bracket mtg 1g horiz f/stud

Mounting Accessories Metal Bracket, 1 Gang, Flat Front

Catalogue Number: 155F
bracket mtg 1g horiz f/stud
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Product brand
Product or component type
Accessory / separate part category
mounting accessory
Fixing center
84 mm
3 mm
135 mm
92 mm
Package 1 Weight
53 g
Package 1 Height
92 mm
Package 1 width
4 mm
Package 1 Length
135 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the Feet 165F fit the bare link BP165D?

Yes it fits all BP series Bare links.

What is part number for Optiline 70 skirting duct 155x 55?

The part number for Optiline 70 skirting duct 155x 55 is a - ISM11450

For more information on this part please refer to

User-added image

Read a LXM32 drive ramp (ACC, DEC) using SoMachine

How to read a LXM32 drive ramp (ACC, DEC) using SoMachine?

Product Line:
Lexium 32

To read the drive ramp values (ACC, DEC), you can use the function block "MC_ReadParameter".
This function block requires the modbus address of the parameter in the input "Address".
ParameterNumber must be set to 1000 (Default value).
1556 = RAMP_v_acc
1558 = RAMP_v_dec

Using GetAttributeSingle would also work. In this case, the CIP address should be used (can be found in the LXM32M manual).
CIP 106.1.10 = RAMP_v_acc
CIP 106.1.11 = 1558 = RAMP_v_dec

When is a neutral CT required?

When is a neutral CT required?

Product Line:



A neutral CT is only required when there are loads that produce neutral current.
A neutral CT is required when an electronic-trip circuit breaker has a ground-fault option (alarm or trip) and is used on a 4 wire system. Neutral current must be factored in with phase current for accurate sensing.
A neutral CT is also required for the GFM modules when used on a 4-wire system.

CTA-ID : 1559

What is the largest trunking we do in NZ

 The larges is Actassi 155 x 55 part code ISM11400

What is the part number for a PDL DOL Starter 240V 5.5Kw

PDL56DOL12LOBGY - less overload
available on page 155 Pocket book PDL 2014

What is the range of entering fluid temperatures allowed for the InRow ACRD20x fluid-cooled unit?

What is the range of entering fluid temperatures allowed for the InRow ACRD20x fluid-cooled unit?

Product line:
ACRD200, ACRD201

Data Center Cooling


Each InRow ACRD20x fluid-cooled unit functions in a range of 55F - 110F. 

Installation Issues with Symmetra LX & 100A Supply


Symmetra LX is a redundant on-line double conversion UPS. Each Symmetra Power Module is rated at 4 KVA so when the Symmetra LX is fully populated with 5 power modules, it can draw up to16 KVA from the utility as one power module is redundant. This unit can be used either as a single phase or as a 3 phase unit, without any adjustments or changes being made to system to achieve this.

The Symmetra LX will operate at a voltage of 155 V to 276V , therefore it should draw a current of about 100A at 155V on a full load of 16KVA. Most European regulations require a 35 sq. mm cable for a 100A load but the Symmetra LX connectors will only take a maximum of 25 sq. mm.

However if we look at the power supply in most European countries, the voltage range is 230V - 240V and a voltage of under 200V would be very unusual. Taking a voltage of 240V and running the unit on full load the current would be just over the 65A, with 230V it would still be under 70A and we can drop the down to 200V before reaching 80A. The Symmetra LX should be protected by a slow blow Fuse / MCB which would need a sustained overload of over 1.2 times the rated current for about 2 hours to trip the Fuse / MCB, so even if the voltage drops below 200V the extra current shouldn't cause any problem.

In an area where a reasonably stable voltage exists there is no problem in using 25 sq. mm with an 80A fuse / MCB. Even with substantial voltage drops there is no danger of cables overheating or fuses blowing. In cases where the cable runs are very long and the regulations specify 35 sq. mm cable, the 35 sq. mm cable can be brought to the isolator adjacent to the unit and a 25 sq. mm cable can be used between isolator switch and UPS.


GetIDN_S and GetIDN_P 2 bytes in TSXCSYxx and MMS Sercos Modules

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to inform the user on the behavior when using the command GetIDN_S (opcode 1556) or Get IDN_P ( opcode 1557 ) from a Quantum (or) a Premium SERCOS Controller.

Facts and Changes

When a 2 bytes IDN is gets the PLC haven't any possibility to know if the value is signed or not. So, the PLC register accommodate values from -32767 to + 32767 in signed format
Due to the above reason, values for IDN_S ( or _P ) 2 bytes set higher than 32767 when read, will be returned as follows:

(i) 32768 -> -32768
(ii) 32769-> -32767
(iii) 35000 -> -30536 in signed format. Unsigned format will result in a huge number.

Causes and Fixes

When GetIDN_S ( or _P ) returns a negative value, it may be converted to its positive equivalent by adding 65536.
For example, -30536 + 65536 = 35000 and so on. There is no implication on using the SetIDN_S ( or _P) command for the same IDN which is Unsigned decimal format.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL182198 V1.0, Originally authored by PhBr on 02/16/2007, Last Edited by PhBr on 02/16/2007
Related ranges: Modicon Premium

Does third-party equipment exist to test the AFCI to determine that it is functioning properly?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers
QO and Homeline

Electrical Distribution Equipment

No. So-called AFCI ``testers`` are on the market, but they are not UL listed for testing the function of an AFI circuit breaker. UL 1436 refers to them as ``indicators`` rather than testers, and Square D does not endorse them or recommend their use. They are subject to error in the form of giving a false negative result.

The UL approved method of testing an AFCI circuit breaker is to press the push-to-test button when installed in an energized load center or panel. This test injects a signal into the AFCI sensor that looks like an arc to the AFCI. A properly functioning AFCI will trip when the test button is pushed.

Paragraph 31.8.1 of the UL 1436 standard requires the AFCI Indicator markings or instructions to effectively state that the test button on the AFCI circuit breaker demonstrates proper operation.

MES120, MES120G, MES120H Input/Output Modules Installation Sheet, Instruction Bulletin

Documentation request for the MES120, MES120G, MES120H Input/Output Modules Installation Sheet, Instruction Bulletin

Product Line
Sepam Series 80 Relay

Extending relay I/O


MES120, MES120G, MES120H Input/Output Modules Installation Sheet, Instruction Bulletin (ANSI), 63230-216-242A1, May 2007
You can extend the five output relays included on the Sepam Series 80 base unit by adding one, two, or three MES120 modules with 14 DC logic inputs and six output relays, one control relay output, and five annunciation relay outputs.
Three modules are available for the different input supply voltage ranges and offer different switching thresholds:
MES120, 14 inputs 24 V DC to 48 V DC with a typical switching threshold of 14 V DC
MES120G, 14 inputs 220 V DC to 250 V DC with a typical switching threshold of 155 V DC
MES120H, 14 inputs 110 V DC to 125 V DC with a typical switching threshold of 82 V DC

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL191286 V1.0
Related ranges: Sepam series 80, Sepam accessories

Are the windings double insulated from each other in the ABL6TS250U transformer?

The protection class of a transformer always related to the primary side.
If a PE is used, the device is automatically class1!
All our transformers are conforming Protection class 1, because they have an internal shield that must be connected to EARTH and so this leads to Class1.
We don't have any transformers in the offer that are conforming Protection class 2 (according to VDE 0106 1).
Regarding “double insulation” relates to the max. voltage that the transformer can withstand, the so called “Dielectric strength - Primary/secondary”
Here I can say, that Class1 requires 2kV and Class2 requires 4kV (which conforms to “double insulation”).
Our transformer ABL6TS250U meets the 4kV! (so this can be considered as "double insulation" even though the device itself is "Class1")
And last the Class F - is the electrical insulation class - meaning that the used insulation material can withstand a temperature up to 155 degrees Celsius.
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