End cover comb busbar

Acti 9 Busbar Side Covers, 2 Set of 40 Comb, 1P+N for Clario, Librio, Prodis

Catalogue Number: 21094
End cover comb busbar
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
  • Librio
  • ProDis
  • Clario
    • Range
      Acti 9
      Product name
      Linergy FH
      Product or component type
      comb busbar side cover
      Accessory / separate part category
      insulation accessory
      Poles description
      1P + N
      Quantity per set
      set of 40
      Range compatibility
    • Multi 9 N40 N40N comb busbar
    • Multi 9 N40 Vigi N40 Vigi comb busbar
      • Product compatibility
      • DT60
      • DT40
      • C40
      • iDPN
        • Device presentation
          Distribution type
          N + L1
          Market segment
          small commercial
          REACh Regulation
          Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
          REACh free of SVHC
          EU RoHS Directive
          Toxic heavy metal free
          Mercury free
          RoHS exemption information
          China RoHS Regulation
           Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
          The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
          18 months

          Frequently Asked Questions

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          What is the replacement for the mistral fan 6109?

          The replacement is the 7106A you will also need the wall plate 7100WP.

          Can you get the Magelis XBTGT range with Conformal Coating?

          Yes, the product offering for Conformal Coating on the XBTGT line will be available in 6 Steps:

          Conformal Coating Service for XBTGT 5.7, Sell stage gate in 10th July 2009: XBTGT2110, XBTGT2120, XBTGT2130, XBTGT2220, XBTGT2330

          Conformal Coating Service for XBTGT 12.1, Sell stage gate in 1st August 2009: XBTGT6330, XBTGT6340

          Conformal Coating Service for XBTGT 10.4, Sell stage gate in 1st September 2009: XBTGT5230, XBTGT5330, XBTGT5340

          Conformal Coating Service for XBTGT 3.8, Sell stage gate in 1st October 2009: XBTGT1105, XBTGT1135, XBTGT1335

          Conformal Coating Service for XBTGT 15, Sell stage gate in 1st November 2009: XBTGT7340

          Conformal Coating Service for XBTGT 7.5, Sell stage gate in 1st December 2009: XBTGT4230, XBTGT4330, XBTGT4340

          What is the difference between an alarm contact and an auxiliary contact when used in a circuit breaker?

          Product Line:
          Circuit Breakers

          Electrical Distribution Equipment

          The auxiliary contact changes state when the circuit breaker contacts change state (breaker opens or closes). The alarm contact changes state only when the circuit breaker goes to the tripped position (or is reset).

          What is replacement for part number 25014?

          The replacement for part number is a 9f54420.

          What is the part number for replacement line shield for D10S4 disconnect switch?

          Is there a replacement line shield for a D10S4 disconnect switch?

          Product Line:
          D10 Disconnect Switches




          How to determine the firmware version of CM2000 series meters via Front Panel or remotely by software

          The customer needs to determine the current firmware version of a Circuit Monitor 2000 either via front panel or over comms remotely by software.

          Product line
          CM2000 Series meters:

          Firmware version verification

          The meter may not have the latest firmware version 17.011 (fix for rapid energy accumulation on pervious versions of firmware)


          Via Software:
          If CM2000 software is connected to an Ethernet Gateway unit such as EGX or ECC, a Modbus TCP/IP program (like Modscan) or Modbus "Tester" could be used to determine the firmware version over comms.

          1- Read register 2094. This register has a 4 digit number. The two digits on the right in the 4-digit decimal value represent the circuit monitor firmware version (e.g. the decimal value of register 2094 is "1617", the firmware version is 17.XXX).  
          2- Then read register 2093. This decimal value represents the circuit monitor firmware sub-revision level (e.g. the decimal value of register 2093 is "9", the firmware version and sub-revision is 17.009).

          To download "Tester" software, you may refer to article FA180037

          Via front panel:
          The version of firmware in the CM2 can be determined by using the Configuration option of the Setup Mode. The Configuration option allows the user to view configuration data in Protected Mode. No changes to CM2 configuration can be saved when in Protected Mode. When entering the Configuration option in Protected Mode, the CM2 will cycle through four screens of device information. This information will contain the firmware version currently resident in the CM2. It also contains the device model number and the last four digits of the device serial number. 

          PROCEDURE: To view configuration data, complete the following steps:
          1. Press the MODE button until the red LED next to [Setup] is lit. The circuit monitor displays ConFig.
          2. Press the PHASE [Enter] button. The circuit monitor displays the password prompt P - - - -.
          3. Enter 9999 for the password. To enter 9999, use the SELECT METER [Value] buttons to decrease the displayed value until it reaches 9999. Then press the PHASE [Enter] button. The circuit monitor enters the protected viewing mode and scrolls through the following device information:

          • d=2450 (the number after d= represents the device model number)
          • s=0345 (the numbers following s= represent the last four digits of the device serial number)
          • r=1617 (the first two digits after r= represent the reset code revision and the last two digits represent the circuit monitor firmware revision level
          • L=0009 (the digits following 1= represent the circuit monitor firmware sub-revision level, as in firmware version 17.0009)

          After this scrolling sequence, the display shows the present CT ratio.

          The instructions are also in the attached POWERLOGIC/POWERLINK TECH SUPPORT Application Tip document.

          What is the Clipsal 5470

          This is a keyless entry system that Clipsal used to sell until approximately 2009. The key cards used for this are no longer available but work off of 134.2KHz frequency.

          This was a product which Clipsal rebadged from Axeze. Please see the below links for datasheets



          What is the alternative for a Main switch (surface) 3 phase T300-BK?

          The original T300-BK was unfortunately discontinued. As an alternative the T300FA is very similar. The Majority of its components are the same but some specifications may vary.
          Some of the key features are:
          • Panel mount
          • 300 Amp rated
          • Triple pole
          • Front wiring cover
          • Has dimensions of 210mm (L) x 158mm (W) x 112mm (D)
          For Further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=T300FA

          Or see PDF attached below.

          Why does the Zelio Logic Relays turn automatically off.

          One of the main reasons for the Zelio Logic Relays turning off automatically is input supply voltage fluctuation.
          The voltage limit for Zelio Logic Relays like SR2 B121JD, SR2 B201JD and SR3 B261JD, with standard input voltage 12V DC, is  10.4 VDC to 14.4 VDC.
          The Zelio Logic Relays work properly within the band 10.4 VDC to 14.4 VDC. The moment the input voltage either falls below the lower limit (10.4 VDC) or goes above upper limit (14.4 VDC), the Zelio Logic Relay does not behave properly and turns off.
          If problem of voltage fluctuation is present suggestion is to use Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) or Automatic Voltage Stabilizer along with Regulated Power Supply module.

          What does Warning 2107 means in Vijeo Designer?


           What does Warning 2107 means in Vijeo Designer



          Product Line

           Vijeo Designer





          Warning 2107: Target Security is enabled, and Web Gate security is disabled. You cannot write to variables from Web Gate.

          This message displays when you have set Target Security to Use Security, and Web Gate Security is disabled. You need to enable Web Gate security so you can properly log in and  write to variables from Web Gate.


          To resolve the warning message:

          In the security properties for the target, enable the Web Gate/Web Server Security property by setting it to Use Security.


          What is the power terminal lug data for the LC1D40, LC1D50, LC1D65, LP1D40, LP1D50, and LP1D65 contactor?

          Identifying power terminal lug data for the D2 style contactors

          Product Line:
          Tesys D line contactors

          Products sold and used in the United States

          Power terminal lug data required

          For contactors with screw clamp terminals:
          stranded cable w/o cable end : One #10-3 AWG or Two #10-4 AWG per terminal.
          stranded cable w/cable end: One #10-4 AWG or Two #12-2 AWG per terminal.
          solid cable: One #10-3 AWG or Two #10-6 AWG per terminal.

          Can I poll 6 Digit Modbus registers with Telepace Studio?

          The MSTR and MSIP use a block of registers to store their configurations.

          If the MSTR block uses register 41001 in the SCADAPack as it's configuration start register, then :

          41001 = Comm port number

          41002 = function code

          41003 = slave controller address

          41004 = slave register address

          41005 = master register address

          41006 = length

          41007 = time out in 0.1s increments

          Trying to configure the MSTR block in Telepace prevents you from putting in a slave register address greater than 49999.

          Using a PUTU block, you can put an unsigned integer in the range 40001-65535 into register 41004 to indicate the slave register address. It appears as though the program will take the value in register 40004 and subtract 40001 to determine the holding register offset that gets sent in the actual modbus message.

          For example, using PUTU to put a value of 50010 into register 40004 would then cause the MSTR block to poll for a holding register with an offset of 10009 in the message which would correspond with a 6 digit address of register 410010.

          The largest unsigned integer you could put into register 40004 would be 65535, which would correspond with a 6-digit modbus holding register of 425535.

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