switch credit card 1x16a

Access Card Operated Switches 2000 Series, 250V Card Controls 1 x 16A Circuits

Catalogue Number: 2033CC1
switch credit card 1x16a
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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Range of product
Series 2000
Product brand
Device presentation
basic element with full cover plate
Switch function
  • 2-way
  • 1-way
    • Actuator
      access card
      Local signalling
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V AC
      Rated current
      16 A
      without marking
      EU RoHS Directive
      Environmental Disclosure

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the cover for a C2033CC1?

      The cover for a C2033CC1 is a C2033CCXC-BA.


      Can I purchase a replacement mechanism for the 2033CC & C2033CC credit card switches?

      Yes, a 2036VC-4-WE  16A mechanism would suit the 2033CC & C2033CC ving card switches.

      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=2036VC-4-WE.

      What is the card for 2033cc1 credit card switch

      This is not done by clipsal but an outside contractor please  contact PLACARD in NSW on 02 9588 8200 Contact Helen Perente

      Where can I purchase cards for access card type of switches, eg 2033CC1?

      As these cards are generally customised for users they are not supplied by us. They need to be sourced from companies that sell credit card sized cards, eg: Placard on 02 9588 8200
      2033CC1 Room Access Card Operated Switch, 250VAC, 16A, Series 2000
      The 2000 series keytag switches and room access card operated switches are the ideal form of energy management for hotels, motels and other locations where power can be left on unnecessarily. Inserting the keytag or card into the switch activates selected circuits to operate lighting, air-conditioning, television, radio and other appliances. Circuits to refrigerators and other equipment that needs to continually run are not connected to the switches. Removing the keytag or card automatically cuts off power to all of the circuits to significantly reduce power wastage. Several models are available in the range, including versions with neons. All Keytag and Room Access Card Operated Switches are 250V, except for the 6200KT.
      Some of the key features are:
      • Access card operated switches 2000 series
      • one way/Two way switch
      • 116 mm Length x 76 mm Width x 36mm Depth
      • 84 mm mounting centre
      For Further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=2033CC1


      What the the dimensions of the XALD02 enclosure?

      What the  the dimensions of the  XALD02 enclosure?

      Product Line:
      Harmony Control Stations

      All Products

      Product Features

      It is 4.17 inches High, 2.68 inches wide and 2.09 inches deep.


      Can mechs in part number 2036CC3N be changed?

      Yes. Mechs cant be changed in part number 2036CC3N.

      What is the white cover plate for a 2031VCS

      The part code is 2000-WE surround cover plate

      Do you wire the negative line to the common terminal on the XVBC9B sounder?

      XVBC9B wiring

      Product Line:
      Harmong Tower Lights and Beacons

      XVB 70mm Diameter (2.75 inches)

      The XVBC9B terminals are not polarity sensitive.

      Can the Masterpact NT or NW type breaker be used at 400Hz or at 200Hz?

      The Masterpact NT and NW style breakers are standard power distribution breakers and are not tested or UL listed for use at 200 Hz or 400 Hz. They are not recommended for use at any frequency except standard 50 or 60 Hzpower.

      CTA-ID : 2053361

      Are there any interchangeable parts between the old XA2 and XB2 lines and the new XB4 and XB5 Harmony products?

      Are there any interchangeable parts between the old XA2 and XB2  lines and the new XB4 and XB5 Harmony products? 

      Product Line:
      22mm Pushbuttons.

      Products sold in the United States.

      Product features.

      No ....other than a few incandescent light bulbs

      CTA-ID : 2033545

      What is the largest amperage D Line IEC contactor that can accomodate spring terminals, using a ``3`` after the amperage in the part number, such as an LC1D123G7?

      The ``3`` form for spring terminals is available on 65A and below IEC contactors. On the 40, 50 and 65 amp devices the spring terminals are on the control circuit only. It is not available on 80A, 115A or 150A D Line contactors.

      CTA-ID : 2053331

      Are the XAL type push button enclosures waterproof? What are their IP ratings?

      The XAL type pushbutton enclosures are rated at IP65, and for those with booted pushbutton heads IP66. The first ``6`` indicates dust tight. The second ``5`` indicates protection against water jets. The second ``6`` indicates protection against heavy seas.

      CTA-ID : 2053061
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