Mounting Accessories Bracket Miniature Suit Architrave 60 and 30 Switch

Mounting Accessories Bracket Miniature Suit Architrave 60 and 30 Switch

Mounting Accessories Bracket Miniature Suit Architrave 60 and 30 Switch

Item Number: 151



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Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


[In] rated current

32 A

REACh Regulation

Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

REACh free of SVHC


EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Environmental Disclosure



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0.048 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between S33595 full function test kit and S33594 hand-held test kit

Product Line:
Circuit Breaker Test Set

HHTK - The S33594 hand-held test kit will test the trip function of the breaker and may be used for inhibiting ground fault and thermal imaging, and enable zone selective interlocking (ZSI) self restraint during primary injection testing.

FFTK - The S33595 full function test kit will test LSIG functions as well as the same functions as listed above.

Additional details below:
Test kit descriptions

How to check the degree of wear of the vacuum interrupter of Evolis Circuit Breaker?

The measurement of degree of wear for contacts can be done during preventive maintenance. This can be performed using a spacer (not supplied by SE). Please check below:

Evolis 2

Evolis 17.5 kV

If gap measured < 0.8 mm contact Schneider Electric Service Team.

Video: How do I download to removable media (SD Card, Compact Flash Card or USB Memory Stick) using Vijeo Designer?

How do I download to removable media (SD Card, Compact Flash Card or USB Memory Stick) using Vijeo Designer?

Product Line
Vijeo Designer, Harmony/Magelis HMI

Configuration software on Windows PC and physical HMI

To download to removable media (SD Card, Compact Flash Card, or USB Memory Stick) using Vijeo Designer for the purposes of downloading to a Harmony/Magelis HMI later, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the removable media into your PC (a card reader may be required).
  2. Format the removable media in FAT32 format in Windows.
  3. Open your project in Vijeo Designer.
  4. In the Navigator pane, click on the name of the HMI ("Target1" by default).
  5. In the General Tab, next to Download choose File System.
  6. Set the IP for the Target HMI (where applicable).
  7. Initiate a Download as you would normally (right-click on the name of the HMI, and select "Download to (File System)…"
  8. Once the above completes, you can see the files required for download to the HMI in Windows Explorer.
  9. Eject the removable media from the PC.
  10. Transport the removable media.
  11. Plug it into the HMI (a power cycle may be necessary for SD and CF Cards).
  12. The HMI will show a prompt to ask if you wish to download the project to the HMI. Follow the instructions on the screen from this point.

Please review this video and the HTML help screenshots that follow:

Help Section 25.6.4 Downloading to a CF Card/SD Card Reader or USB DriveHelp Section 25.6.4 Downloading to a CF Card/SD Card Reader or USB Drive (continued)

How do I resolve a connection issue with SoMove and an Altivar drive when getting error during scanning, after I've set baud rate, format, parity and the COM port?

SoMove will get an error when attempting to scan or connect to a device.

Product Line:
SoMove, ATV61, ATV71, ATV212, ATV312, ATV12, ATV32

All serial number

An error occurred during the installation

Make sure the USB driver and ModBus drivers are installed and are working.
Check your COM's settings for the USB cable (Device Manager on your PC and Advanced Settings in SoMove). Make sure the same COM port is being used for the cable in both places. 
axx   ax
If you are still having issues you may want make sure the current DTM libraries are installed.  You may also need to uninstall the DTM libraries and reinstall them.
As a last resort you may have to uninstall and reinstall the SoMove software. 

Video: How to retrieve a fault recording (OPG) in SFT2841 from the Sepam Series 20, 40,60 and 80 Relay?

How to retrieve a disturbance recording from a Sepam relay using SFT2841.

Product Line
Sepam Series 80
Sepam Series 60
Sepam Series 40
Sepam Series 20

Steps to retrieve fault recording in SFT2841: (Note: Screen Caps may appear differently depending on Sepam series)

1. Verify communication between PC and Sepam. This indicator is located on the bottom left-hand side of SFT2841 window.

Image 1

2. Click on "fault recording" located on the Menu bar.

Image 2

3. Select the desired waveform based on the date/time and then click on the "retrieve" button.

Image 3

4. Select the save location and click "save"

Image 4

5. SFT2841 will take some time to download the OPG (fault recording). After the download is complete, you can use WAVEWIN Data Management and Analysis System software or some other equivalent software to view the waveform capture.  Note that SFT2826 is obsolete and no longer available so use Wavewin instead.  

Please see the following video for walk through instructions.


What is the part number for the ATV61 or ATV71 keypad?

Is there a part number for the ATV61 and ATV71 keypad?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 ATV71


Need a replacement keypad


Keypad image

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