Modena 8000 Nailed Stud Bracket Vertical with Skew Fixing Nails

Modena 8000 Nailed Stud Bracket Vertical with Skew Fixing Nails

Modena 8000 Nailed Stud Bracket Vertical with Skew Fixing Nails

Item Number: 146V

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Package 1 Height

25 mm

Package 1 Length

115 mm

Package 1 Weight

88 g

Package 1 width

130 mm

Accessory / separate part category

mounting accessory
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum and maximum rated voltage on which the Vigi C120 can operate.

The minimum/maximum rated voltage on which Vigi C120 range can operate is as follows:
  1. For VigiC120 30mA - Minimum Voltage 196V / Maximum Voltage 456V
  2. For VigiC120 300mA - Minimum Voltage 189V / Maximum Voltage 456V
  3. For VigiC120 500mA - Minimum Voltage 175V / Maximum Voltage 456V

What is the part number for PDL single p/point with extra switch?

The part number for PDL single p/point with extra switch is 694X-WH.
Some of the Key Features are:
  • Larger rockers, matching the rockers on switch modules
  • Suits Cat 144 Flush Box and Cat 148H or 146H Mounting Bracket, Suits Cat 694M Metal cover plate
  • Removable extra switch 20 A

For more information , please visit: https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=694X

Is there a vertical 500 series Shaver socket

PDL 2014 Pocket book - page 73, PDL1575
Universal 110V and 240V, direct replacement for the 63T
Note:Plate dimensions 146 x 90mm (HxW).
Mounting Centres 120mm (Flush box is PDL31) 

What are the replacement interiors for the 9001BW Pendant control stations?

Needs the replacement contacts or interior for 9001BW pendant stations

Product line:
9001BW Pendant control

North American Products

Note replace the * with the enclosure color Y = yellow, B = black R = red
9001BW92* - replacement interior is 9001BOC368
9001BW93* - replacement interior is 9001BOC368
9001BW94* - replacement interior is 9001BOC358
9001BW95* - replacement interior is 9001BOC359
9001BW96* - replacement interior is 9001BOC358
9001BW97* - replacement interior is 9001BOC359
9001BW98* - replacement interior is not available

9001BW90*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC366
9001BW91*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC359
9001BW94*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC358
9001BW100*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC367
9001BW102*U - replacement interior is 9001BOC367

Does the SEPAM MES 114/120 I/O module have analog input availability?

Need analog module does it come with the addition I/O modules for the Sepam?

Product Line                
Sepam 20 Series
Sepam 40 Series
Sepam 60 Series
Sepam 80 Series

The Sepam MES114/120 I/O module does not have an input that can monitor the value of an analog signal generated from an external power source. The Sepam I/O modules are designed to detect status changes of a circuit breaker, contactor, plc, etc....., and will output a "0" or "1", depending on the condition of the input signal. The MES114 I/O module (compatible w/ Series 20/40) has up to 10 input connections and the MES120 (compatible w/ Series 80) has up to 14 input connections.
The Accessory MES114 and MES 120 can be used only in Logical Status

The MES114 module, on the other hand, will accept analog input signals, but the input APS_SENSORS will only detect whether the status of the analog signal is high "1" or low "0" depending on a certain threshold. These thresholds can be located in the characteristics section of the MES114 install sheet:

For a 110 V AC analog signal, a signal greater than 88V will force a "1" state and a signal less than 22V will force a "0" state.
For a 220 V AC analog signal, a signal greater than 176V will force a "1" state and a signal less than 48V will force a "0" state.

These input status changes can then be used by the Sepam relay to influence control logic, display alarm messages & LEDs, trigger waveforms or open & close relay outputs.

Nevertheless sepam can use the Accessory MSA 141 to manage an Analogic Output


What type of cable is used for the DALI line?

We recommend using 1.5mm², 240V, mains rated, 2-core cable for the Dali line. This ensures you can achieve the maximum DALI line cable length of 300m.
In an addition to the above the polarity of DALI line must be consistent throughout each installation to prevent short circuits.
There are two main methods of configuring the DALI line and they are loop-in, loop-out or star configuration where the longest run shall not exceed 300m when using the above recommended cabling.The DALI line is typically 16V DC and must not have a voltage drop of more than 2V on the DALI line.

***Please note, other cabling can be used such as various unshielded 2-core cables as it is classified as extra-low voltage, however it is important that voltage drop calculations are taken into consideration to avoid communication issues.

For further inquiries please contact technical support on 13 73 28 (13 SEAU).