Floor Outlets, Floor Outlet housing to Suit 2 standard size plates

White Electric | Floor Outlets, Floor Outlet housing to Suit 2 standard size plates

Floor Outlets, Floor Outlet housing to Suit 2 standard size plates

Item Number: 224/1-WE

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EU RoHS Directive


Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


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 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

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Unit Type of Package 1


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Package 1 Weight

0.52 kg

Package 1 Height

126 mm

Package 1 width

378 mm

Package 1 Length

156 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Clipsal 224/2 floor outlet still available

 Obsolete and deleted. Use a SBIP2P-XX  
The PDL 535F has been obsoleted as well

What screws would suit a 265/1-GY.

The part number for the screws would be 265SCREW.

Is there a 154 C-clip that does thicker than 10mm plasterboard/ gyprock?

Yes the 154/1 does plasterboard/gyprock thickness's between 19-25mm.

Is the junction box 265/1 UV rated?

No it doesn't have a rating as such, however it is UV resistant.

What is the part number of the surface mounting box that has a duct entry?

The part number of the surface mounting box that can accept a duct is 900SPMB. The 900SPMB is a standard pattern Surface Mounting Box for single gang accessories. Internal depth - 33mm.
Features: 4 - 25 x 16mm Trunking Entries, including one each end and side.
Supplied with 3 - Cat. No. 900MBC Clip-in/ push out caps, 4 - Cat. No. 220/10 Insulating Caps and 2 - M3.5 x 0.8 x 16mm long pan head screws. Screws thread into brass inserts.
For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=900SPMB


Why My Ecodial L is showing the following message while doing the minimum conductor sizing for the multi core cable.

***> Cable <***

For aluminium, the minimum CSA allowed is 2.5 mm²; Ecodial has calculated a much lower required CSA. In order not to oversize the cable, switch to copper
As per the given inputs, Ecodial was in a situation to select a conductor size less than 2.5 mm². But it has selected a 2.5 mm² as
a conductor size and it has shown the alarm message as given above.
As per the standard IEC 60364-5-52 and $ 524.1 the cross-sectional area of line conductors in A.C. circuits and of live conductors
in D.C. circuits shall be not less than the values given in table 52-5.

NOTE this is for mechanical reasons.

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