Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing
Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing

TMX Hollow WAll Anchor 4E 8x5-15 Box 100 Pcs

Catalogue Number: 1260025
Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing
Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing
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Range of product
Product or component type
cavity fixing
Device short name
Provided equipment
threaded screw
Mounting support
high load installation in board material - thickness: 5-15 mm
Device application
5-15 mm high load installation in board material
Mounting support
wall mounted
Thread type
Screw diameter
4 mm
Screw length
40 mm
Shape of screw head
  • cross slotted
  • combi-head
    • Screwdriver shape
      Drilling diameter
      8 mm
      Colour tint
    • grey
    • metal
      • Quantity per set
        set of 100
        Net weight
        0.0072 kg
      • screw: steel electroplated
      • cavity fixing: sheet metal electroplated
        • Practical load capacity
        • shear: 200 N 2.5 )
        • pull-out load: 140 N 3 )
          • Thickness
            0-18 mm fixture
            Environmental characteristic
            fire resistance
            Ambient air temperature for operation
            -40-80 °C
            14 mm
            47 mm
            Sustainable offer status
            Green Premium product
            REACh Regulation
            Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
            REACh free of SVHC
            EU RoHS Directive
            Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
            Toxic heavy metal free
            Mercury free
            RoHS exemption information
            China RoHS Regulation
             Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
            Environmental Disclosure
            18 months

            Frequently Asked Questions

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            What is the dimension of 1260025 TMX-4E hollow wall anchor cavity fixing with screw?

            The dimension of 1260025 TMX-4E is 14mm (diameter) x 47mm (length). 1260025 is cavity fixing including fully threaded screw with combi-head and Phillips cross-slot.
            • Captive fixing – stays fixed even when the screw is not tightened
            • Anti-rotation design
            • Pre-assembled screw
            • High load values
            • Fire-resistant
            • Ideal for overhead cavity fixing
            Material and Operative Data:
            Material cavity fixing Expanding part: electroplated sheet metal
            Screw: electroplated steel
            Material mounting tool: Steel and plastic
            Temperature range:  –40°C to 80°C
            For further information please visit
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            Is part number 260/25 available in Orange?

            No. Unfortunately, the 260/25 is only available in Grey.

            Does the 1240/25 series come with gaskets?

            No, they are light duty. Buy the 1240HL25 to obtain a heavy duty lid and gasket , or if gasket is required for retro fit then buy 1240GT
            For more information on this product range please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

            What is the replacement for the 57-0089-000 (2A 250V slow blow) fuse?

            Part number 57-0089-000 is no longer active sale. Need something to use in its place.

            Product line
            Modicon Quantum

            57-0089-000 corresponds to Littelfuse 326002, .25 x 1.25 ceramic.


            Is there 125x125 mini trunking available.

            no, biggest mini trunking size available is 150x75

            Whati s pitch thread for part number 1245/25?

            Pitch thread is 1.5mm

            What is the part number for a 20mm steel conduit plug?

            The part number  for a 20mm brass plug for steel conduit is 1220S20.

            Is there a BLANK PDL switch mech avaliable?

            Yes, the part number for the BLANK PDL switch mech is PDL600BWH.
             For further information please visit

            What is the thread type on a 1235/25?

            The thread type on a 1235/25 is BS - British Standard.

            For more information, please refer to the link:

            Is there a slim weatherproof enclosure cover?

            Yes, the part number is 223H
            Some of the key features are:
            • 84 mm Mounting centre apart (94 x 50 mm)
            • Horizontal
            For further information please visit

            How do I setup 3-wire control with ATV28?

             How do I setup 3-wire control with ATV28?
            Product Line:  
            In the I-O menu, set the tCC parameter for 3C.  Then, LI1 will be set to stop. LI2 will be set to forward, and LI3 will be set to reverse.  It is possible to change the setting for LI3 if desired.


            Generator does not charge my batteries using the XW or SW models?

            Generator is not charging the batteries

            If the inverter/charger qualifies the signal but the unit goes right away to passthrough, please check the following
            Make sure Charger is enabled
            Confirm that the Charger Block Start/Stop is not enabled during the times that you want it to charge

            NOTE:Ex.  If the Charger Block Start is set at 4:00am and the Charger Block Stop is set at 11:00pm, that means that it will not charge between 4am and 11:00pm.
            It would only charge from 11:00pm to 4:00am
            Tip:If there is no need to block the charging then set the start/stop times to 12:00am to disable the feature
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