure that the Terminal Block Jumper is installed between the Ground Terminal and Terminal 8 on the output wiring block, as illustrated on page 8 of the user manual. Please also make sure that the input voltage switch is in the correct position.

The step-down transformer provides 240/120 output as 2 120v hots, a neutral, and a ground. It provides 208v output as a 120v hot, an 88v hot, and a ground. The 120v hot (terminal  7) and the 88v hot (terminal 9) are 180 degrees out of phase. You will measure 208v from terminals 7 to 9. The step-down transformer is not able to provide 2 120v hots that are 120 degrees out of phase as you would see with utility power.

 Note: If your installation requires both 208v and 120v output power you will need 2 separate subpanels: a 240v/120v panel and a dedicated 208v subpanel.

What are the minimum required clearances for the ATS48 unit for enclosure mounting?

Minimum clearances required on the ATS48 soft starters?

Product line:
Altistart 48, ATS48


Mounting inside an enclosure

There is a minimum of 4 inches (100 mm) on the top and bottom of the softstart. A minimum clearance of 2 inches (50mm) on each sides.
The enclosure must also allow for proper ventilation to maintain a temperature of 40C (104F) and required wire bending space.