Thorsman Hook Anchor M8, Set of 25

Thorsman Hook Anchor M8, Set of 25

Thorsman Hook Anchor M8, Set of 25

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Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product

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Environmental Disclosure


Mercury free


REACh free of SVHC


REACh Regulation

Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

RoHS exemption information


Toxic heavy metal free


Mounting support

  • wall
  • ceiling
  • floor
    • Provided equipment

    • washer
    • nut
      • Quantity per set

        set of 25

        Sale per indivisible quantity



        Package 1 Height

        28 mm

        Package 1 Length

        93 mm

        Package 1 Weight

        43 g

        Package 1 width

        18 mm

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the conduit entrance kit for the ATV31HU11M3X or ATV31HU15M3X?

        Issue:   What is the conduit entrance kit for the ATV31HU11M3X or ATV31HU15M3X?
        Product Line:   ATv31
        Environment:  ATV31Hu11M3X, ATV31HU15M3X
        Cause:   N1 conduit kit selection


        Using the DATA_EXCH block to issue a function code 6 (write single register) from a M340 Ethernet interface.

        Goals and Symptoms

        To use the DATA_EXCH FB in Unity Pro is issue a modbus function code 6 from a Ethernet interface in a M340 PLC system.

        Facts and Changes

        A minimum version of Unity Pro v4.0 and a M340 CPU or NOE v2.0 must be used for the DATA_EXCH to work properly.

        Causes and Fixes

        First open the Project Settings form the tools menu in Unity Pro.

        Under the Language Extensions tab check off directly represent array variables, Allow dynamic arrays, and disable array size compatibility check.
        Then press OK.

        Next open the variable editor and create e variables for the DATA_EXCH block

        In this example a value of 16#1234 will be written to %MW1876 of slave device connected via MB TCP/IP. This information is shown above in the bytes of the EMIS_PARA variable.
        Note: 1876 in decimal is 754 in hex. All values shown in the DATA_EXCH block are in Hex.

        Explanation of the EMIS_PARA variable

        To understand the setup of this array you must take each byte of each word separately.
        In the first word (16#0706) the 2 bytes are 07 (high byte) and 06 (low byte). The low byte (06) is the MB function code. The high byte (07) is the first part of the starting address in the slave device.
        In the second word (16#1254) the low byte (54) is the rest of the starting address in the slave and the high byte (12) is the start of the data to be sent.
        The last word is only shows the low byte (34) and this is the remaining data to be sent.

        If you look at the 5 bytes (in Hex) individually you get: 06 07 54 12 34

        06 = MB function code 6
        0754 = 1876 decimal (%MW1876)
        1234 = Data to be sent

        The last thing to mention here is that the forth word of the management parameter (Manage_PARA) is equal to the size in bytes of the transmitted data. In this case 5.

        Now create a new FBD section in Unity Pro and press OK.

        Add a ADDM and DATA_EXCH block and link the parameters as follows.

        Note: In a M340 the TYP parameter is always a 1
        The string input for the ADDM block must be chosen to meet the requirements of your network. An explanation of the syntax of this input can be found in the Unity help files.
        In this example %M0 is used to trigger the function code 6 and the slave device is located at

        Build and download to the M340.

        Open a animation table and trigger %M0. You should see the RECP parameter (RECIEVE_DATA) values go from all 0's to the same as the EMIS parameter. This is because the slave device echoes the data back to the master is the transmission was a success. Also the first word of the Management parameter should also be changing while the block is enabled. This indicates successful transmissions.


        What is the maximum voltage ratings for the contacts of a CA2KN?

        What is the maximum voltage ratings for a CA2KN22F7?

        Product Line:
        IEC Industrial Relays

        IEC Relays and Timers

        They work with circuits up to 600VAC and 240VDC

        How to loosen the leveling feet of a NetShelter SX cabinet.

        The leveling feet of a NetShelter cabinet are stuck.

        Product Line:
        NetShelter SX
        All versions and serial ranges. 

        Unable to get the leveling foot screw to budge. It is stuck.
        Solutions for NetShelter Stuck Feet:

        A Phillips/T30 Torx L-tool is included with each NetShelter cabinet.
        The top of each NetShelter foot has a Phillips screwdriver slot which is used to lower the foot. If the foot is too tight to loosen with the included tool please try using a larger Philips screwdriver. If that doesn't work please try using a wrench:
        The bottom of each foot, just above the pad, has a 13 mm hex head that can also be used to lower the foot. This requires the use of a 13 mm flat open end wrench.
        If you do not have a 13 mm wrench that fits the nut on the foot please contact APC and we can RMA p/n 803-5013B. This is a low profile 13 mm wrench.
        Note: you will need to provide the model number and serial number of the NetShelter cabinet in order to process an RMA. Please have this information ready when you contact APC Customer Support.

        What is the field installable padlock attachment for the Masterpact NW W/Y frame breaker, or NT?

        What is the field installable padlock attachment for the Masterpact NW W/Y frame breaker, or NT?

        Product Line:

        Products sold in North America

        Need to padlock open an existing Masterpact NW or NT

        S48539 for Masterpact NW,  W and Y frame. S47514 for the Masterpact NT

        Padlock attachment S48539

        See instruction bulletin, 48049-197-02

        See instruction bulletin, 48049-233-01

        Can more than one keypad be connected to an ATV312 drive?

        Connecting more than one keypad to an ATV312 drive

        Product line:
        ATV312, Altivar 312, ATV12, Altivar 12

        All models

        Customer wants to use three keypads at different locations and a modbus hub to split the connection.

        The ATV312 can only have one remote connected at a time.  It is not possible to connect a splitter in order to use multiple keypads.
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