bracket mtg hor nail recess mt

Mounting Accessories Metal Bracket with Skew Fixing Nails and Recessed Mounting

Catalogue Number: 155NAR
bracket mtg hor nail recess mt
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Product brand
Product or component type
Accessory / separate part category
mounting accessory
Fixing center
84 mm
22 mm
128 mm
102 mm
Package 1 Weight
65 g
Package 1 Height
25 mm
Package 1 width
100 mm
Package 1 Length
150 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the brackets used for the Saturn range?

The brackets used for the Saturn range are 154RM, 155NAR and 155PRM.

What are the brackets to suit the Strato/Modena range?

The brackets to suit the Modena/Strtato are the same as the Slimline brackets, 154RM and 155NAR etc...

- Does the 30USBCM fit into 2025XA and C2025XA

Yes it will fit into 2025XA / C2025XA, with the following mounting hardware only: 154, 154RM, 154/1, 155NAR, 155VNAR, 155PRM, 156/2, 157, 164, 449A. Will not fit SC2025XA / 25XA. ( Also please note that it will need to be placed into plate in vertical configuration)
For more information on the 30USBCM please visit the Clipsal web site or click  link provided .

What is the part number for a stud bracket to suit SC2025 and similar?

The part number for a stud bracket to suit SC2025 is 155NAR for slim line series.

For further information please visit:
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What is the part number for a mounting bracket for the Saturn series?

The part number for a mounting bracket for the Saturn series is - 155NAR & 155VNAR

For further information , visit link below:-

What is the part number of the metal mounting bracket with skew fixing nails to suit slimline SC2000 range?

155NAR is a metal mounting bracket, with skew fixing nails, for stud fixings, horizontal mounting, precision stamped from 1.2mm steel strip bright electro-galvanised (hole to clear accessory is 76mm x 52mm). Mounting centres are recessed for Slimline SC2000 range.
For further information please visit
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Can the RM6 take DIN type fuses other than FUSARC ?

Thanks to consult us on a case by case basis. RM6 is designed to accept any DIN cut-out MV fuses provided that their electrical characteristics (rating, cold resistance, thermal dissipation, time-current curves...) are in compliance with RM6 fuse-switch combination performance.
Maximum power that can be dissipated by fuse is 80W (with 40°C maximum ambient temperature)

Transition current for RM6 is :

-*- 1750A at 12kV

-*- 1550A at 17.5kV

-*- 1050A at 24kV

Breaking time of RM6 fuse-switch combination is 60mSec.

It should be borne in mind that 2 DIN fuses made by different manufacturers and with same nominal current rating can have totally different electrical characteristics : cold resistance, time-current time, striker-pin power,...

Basically, we only guarantee correct operation of RM6 combined with Fusarc CF.

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