clip conduit 50mm

Half Saddle Conduit 50mm Zinc

Catalogue Number: 180/50
clip conduit 50mm
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Product brand
50 mm
Surface treatment
zinc plated
85 mm
39 mm
54 mm
Package 1 Weight
71 g
Package 1 Height
50 mm
Package 1 width
39 mm
Package 1 Length
85 mm
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the Clipsal Conduit Clips available in Electric Orange?

No, they are only available in grey.

This applies to the 280/16 (16mm), 280/20 (20mm), 280/25 (25mm), 280/32 (32mm), 280/40 (40mm) and 280/50 (50mm).

In programming PID, what does parameter FbS do on an ATV312 drive?

Parameter FbS (feedback scale factor)

Product Line:
ATV31 and ATV312

All models and serial numbers


The parameter FbS is a parameter that can be used to scale the reference according to the range of the feedback sensor.
Example: Regulating pressure
PI reference range of process, 0-50 psi (0-100%)
Range of pressure sensor, 0-100 psi
FbS = Max sensor range / Max process range
FbS = 100/50 = 2

What is the replacement for 15467 Power meter with 100/5 CTs?

What is the part number for a 50mm female and 50mm male bush?

The part number for a 50mm female and 50mm male bush is - 281/50 & 281F50
For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image


Trace SW4024 shows error under/over speed as yes, what does that mean?

TRACE SW4024 shows Generator under/over speed error

 The Trace SW4024 120/60hz has a preset AC2 allowable frequency range from (53-67 hz)
If there is a frequency out of that range you will get a generator under/over frequency.
Solution: Service generator, replace bushings if applicable, and try to reduce max charge rate to see if the remedies the generator input. 

How do i seal up a 50mm hole in the 230DRAVL?

Using parts 220S50-GY and 260/50-GY. Placethe 260/50 on the inside and the 220S50 on the out side place it in the hole and screw them together. This willl then seal the hole.

For further information please visit

How SCADAPack VISION 10/60 can go from last to first screen?

Configure NEXT/F1 key as shown in the attachment. When NEXT/F1 key is pressed then the first screen will be displayed.

Customer is looking for a sizing tool for Schneider Electric solar products.

Customers are looking for a sizing tool for there solar projects or installations with Schneider Electric products. 

We can provide the customer with a Conext Designer tool which includes the following products:

Conext TX inverters
Conext Core XC
Conext TL
Conext RL
Conext CL
XW-MPPT 80/60

Download link for the Conext Designer:


How to change the display settings of energy units from MWh to kWh in ME Meter.

Depending on the ME meter version, meter will automatically select the appropriate units and therefore it is not possible to modify the energy units. From 40/5 to 150/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is KWh and from 200/5 to 6000/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is MWh.

CT Setting:
To change the CT settings hold down the button on the Front Face of the ME Meter for more than 5 sec when on the CT Rating display. After approximately 5 sec the display will start blinking, now enter the CT setting. Once again hold the button till the display stop flashing, to ensure that the entry is saved.

Common mode filter for bearing current reductions for the ATV600 and ATV900 drives frame size four drives?

Common mode filter for bearing current reductions for the ATV600 and ATV900 drives frame size four drives?

Product Line:
ATV600 and ATV900 drives frame size 6


Filter for bearing current reductions

The part number is VW3A5504 and its value of inductance is 180.0 uH

Sybase Database Has Missing Waveforms, Missing Records Or The Performance Is Slow

Goals and Symptoms

The ION meters with Sag/Swell and Transient detection require the user to configure the Nominal Voltage correctly. The meter is shipped with this value at 0 so the Sag/Swell detection sub-system is disabled. But if the user enters an incorrect value for the Nominal Voltage (for example 100 when it should be 120, or 277 when it should be 347) then the sub-system will become active but then begin to CONTINUOUSLY generate erroneous events, logs and waveforms. Hence, the Log Server will never be able to keep up.


  1. Error messages from the Log Server reporting missing records or "Log position unexpectedly jumped forward from xxx to yyy"
  2. Transient events appear in the logs but there are no corresponding waveforms. Typically you will see new transient events detected every 10-50 mS.
  3. Database performance may appear to be slow.
  4. Database may grow large very fast.

Causes and Fixes

ResolutionSet the Nominal Voltage to the correct value. Perhaps look at a waveform to see what it should be. Or check the outputs of the Power Meter module.

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Last Revised: October 25, 2007
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Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL188670 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 10/27/2007, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 10/27/2007
Related ranges: ION Enterprise V4.5, ION Enterprise V4.0

NetBotz 300-500 Series | Password reset procedure

How do I reset the password on a 300-500 series NetBotz appliance.

Product Line:
NetBotz 300-500 Series (355, 455, 450, 550, & 570)

NetBotz 300-500 Series (all versions)

Recover from lost client/web password or root password.


Recovering a Lost Web/Advanced View/Root Password

1) Locate the reset switch on the appliance.  On a wall mount version (355/455) the reset button is on the bottom next to the USB-B port.  On a Rack Mount appliance (450/550/570) the reset button is next to the Input Power connection.

2) Using a thin wire such as a paperclip, press and hold down the reset switch for ten seconds. This
will cause the system to reboot.

3. Once the system reboots, you have two minutes to log in using the following default login values:
     a. For Advanced View
          • User ID: apc
          • Password: apc
     b. For the console
          • User ID: root
          • Password: apc

4. Once you have logged in to Advanced View, change the root password and apc account password to ensure security.
Note: If you do not log in within two minutes after holding down the reset switch, you must repeat the procedure.

Note: On older Version 2 NetBotz 320, 420, and 500 appliances, the password alone can not be reset. The entire device must be reset using the "configreset" option as detailed in k-base FA158175.