Acti 9 IH, Mechanical Time Switch, 24 h, Without Memory

Acti 9 IH, Mechanical Time Switch, 24 h, Without Memory

Acti 9 IH, Mechanical Time Switch, 24 h, Without Memory

Item Number: 15335

RRP (Inc. GST)

Product Dimensions

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Width18 mm

Height icon

Height90 mm

Depth icon

Depth66 mm



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

Acti 9


Acti 9

Product or component type

mechanical time switch

Device application


Colour tint

white (RAL 9003)

Market segment

  • residential
  • small commercial
    • Sustainable offer status

      Green Premium product


      18 months


      Number of channels


      Function available

      manual time changeover

      Load type

    • parallel-corrected fluorescent tube 5 x 58 W 4.7 µF
    • parallel-corrected fluorescent tube 7 x 40 W 7 µF
    • parallel-corrected fluorescent tube 2 x 100 W 18 µF
    • 230 V AC halogen lamp 1000 W
    • 230 V AC incandescent lamp 1000 W
    • fluocompact lamp 700 VA
    • compact fluorescent lamp 150 W
    • LED lamp < 2 W 30 W
    • LED lamp > 2 W 300 W
      • Minimum interval duration

        15 min

        Type of setting

        manual time changeover

        Power consumption in W

        0.5 W

        [Ue] rated operational voltage

        230 V AC at 50 Hz

        Mounting support

        DIN rail

        Connections - terminals

        screw terminals


        18 mm


        90 mm


        66 mm

        Net weight

        0.097 kg

        Ambient air temperature for operation

        -25-50 °C

        IP degree of protection

        terminals: IP20 B

        REACh Regulation

        Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

        EU RoHS Directive


        Mercury free


        RoHS exemption information


        China RoHS Regulation

        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

        Environmental Disclosure


        Circularity Profile



        Product name

        Acti 9 IH

        Device short name


        Cycle duration

        24 h

        Maximum number of switchings

        48 on - 48 off

        Measurement accuracy

        +/- 1 s/day 20-20 °C

        Maximum switching current

      • 16 A - 250 V AC pf = 1
      • 4 A - 250 V AC pf = 0.6
        • 9 mm pitches




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          Time changeover


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          Compatibility code


          Unit Type of Package 1


          Number of Units in Package 1


          Package 1 Weight

          94 g

          Package 1 Height

          2.2 cm

          Package 1 width

          7 cm

          Package 1 Length

          10.3 cm

          Unit Type of Package 2


          Number of Units in Package 2


          Package 2 Weight

          14.622 kg

          Package 2 Height

          30 cm

          Package 2 width

          30 cm

          Package 2 Length

          40 cm
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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          Is the 15335 a suitable replacement for the 4TC timer

          Yes it is

          What is the replacement for Merlin Gerin 15322 ?


          For the 15725 programmable timer what is the battery that fits into it?

          CR2032 battery

          What is the current replacement for the 15725

          The part number is the CCT15838 the main difference is this has N/O contacts and the 15725 had C/O contacts.
          (See attached data sheet)

          How to change the display settings of energy units from MWh to kWh in ME Meter.

          Depending on the ME meter version, meter will automatically select the appropriate units and therefore it is not possible to modify the energy units. From 40/5 to 150/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is KWh and from 200/5 to 6000/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is MWh.

          CT Setting:
          To change the CT settings hold down the button on the Front Face of the ME Meter for more than 5 sec when on the CT Rating display. After approximately 5 sec the display will start blinking, now enter the CT setting. Once again hold the button till the display stop flashing, to ensure that the entry is saved.

          What address (memory word) can be used to read the encoder count in an ATV71 drive?


          Need to read the encoder count over a serial communication network from an ATV71 drive.

          Product Line:

           ATV71 with optional encoder card installed


            All ATV71 models, all serial numbers that have an optional encoder card installed


           How do you read the encoder pulse count through a network?


          Code: PUC Logic address: 5611, Can Index:201A/C, INTERBUS index:5FB9/41, DeviceNet path:7D/01/0C
          Type: Unit R/W: Read only Unit: value 1 per count  

          PUC (logic address 5611) is initialized to the value 0 when the drive is powered on. Every ms this parameter increases or decreases according to the direction of rotation (forward or reverse).
          It is a 16 bits register and is not signed, that is to say when 65535 is reached, it goes back to 0.

          It is not possible to write this parameter.
          There is no detection of overflow

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