Resi Max Box Meter VIC Bracket Only

Resi Max Box Meter VIC Bracket Only

Resi Max Box Meter VIC Bracket Only

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the 230LKV discontinued?

Yes, unfortunately there is no replacement.

What is the shroud to suit the 30PB?

The shroud to suit the 30PB is the 90FS-BK.

Where can I get the wiring diagram for the control box (part number: 230CB) for 230MC Motor Case?

 Control box wiring diagram

Product Line:
Demo Box for Altivar Drives

 Demo box motor case part number 230MC

Attached is the wiring diagram for the ATV drives Demo Case 230MC.

Do the Clipsal Impress Switch Mechanisms (30PB, 30PBL, 30PBBP, 30PBBPL and 30PBI) fit into the Clipsal Slimline series?

YES, they also fit into the Clipsal Classic C2000 Series, Clipsal Standard Series and into the Saturn Series custom Grid and Plates to suit 30 Series mechanisms.

Is part number 30PBI available in Black?

No. unfortunately, part number 30PBI is not available in Black.

What colours are the 30PB, push-button switch available in?

The 30PB is available in both black and white.

Does the 30PBI come with an LED?

30PBI is not available with an LED

Is there a 30 series intermediate mechanism with LED indicator?

30PBI is the 30 series intermediate mechanism. This does not have an LED indicator.

Does the 30PBI 30 series Push Button Intermediate mech have an LED indicator

No it does not.
30PBI -  Push-button Impress Series, No LED Indication, 250V 10AX - Intermediate Push-button.

Is the 30PBI available in Black?

No, the 30PBI is not available in Black as a standard item. However, it can be created as MTO ( made to order ) custom special.

What is the depth behind the panel on the 230MV?

The depth behind the panel on the 230MV is 85mm.

What is the code for a Slimline Permanent Connection Unit

 Part codes you need to use SC2032VH + 30PBL + 38TB
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