Labelled Switch Plate, 14 Gang, Stainless Steel, 2 Rows of 7

Catalogue Number: 14/30L7
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE
  • Black 1 PCE


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Range of product
Metal Plate
Product brand
Number of gangs
14 gangs
Product destination
Fixing mode
by screws
Mounting position
349 mm
120 mm
Package 1 Weight
1 kg
Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
EU RoHS Directive
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
Environmental Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the 6 extra screws for on the 14/30/7?

The 6 extra screws for on the 14/30/7 are for adjusting the front plate of the switch panel.


What are the dimensions of wall box to suit 14/30/7

Dimensions of wall box 324mm x 97mm x 58mm Part no 164/7

What is the part number for the wall box for the 14/30/7 and dimensions?

The part number for the wall box for the 14/30/7 and dimensions are - 164/7 & dimensions - W324mm x H97mm x D58mm

For further information , visit link below:-

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What is the size of the back box for a 14/30/7?

The dimensions for the back box (164/7) are 324 x 97 x 58mm.

What is the wall box to suit the B4/30/2 ?

 The part number for the wall box is 164/2

18/30/9-WE Can this part be surface mounted and what is the part number?

This can not be surface mounted, flush mounted only.

What is the wire color code for the BMXFCW303 cable?

Will the latest firmware (v1.44E) for the 140CPU43412A work for a PLC programmed with ProWORX NxT?

Yes. The q5rv144e.bin file supports both Concept (IEC & 984) and ProWORX PLCs.

STB UL Certification, 12/2007

Goals and Symptoms

This resolution contains the currently available STB product Underwriters Lab certification as of December 2007.

Causes and Fixes

See Attachments for the STB UL certification.


(Removed File URL: 190462_4842/ Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/7867fd9951a10ec2c12573be001611e5/fl_block_5/0.586?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190462 V1.0, Originally authored by WeDa on 12/27/2007, Last Edited by WeDa on 12/27/2007
Related ranges: Advantys STB

What are the dimensions of the wall box to suit the B12/30/6 Multi-Gang Switch?

The wall box to suit the 12/30/6 Multi-Gang Switch is a 164/6.

The dimensions of the wall box is a 164/6 are 278mm(W) X 97mm(H) X 58mm(D).

Some of the key features are:

  • 30 series rocker type
  • B-Style
  • Switch arrangement 6 horizontal and 2 vertical
  • Fascia size: 303 mm Width x 120 mm Height
  • 12 number of switch apertures

For further information please visit

What is the part number for the FIPWAY and FIPio trunk cable?

The part numbers for the FIPWAY and FIPio trunk cables are:
TSXFPCR100 - 100 meters
TSXFPCR200 - 200 meters

Why do I get an E1189 error when trying to import an I_SCALE instruction into my M340 Unity program?

The I_SCALE instruction is not supported in the M340 PAC. The SCALING block can be used instead.

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