Modena 8000 WAll Boxes Metal, For Poured Concrete, Double Height, 6 Gang

Catalogue Number: 162/6
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
Series 162
Product brand
Number of gangs
12 gangs
Cable entry number
Surface treatment
278 mm
194 mm
58 mm
Location of connection
Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Environmental Disclosure
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the dimensions for part number 162/4?

The dimensions are 186mm (w) x 194mm (h) x 58mm (d)

for more information on this part please refer to https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=162/4

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What are the dimensions of the wall box to suit the B12/30/6 Multi-Gang Switch?

The wall box to suit the 12/30/6 Multi-Gang Switch is a 164/6.

The dimensions of the wall box is a 164/6 are 278mm(W) X 97mm(H) X 58mm(D).

Some of the key features are:

  • 30 series rocker type
  • B-Style
  • Switch arrangement 6 horizontal and 2 vertical
  • Fascia size: 303 mm Width x 120 mm Height
  • 12 number of switch apertures

For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=B12/30/6

Is the 15216 DC rated

The primary voltage 240VAC

What is the part code for an MG bell transformer

 The part code is a 15216

What is the wall box to suit the B8/30/4

 The wall box part number is 164/4

What is the wall box to suit the B4/30/2 ?

 The part number for the wall box is 164/2

What is the replacement for 16066 Timer?

The replacement for 16066 Timer is A9E16066.

iRTB relay-delays de-energizing a load upon closing-1C/O - Uc 24-240 VAC/24VDC

For more information see:

What are the dimensions of the 164/5 wall box?

The dimensions of the 164/5 wall box are 234mm wide x 97mm high x 58mm deep.

Some of the key features are:
  • Fixed nut
  • 5 gang
  • Standard size
  • for poured concrete
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=164/5

What is the wall box to suit the B6/30/3 ?

 The part number for the wall box is 164/3

What is the wall box to suit the B10/30/5 ?

 The part number for the wall box 164/5

What are the dimensions of wall box 164/4 and the part number to suit?

The 164/4 which is the wall box to suit part number B8/30/4.

dimensions  188mm x 97mm x 58 mm

What is the din rail mounted timer - wanted to time for 30mins

 The part code is 16066

What is the new version of the Merlin Gerin 16066?

The part number is A9E16066.

What is the alternative for the Merlin Gerin Surge Arrestor 16566?

The Part number is A9L40100

What is the replacement for the Merlin Gerin Current Transformer 16456?

The Part code is METSECT5CC020.

What is the alternate code for a 164/3

There is no plastic box the same size as 164/3, you can use PDL144Mt side by side would do the same

What are the dimensions of wall box to suit 14/30/7

Dimensions of wall box 324mm x 97mm x 58mm Part no 164/7

What are the part numbers for Brushed Aluminium covers for the 1/2/3 gang architrave switches in the C2000 series?

The part numbers would be  C2001C-BA for single gang, C2002C-BA for double gang and C2003C-BA for triple.
These also come in a labelled version.

For more information, visit the website at https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=c2001c and click on the link to view a brochure.

What is the replacement for the 16066?

The replacement part number for the 16066 is A9E16066
See data sheet for more information....https://eshop.schneider-electric.com/product.aspx?org=21&lang=1&dist=276&prod_id=a9e16066
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What is the part number for the wall box for the 14/30/7 and dimensions?

The part number for the wall box for the 14/30/7 and dimensions are - 164/7 & dimensions - W324mm x H97mm x D58mm

For further information , visit link below:-

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What is the XNDF3025 ?

Goals and Symptoms

What is the XNDF3025 ?

Facts and Changes

Textile industry

Causes and Fixes

Updated resolution.
XNDF3025 "was" an electronic sensor for textile applications.
XND range is no more manufactured by =S= (Telemecanique) since 1991.
Nowadays, we do not have any product for textile industries; we have left the market, but the PRODUCTS are made now, by the following company :
Post address : Le Plantier, 16220 MONTBRON, FRANCE
Phone :33-5-45-23-93-75.....................Fax :33-5-45-23-93-85
Email : textile@filcontrol.com
Web site : www.filcontrol.com

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL183852 V1.0, Originally authored by FrDa on 04/26/2007, Last Edited by FrDa on 04/26/2007
Related ranges: XZ

ISX Central shows up as a DCAL device on another ISXC when private LANs are shared.


ISX Central shows up as a DCAL device on another ISXC when private LANs are shared.

Product Line:

infraStruxure Central / Struxureware Data Center Expert.


Potentially any version


On rare occasions, some customers may connect the private side of one ISX Central to the private side of a second ISX Central in order to monitor the devices in a redundant type of configuration. The server that has the DHCP server turned on will discover the ISXC server with DHCP turned off as a DCAL device. This is because DCAL, which is an APC specific protocol used in some older power distribution units, can only be discovered on the private ISXC network. Because the one server sees the other trying to communicate using this protocol, it believes it to be a DCAL device.


When configuring 2 servers this way, you must turn off the DHCP server on one of the two servers. This does not cause any adverse communications effects to other devices however the ISXC will continue to report incorrectly. 

There is no fix at this time

Comment peut-on reinitialiser une carte VW3A59310 dont la configuration prealable utilisait le FDR ?

Goals and Symptoms

Comment peut-on réïnitialiser une carte VW3A59310 dont la configuration préalable utilisait le FDR ?

Facts and Changes

La VW3A58310 était utilisée avec la fonction FDR.
On souhaite ensuite l'utiliser sans FDR (conf adresse IP par pocket et ScanI/O pour la commande). On a alors le symptôme suivant :
Affichage : nSt
ETA = 16#0040
Aucune commande n'est prise en compte : après l'envoi de CMD = 16#06 l'ETA est inchangé à 16#0040

Causes and Fixes

Lorsqu'une carte Ethernet à été configurée au préalalble avec la fonctionnalité FDR et si elle se trouve reliée à un serveur qui ne possède pas cette fonction, le problème est le suivant :

La carte ( client ) envoit en permanence des requêtes FDR au serveur et reste en attente sans tomber en défaut. Tant qu'il n'y a pas de retour du serveur la carte refuse toute communication.

La solution consiste à dévalider la fonction FDR de la carte via le keypad et de rentrer les paramètres suivants ( menu 8 ) :

P01 : 0
P02 : 1
P03 : 0
P04 : x
P05 : 15

Faire un power off / power on ( un mars et ça repart ).

Network Management Card (NMC) Reports"Graceful Shutdown from Serial Port 0" on Symmetra or Smart-UPS


Network Management Card reports that a graceful shutdown has been commanded from serial port 0.  Depending on the Network Management Card (NMC) type and firmware in use, the messages may vary as reported in the NMC Event Log. Examples of these variations are listed below:

AP9606 with v3.2.6
"UPS: Graceful shutdown SP=0"

AP9617/18/19 with v2.5.3
"UPS: Graceful shutdown from Serial Port 0."

AP9617/18/19 with v3.7.2     
"UPS: A graceful shutdown process is being used to shut down the load equipment before the UPS turns off. Initiated from Serial Port 0."

AP9630/31 with v5.X.X/6.X.X
"UPS: A graceful shutdown process is being used to shut down the load equipment before the UPS turns off. Initiated from Serial Port 0."

Please Note: When the Graceful Shutdown or Reboot command is initiated via another method, such as console or web session, the NMC Event will clearly indicate the origin.  

For example:
"UPS: A graceful shutdown process is being used to shut down the load equipment before the UPS turns off. Initiated by Control Console user 'apc' from"
"UPS: A graceful shutdown process is being used to shut down the load equipment before the UPS turns off. Initiated by Web user 'apc' from"

Product Line
  • All Symmetra product lines
  • UPS-Link Smart-UPS including following model prefixes:


All serial numbers
Applicable firmware versions, where noted


Symmetra and Smart-UPS

The NMC can log this event when the UPS itself indicates that a "fake on battery / low battery" is being generated. This can occur when a "downstream" device (a device that is in between the NMC and the UPS's internal serial port) has initiated a graceful (delayed) shutdown, such as a PowerView display on an SURT15K/20K or Symmetra.  (This event will never occur from another accessory or device such as the UPS's DB9 serial port or from the NMC in the SmartSlot.) This event can also occur within the UPS itself.

Another example is when a UPS has a fault condition and goes into failure bypass (where bypass is available). Most Smart-UPS on-line designs, such as SURT and SURTA models, turn off the UPS's battery charger when in failure bypass. As a result, the battery will discharge over time. When the battery hits a low battery condition, the UPS wants to shutdown the UPS's loads as it cannot maintain failure bypass forever (a minimum battery voltage is required to keep the logic power supply on for the on-line Smart-UPS). In this case, the UPS itself is "faking: on battery/low battery so that any PowerChute Network Shutdown clients will perform a successful shutdown before the power is interrupted. The event may be logged several times if the UPS is in the process of trying to recover from a particular fault and is 'teetering' on the battery voltage threshold that triggers the fake on battery/low battery.

Symmetra Only

As mentioned above, this message may also indicate that the Symmetra received a Graceful Shutdown or Graceful Reboot command from the PowerView display.


It is suggested the user review the possible causes as explained above in an effort to determine if an accessory, such as a PowerView display generated the event by user command or if there was a particular fault or failure condition the UPS experienced, in which it'd try to signal to PowerChute clients that they should shutdown to prevent the load from turning off prematurely.

If you require further explanation or assistance, please provide the log files for your Network Management Card based on the instructions in knowledge base ID FA156131 to your local technical support.