saddle stainless steel 12mm

Modena 8000 Saddle Conduit Stainless Steel, 12MM

Catalogue Number: 170SS
saddle stainless steel 12mm
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Product brand
Range of product
Series 170SS
12 mm
Fixing mode
by screws
stainless steel
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Steel rating for 173SS?

The 173SS is rated at 316 Grade Steel

What is the grade rating for the stainless steel saddle part number 173SS?

The grade rating of stailess steel for the 173SS stainless steel is 316.

Are the 172SS saddles made from 316 Stainless Steel?

Yes, the 172SS saddles are made from 316 stainless steel.

Some of the key features are:
  • 0.9 mm gauge
  • 135 mm Maximum Slot Width
  • 5 mm diameter Hole
  • 39 mm Centres
  • 50 mm Length x 20 mm Width x 24 mm Height
For further information please visit


What is the part number with a full saddle with 2 holes either side 50mm?

Part number is a 176SS

What is the part number with a full saddle with 2 holes either side 50mm?

Part number is a 176SS

Is the 17065 the same as the A9M17065

Yes there no technical difference

What is the alternate part number for 17072

 Replacement is a A9MEM3210

What is the replacement for a 17072

 The replacement is a A9MEM3210.

What is the alternate part code for a 17070

 The alternate part code is A9MEM3100

What is the dimensions for a PDL699TBR

Dimensions 48mm x 170mm

What is the replacement for 17075 ( ME3) Watt hour meter?

The replacement for 17075 ( ME3 ) Watt hour meter is A9MEM3100

iEM3000 energy meter - 63 A
For more information see:

PDL570S - what colours does it come in?

WH white and BK black.

Is the calibration equipment for PowerLogic and ION meters ISO 17025 certified?

ISO 17025 certification for calibration equipment used for PowerLogic and ION meters

Product Line
PowerLogic Meters
ION Meters

ISO 17025 Certification

Customer is unable to find certification for Schneider Electric’s calibration equipment used for the PowerLogic ION meters

PowerLogic and ION meters' calibration equipment is not currently certified per ISO 17025 standards. The reason for this is that the calibration houses (e.g. 3rd party) are required to meet ISO 17025 certification standards as well. Not all the calibration houses used for PowerLogic and ION meters meet these requirements; Schneider Electric, therefore, is not able to attain ISO 17025 certification on PowerLogic and ION meters.

The ION meters are shipped from the factory with a certificate of compliance and calibration. In the event that this certificate was lost or never recieved, a copy can be obtained by providing the meter's serial number and sending the request to technical support.

What is the part code for an MCB

Use the 26970 for the C60& 120's  - 1 for the 1 & 2pole  - 2 for the 3pole and larger

is there a mounting clip for the 570S?

No the 570S is supplied with a panel clamp for fitting through rectangular entry.
38mm wide x 31mm high.

How to enable 100ms Frequency monitoring on a CM4000 series meter

Enabling 100ms frequency monitoring on a CM4000

Product Line

High Speed Monitoring

By default 100ms frequency monitoring is not enabled

100ms Frequency monitoring is disabled by default on the CM4000 series meters. To enable this feature, the following command writes must be executed to the meter:

Write 9020 to register 8000
Write 11 to register 3239
Write 1 to register 8001
Write 9021 to register 8000

This will enable 100ms Frequency monitoring. The value is stored in register 1080 (Units - 0.01 Hz).

What is the part number for a 25Watt downlight with a 170mm cutout?

The part number for a 25Watt downlight with a 170mm cutout is - TPDL402H1

For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

What is the part code for a 15A version of 570S

There is no 15A version of 570S, only in the 193 range which are round not square ie 193/15/1

Dimensions for PDL 699 699TB 699 TBR 699TB/15

Plate 48mm (H) x 170mm (W)
Mounting Centres: 150mm
Suits PDL 567L mounting Block & PDL 559 Mounting Bracket

What is the part number for the replacement kilowatt hour meter for the 17075?

The part number for the replacement kilowatt hour meter for the 17075 is - A9MEM3100

For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

What is the closest alternative to a OW8450 Exhaust fan?

The closest alternative is a 7006A. The cut-out is slightly different as the OW8450 had a cut-out of 170mm where as the 7006A has a cut-out of 180mm so it may not fit the existing hole.

Length of the wire to connect analog I/O of two PM8000 meters


To wire analog output of one meter to the analog input of the other meter

Product Line
ION and Powerlogic meters 


ION Setup
Meter Front Panel


The user may want to wire the analog output of one PM8000 meter to the analog input of the other PM8000 meter, these meters could be located at some distance from each other.

The meter's analog I/O option modules can measure either low voltage or current using standard analog transducers such as 4 - 20 mA current transducers.

For an analog input operation, your meter takes an analog input signal and provides the resulting scaled value. For an analog output operation, your meter takes an input value and scales it to the appropriate signal value to send out the physical analog output port. You can view analog I/O values from your meter’s display or web pages.

The wire that connects the analog output of one meter to the analog input of other meter presents resistance to current, more length means more resistance, this will lead to a decrease in current. The user can still read some value on analog inputs of the meter if it is within 4 - 20 mA analog input range. 

On the remote display or the front panel, scroll up and locate Inputs/Outputs--->Analog Inputs to read values.


What is the ATS22 adjustment range for parameter In, Motor Rated Current?

What is the ATS22 adjustment range for parameter In, Motor Rated Current?

Product Line:
Altistart 22 ATS22

All models

What range of motors can be used for a particular ATS22 model

The Motor Rated Current, In, is adjustable from .4x to 1.0x the ATS22 current rating, IcL.

Eg: An ATS22C17S6U, rated 170A, has an In range of 68 - 170A.

Do you have an active link that takes 185mm cable?

No, unfortunately we don't have an active link that takes 185mm cable.
The largest we have is the L13/150R which accommodates 2 x 150sq mm.

Some of the key features are:
  • 13 hole Front wiring
  • Red base and cover

For further information please visit


ION Enterprise V6.0 SQL Server 2005 Express installation error: "Error 1706. Setup cannot find the required files. Check your connection to the network, or CD-ROM drive. For other potential solutions to this problem, see c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\1033\SETUP.CHM"

Goals and Symptoms

This error message appears after clicking Upgrade SQL Server Express on the ION Enterprise V6.0 installation menu:

Error message text:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup

Error 1706. Setup cannot find the required files. Check your connection to the network, or CD-ROM drive. For other potential solutions to this problem, see c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\1033\SETUP.CHM

Causes and Fixes

There are 2 solutions to this issue.

Solution 1:
Uninstall SQL Server 2005 Express completely and then try to manually run the OWC11.msi file available in the Tools folder of SQL Server 2005. After this, install SQL Server 2005 Express again.

Solution 2:
Uninstall Office Web Components from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. After this, upgrade SQL Server 2005 Express again.


(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/49cec399bdc3f830c125774500109d86/fl_block_5/0.1A60?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)
Date Created: June 11, 2010
Last Revised: June 16, 2010
Original Author: MN
All content © 1992-2010 Schneider Electric

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL202644 V1.0, Originally authored by LaAd on 06/17/2010, Last Edited by LaAd on 06/17/2010
Related ranges: ION Enterprise V6.0

What is the part number for a warm white LED downlight with a cut out of 185mm?

No Warm white with that size cut out ....
TPDL402H1 - 170mm cut out , Cool white
TPDL402H2 - 200mm cut out , Cool white
For further information , visit links below:-

What cables and adapters need to be used for serial communication conversion from 25 pin to 9 pin when migrating Pro-face legacy GP2000 series to GP3000 and GP4000 series?

This is for RS422/RS485 only.
From GP2000 to GP4000 COM1 & COM2:  PFXZCBCBCVR41
From GP2000 to GP3000 COM2:  PFXZC3CBCVR41
Note that PFXZCBCBCVR41 and PFXZC3CBCVR41 are different cables.

Unknown Event Description of a SQL Server Error in the Windows Application Log

The description of a SQL Server error message cannot be found to be displayed properly in the Windows Application Event log.

For example:
25/02/2014 12:00:00 MSSQLSERVER Information System Event 17055 <SQL server Instance Name > "The description for Event ID ( 17055 ) in Source ( MSSQLSERVER ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: 18265, Log backed up: Database: Database Name, creation date(time): 2014/07/11(09:38:17), first LSN: 720:282:1, last LSN: 720:282:1, number of dump devices: 1, device information: (FILE=1, TYPE=DISK: {'G:\MSSQL\BACKUP\Path\Filename.TRN'}).

The actual event description should be:
Log backed up: Database: Database name, creation date(time): 2014/07/11(09:38:17), first LSN: 720:282:1, last LSN: 720:282:1, number of dump devices: 1, device information: (FILE=1, TYPE=DISK: {'G:\MSSQL\BACKUP\Path\FileName.TRN'}).

Product Line:
SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012

Struxureware Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring Expert
ION Enterprise

The event description for SQL Server error message cannot be found if the path to the file SQLEVN70.RLL is incorrect within the Windows registry.
The following registry key contains the path to this file.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\<<instance name>>

*If the instance is unnamed <<instance name>> will be MSSQLSERVER


*Warning: This article contains information about editing the registry. Improper changes to the registry can permanently damage the operating system. Always backup the registry before making any changes.*

To correct this issue, ensure the registry key contains the correct path by performing the the following steps:
1) Determine SQL Server folder of the SQL instance. This can be found in the server properties user the "General" tab "Root Directory".
a) Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the instance
b) In the object Navigation panel, right click on the server and select properties

2) Navigate to this folder in windows Explorer and then down to ...\MSSQL\Binn\Resources\1033\
3) Ensure the file named SQLEVN70.rll present in the folder
4) Go to “start” and click on “RUN” and type REGEDIT
5) Locate the following path in REGISTRY
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\<<instance name>>]
6) On the right side pane search for EventMessageFile of type REG_SZ.

7) Compare the path in the Value Data text box to the actual path of the file.
8) If the path is different, correct the path of the file in the registry and close event viewer reopen it again.

How is the current rating on an ATS48 soft start determined from the part number?

How is the current rating on an ATS48 soft start determined from the part number?

Product Line:
All ATS48, Altistart 48

All models, all versions


The ATS48 part numbering system is as follows:

The letter after ATS48 indicates the placement of the decimal point with the following 2 digits.
"D" means there are 2 digits to the left of the Decimal:  (Example:  ATS48D17Y would be rated for 17.0 amps)
"C" means there are 3 digits to the left of the decimal:  (Example: ATS48C17Y would be rated for 170.0 amps)
"M" means there are 4 digits to the left of the decimal: (Example:  ATS48M12Y would be rated for 1200.0 amps)

ATS48 softstart current ratings:
ATS48D17Y - 17A          ATS48C11Y - 110A          ATS48M10Y - 1000A         
ATS48D22Y - 22A          ATS48C14Y - 140A          ATS48M12Y - 1200A
ATS48D32Y - 32A          ATS48C17Y - 170A         
ATS48D38Y - 38A          ATS48C21Y - 210A         
ATS48D47Y - 47A          ATS48C25Y - 250A         
ATS48D62Y - 62A          ATS48C32Y - 320A         
ATS48D75Y - 75A          ATS48C41Y - 410A         
ATS48D88Y - 88A          ATS48C48Y - 480A          
                                       ATS48C59Y - 590A          
                                       ATS48C66Y - 660A          
                                       ATS48C79Y - 790A       

How to Read the Protection Function Setting From SEPAM 20, 40, or 80 via Modbus Communication

User needs to read protection function settings from Sepam 20, 40, or 80 via Modbus communication

Product Line
Sepam series 20
Sepam series 40
Sepam series 80


It is possible for the third party software application to read the current configuration on Sepam 20, 40 and 80. PMC Modbus is used in this example to explain the method to read the configuration via Modbus Channel.

Please refer to the following procedure for reading the configuration setting via Modbus Channel

  1. Check the Function Identifier of the corresponding ANSI Protection Function. Please refer to the attachment for the information of the Function Identifier.
  2. Write the Function Identifier to the Modbus address 8321d. 
    • For example, to read the configuration of ANSI46 Negative Sequence / unbalance from SEPAM 20, the Function Code is 03 and the Unit Number is 01. Therefore, write the value 0301h into Modbus address 8321d

  3. Read the modbus address from 8193d to 8201d (9 words)
  4. The meaning of the reading value is
  • a) This protection function is enabled (Modbus Address 8194 and 8195)
    b) IDMT Curve is selected (Modbus Address 8196 and 8197)
    c) Is set Point = 48% Ib (Modbus Address 8198 and 8199)
    d) Tripping Time Delay = 160ms (Modbus Address 8200 and 8201)


Which keys are used with NetShelter cabinets and EcoAisle, and how customers can obtain them.

Customers may need a replacement NetShelter key or additional matching keys.

Product Line: 
NetShelter Cabinets, EcoAisle

All versions and serial ranges.

Lost key, or need for extra keys.

NetShelter Replacement Keys for SX, SV, AV, VX, WX and AR8132A Combination Lock Handles

This document explains which keys are used for various NetShelter cabinets and how to obtain them.

NetShelter SX, SV, AV & VX: 
Please use Part W870-8135 as the replacement key for NetShelter SX, AV and VX front & rear door handles and side panels. This is a single key, not a pair. It’s a sellable part. It can also be RMA’d for in-warrantee replacement. We allow customers one extra key per cabinet as in-warrantee replacement during the first year of ownership. If you need an in-warrantee replacement please call APC customer service and have the cabinet's model number and serial number available.

NetShelter WX:
AR100 and AR100 HD please use Part 0J-870-8492 as the replacement key for the NetShelter WX front door handle.
AR106, AR109 and AR112 please use W870-8135.

NetShelter CX: 
Please use Part 0H-0292-SE as the replacement keys for all NetShelter CX door locks. This is a set of two (2) keys.

AR8132A Combination Lock Handles:
We do not currently stock a replacement key for the AR8132A combination lock handle. If you need to order a replacement key it must be ordered direct from the manufacturer, EMKA. or one of their distributors. The EMKA part number is 1108-U36-222. See below for EMKA contact information.

Key for drop out panels: W870-8135. 
Key for the sliding door: 0J-870-26645. 

EMKA contact information:
United States Headquarters: EMKA Inc.1961 Fulling Mill Road Middletown, PA 17057 Phone: 717-986-1111
European Headquarters: EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KGLangenberger Str. 32D-42551 Velbert (Germany)Phone: +49 (0)2051 273-0
For specific regional contacts, please reference EMKA’s website.

''Error loading measurements'' when adding/editing data series in an existing gadget in SPM/PME dashboards.

Attempting to edit or add to the data series in an existing gadget results in ''Error loading measurements'' message. The diagnostic tool fails to archive any of the ION_Data, ION_Network and application modules databases. The error below is seen in the windows application event log.
General tab = The description for Event ID 17053 from source MSSQL$STXPWRMON cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

Product Line
StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert

StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7, Power Monitoring Expert 7.2, Power Monitoring Expert 8, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014

The 'tempdb' (temporary database) is running out of disk space and this interferes with PME operations such as retrieving topics for dashboards. The databases archive fails as the diagnostic tool attempts to use 'tempdb' as part of the process.

The following information is included in the event.

D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.STXPWRMON\MSSQL\DATA\templog.ldf
112(There is not enough space on the disk.)

- Run the Windows Disk Cleanup tool to free disk space and delete temporary files.

Because tempdb is re-created each time the instance of SQL Server is started, there is no need to manually move the data and log files. The files are created in the new location when the service is restarted. Move the 'tempdb' database and log files to another location by following the steps in KB FA219030.

3720ACM responds to every other request in a modbus network

Goals and Symptoms

In a Modbus master-slave network, legacy meter responds only to every other request and ignore the others.

Causes and Fixes

In Modbus RTU communication topology, messages start with a silent interval of AT LEAST 3.5 characters. This is most easily implemented as a multiple of character times at the baud rate that is being used on the network. In legacy Power Measurement meters, depending on the network, the silent interval may exceed 3.5 characters. On a healthy network with baud rate 9600 this gap should be equal to ~3ms, which is too fast for the legacy devices to catch. On a newer network like this any message sent will hit the silent interval on the 3720, so the meter will not respond. However, the following request will be received after enough silent duration and the meter will respond. This will carry on so the meter will only respond to every other request.
Adjusting the RTS (Request To Send) interval greater than 100ms (or longer) on the master side will enable the meter to catch all the request packages sent to the network. This adjustment will manipulate the master to hold 100 ms in between every request which will give enough time to the legacy meters.

Last Revised: April 10, 2008
Applies To: 3720 ACM
Original Author: KG
All content © 1992-2008 Schneider Electric

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL191660 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 04/11/2008, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 04/11/2008
Related ranges: 3720 ACM

SEPAM series 80 with MES120 Normally Closed Input trips upon loss of supply power

Goals and Symptoms


  • Configuration : Sepam series 80 using a MES120 digital input set as tripping order and normally closed contact (negative case is ticked off )
  • Sepam trips when auxiliairy power supply interrupted.
  • After clearing trip on Sepam, the Sepam units comes to normal operating condition without changing the state of input .

Facts and Changes

Key Words and Phrases
Input state change from loss of supply power, loss of supply power triggers state change,ride-through power, delayed power loss, delayed power cycle

Causes and Fixes

This will append when digital inputs and Sepam base unit share the same power supply.
Because the Sepam unit has an enough ride-through energy reserved to allow for momentary outages of up to 100ms without power cycling, the Sepam will detect the logical input falling down to zero due to power loss before losing its own energization. This functionning is quite normal if no precautions are taken to prevent it .

Note : Sepam series 20 and 40 don't show that behaviour because they have a faster shut down.


As a precaution against this behavior, it is suggested to :

- if application makes it possible, delay the tripping of normally closed contact inputs via logical equation for 200ms

- if delay is not applicable, use another input as "presence of voltage" and combine it with logical equation.

For example :
I105 = external trip NC
I106 = presence of voltage
equations : LATCH VL1 (optional)
V1 = I105 AND I106
Link a message like "external trip" to V1

- otherwise, to avoid trip at voluntary shut down, add a warning near the auxiliairy circuit breaker.

Re-published to revised security level: 20 June 2008 by DRM

Applies To: Sepam 80


All content © 1992-2008 Schneider Electric

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL177113 V2.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 11/05/2007, Last Edited by DaMi on 06/21/2008
Related ranges: Sepam series 80

Planning Your StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 Upgrade

This article provides links to upgrade documentation, recommendations and Frequently Asked Questions. This article will also be updated updated frequently with the latest upgrade information.

Consider the following upgrade recommendations to minimize required storage space and reduce system downtime.

  • *
    Ensure you have enough hard drive space available on your database server
    Have an external hard drive available for storing database upgrade backup files
    Plan an ION-Enterprise system downtime window
    Consider archiving data (with Trim) to reduce system downtime

Upgrade Documentation
Read these documents before upgrading your software.
Determine Your Upgrade Type (RESL#207578)
Read the Database Upgrade FAQ (RESL#206536)
Consult the relevant upgrade guide(s):
In-Place Upgrade Guide (RESL#207603)
Side-By-Side Upgrade Guide (RESL#207604)
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Upgrade Guide (RESL#207643)
SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Upgrade Guide (RESL#207632)
SMS Migration
The migration from PowerLogic SMS to StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 is a specialized upgrade path. Please contact technical support for more information on an SMS migration.

New Software Install
If you're installing a new StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 system, this guidance does not apply. Consult StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 Installation Guide (7EN02-0308-00).

Known Issues
Articles related to issues with upgrading your software to StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 are listed below.
SPM 7.0 - Error while installing Report Packs from previous versions
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Database Manager - alarm functionality removed
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Installer fails at 'check 64-bit server' step
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Side By Side upgrade - reports missing after restore
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: why do saved reports show different results after the upgrade?
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Upgrade fails at 'Configure SQL' step
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: 100ms report - saved measurement selector empty after upgrade
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: where do I find the most recent version of the SBS Upgrade Utility
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: The SBS Upg Utility fails on 'Restore Config Folder'
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Migrating saved/custom reports when using the SBS Upgrade Utility

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL204865 V7.0, Originally authored by JaMc on 03/19/2011, Last Edited by JaMc on 05/17/2012
Related ranges: Power Monitoring 7.0

Performance Effects of 10Mb/s vs. 100 Mb/s on Ethernet cable from a NOE Module to the Switch

Goals and Symptoms

This document will outline factors related to performance including, PLC CPU scan time, Modbus data types and Ethernet Line bandwidth. It will become apparent that in an automation network the speed of the wire is not the hindering factor when it comes to performance.

Facts and Changes

Quantum Platform, SCADA system, 10/100 MB Ethernet cables, Unity Pro, Concept, Proworx NxT, Proworx 32

Causes and Fixes

The number of Modbus requests serviced by the NOE module will vary by the NOE module Exec version and the CPU that it is attached to. But in a maximum case the module can service 12 Modbus requests per PLC scan.
In the example below, we calculate the time it takes to send 1 Modbus query to read 100 holding registers (4x) and receive 1 Modbus response to that query on a 10 Mbs Ethernet link.

As a reminder, in this resolution the actual Ethernet cables speed is
At 10 Mb/s transfer rate it can carry 10 * 1,000,000 = 10,000,000 bits/second
At 100 Mb/s data transfer rate, it can carry 100 * 1,000,000 = 100,000,000 bits/second

Modbus query of reading 100 4x holding registers is 82 bytes
MAC 18 bytes (6 Destination MAC, 6 Source MAC, 2 Ether type, 4 FCS)
IP Header 20 bytes
TCP Header 20 bytes
MB Header 7 bytes (2 XID, 2 Protocol version, 2 length, 1 unit ID,)
MB PDU 5 bytes (1 byte function code, 2 start reference, 2 no of words to read)
IPG 12 bytes
Query Total 82 bytes
656 bits of data

On a 10 Mb/s link 656 bits/10,000,000 bits/s = 0.0656 ms
On a 100 Mb/s link 656 bits/100,000,000 bits/s = 0.00656 ms

Sending 12 of such messages on a 10 Mb/s link will only take about 0.7872 ms and the same message sent on a 100 Mb link will take 0.07872 ms. As you can see the time difference is insignificant when compared to the actual CPU scan.

Modbus response to that query is 279 bytes
MAC 18 bytes (6 Destination MAC, 6 Source MAC, 2 Ether type, 4 FCS)
IP 20 bytes
TCP 20 bytes
MB Header 7 bytes (2 XID, 2 Protocol version, 2 length, 1 unit ID,)
MB PDU 202 bytes (1 function code, 1 byte count, 100 words response data)
IPG 12 bytes
Response Total 279 bytes
2232 bits

On a 10 Mb/s link 2232 bits/10,000,000 = 0.2232 ms
On a 100 Mb/s link 2232 bits/100,000,000 = 0.02232 ms

Note: Message size does have bearing on overall transmission time and it takes longer to transmit the response than to send a query.

Sending 12 of such message on a 10 Mb/s link will take 2.6784 ms and the same message sent on a 100 Mb/s link will take 0.26784 ms.

For an average CPU you will have a 35 ms scan time. Therefore any delay to link speed being either 10 MB or 100 MB is reasonably insignificant compare to CPU scan.

Application Example for Network utilization:

In this example the CPU is executing 10 Modbus Query/Response transactions as outlined above to simulate IO Scanning 100 registers at a 100ms Repetition Rate.

0.000656 % TX Load @ 10 Mbs
0.002232 % RX Load @ 10 Mbs

0.0000656 % TX Load @ 100 Mbs
0.0002232 % RX Load @ 100 Mbs

The link speed comparison is insignificant on Application Response Time compared to other factors:

o CPU scan
o Datatypes requested (4x register vs. none 4x)
o Half duplex operation
o Slave device response time delay

Note: Half duplex can be a significant factor at either 10 or 100 Mb/s due to collisions which will result in communication delays. Typically devices operating at 10 Mb are usually operating at half duplex and therefore subject to collision.

I/O Scanner
I/O Scanner messages are serviced at the end of CPU scan. Each IO Scanner entry requires 0.3 ms to process. IO Scanners response time also depends on the response time of the remote device being IO Scanned.

For example one I/O scanner entry that reads/writes 10 words (~115 bytes or 920 bits) takes approximately 0.092 ms to send on 10 Mbs link, versus 0.0092 ms to process on a 100 Mbs link. The actual time difference related to the connection speed in this example is less than 1 millisecond at 0.0828 ms.

In summary the CPU scan and remote devices response time have more impact on I/O Scanner response time than the link speed. Regardless of the link speed the difference is minute.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL181788 V2.0, Originally authored by BeCh on 01/27/2007, Last Edited by BeCh on 02/06/2007
Related ranges: Modicon Quantum NOE - TR