THI-5x30 hammer in Frame fixing

Thorsman THI, Hammer Fixing with Screw, 6 x 70 mm, 100 Pcs

Catalogue Number: 1131145
THI-5x30 hammer in Frame fixing
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
Product or component type
hammer fixing
Product name
Thorsman THI
Device short name
Provided equipment
Device application
high load installation in board material
Colour tint
Practical load capacity
  • pull-out load: 500 N for concrete B25
  • pull-out load: 400 N for brick
  • pull-out load: 300 N for sandstone
    • Practical load capacity
    • pull-out load: 50 kg for concrete B25
    • pull-out load: 40 kg for brick
    • pull-out load: 30 kg for sandstone
      • Ambient air temperature for operation
        -40-70 °C
        6 mm
        70 mm
        Quantity per set
        set of 100
        Sale per indivisible quantity
        Unit Type of Package 1
        Number of Units in Package 1
        Package 1 Weight
        7 g
        Package 1 Height
        0.8 cm
        Package 1 width
        0.8 cm
        Package 1 Length
        9.7 cm
        Sustainable offer status
        Green Premium product
        REACh free of SVHC
        EU RoHS Directive
        Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
        Toxic heavy metal free
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
         Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
        Environmental Disclosure
        18 months

        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the replacement for a GV2-MO7?

        The replacement for a GV2-MO7 is a GV2-MEO7.

        What is replacement for part number BS5000CT?

        The replacement with part number BS5000CTC3.


        What are the mounting centers for the switch plates in the BSL series?

        The mounting centers are 84mm for the BSL switch plates.
        For further information, visit the link below:-​

        What colour is the Saturn Zen LED indicator?

        The indicator is Blue. Can be wired to be illuminated with the switch off or on.

        What is the part number for 1 gang switch weatherproof in PDL?

        The part number for 1 gang switch weatherproof in PDL will be 681HWP-WH.


        What is the harmony code for 9080GM6 and 9080GM6B?

        Checking on the harmonized code for part numbers 9080GM6 and 9080GM6B.

        Product Line:
        9080G Terminal Blocks.

        NEMA Terminal Blocks

        It is 8536.90.40.00 and 8547.20.00.00.

        What is the part number for the in-line switch?

        The only in-line switch is the 360 foot switch.

        Some of the key features are:
        • 68 x 18 mm mounting center
        • 250V
        • 10A

        For further information please visit

        What size is the two compartment mini duct?

        The two compartment mini duct is 40 x 25mm and the part number is 900/40/25/2.

        Some of the key features are:
        • Rectangular
        • Screw or double sided tape fastening

        For further information please visit

        Is there a 20 amp, single GPO in the Metal Plate range?

        No. Unfortunately, there is no 20 version as a standard part but it can be ordered as a special based on the 10amp version.
        For more information, please refer to the link:

        Video: How can I restore my Vista template diagram to the default configuration?

        A customer has saved over their default Vista template diagram and would like to restore it to the default configuration.

        Product Line:
        ION-E 6.0 / SPM 7.0.1 / PME 7.x / PME 8.x
        EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

        Vista diagrams

        A specific meter has been saved over the template diagram, so it will now only pull information from that device.

        The steps to restore the template diagram to the default state are covered in the video below.

        How do I connect a GV2P/GV3P circuit breaker to an ATV320B drive?

        How do I connect a GV2P/GV3P circuit breaker to an ATV320B drive?

        Product Line:
        ATV320xxxxxB variable frequency drives

        All ATV320 part numbers ending with "B"

        Information difficult to find.

        Two parts are needed.  One to make the mechanical connection and one to make the electrical connection. The part is the same for all ATV320xxxxxB drives regardless of input voltage or horsepower.   The part numbers are as follows:

        Part# VW3A9921 - Bracket for direct mounting of the GV2 to the ATV320B drive
        Part# GV2AF4 - Electrical adapter plate for connecting the GV2 to the input of the ATV320B.


        Can the AR8125 NetShelter AV Sliding Shelf be installed into an SX cabinet?

        There's a need to install the AR8125 NetShelter AV Sliding Shelf into an SX cabinet.

        Product Line:
        NetShelter SX

        All models and serial ranges.
        The AR8125 is made to be used with the threaded rail holes of the NetShelter AV cabinets. It can be installed into an SX cabinet with square hole rails but you must follow the instructions below.
        See attached file.
        Will the AR8125 NetShelter AV Sliding Shelf Fit Into SX Cabinets?
        Q) Is the AR8125 compatible to the SX series of cabinets?
        A) Yes, but extra hardware is needed.
        In the NetShelter Compatibility Chart the AR8125 is listed as only being compatible with the AV series Cabinets: AR3810, AR3812 and AR3814. With additional hardware the AR8125 can be mounted into an SX cabinet, or any cabinet with square hole vertical mounting rails. 
        Q) How can I mount the AR8125 into an SX cabinet?
        A) Use #10-32 caged nuts: AR8005.
        The AR8125 was originally designed for use with the NetShelter AV cabinets which come with #10-32 tapped rails.
        The hardware that ships with AR8125 includes #10-32 screws (black in color). These attach the AR8125’s sliding and stationary rails to the NetShelter AV’s #10-32 tapped vertical mounting rails.
        To mount the AR8125 to a NetShelter SX with square holed rails requires the use of #10-32 caged nuts. Our sku AR8005 is a pack of (36) #10-32 caged nuts.
        If you try to use the M6 caged nuts and screws which ship with the NetShelter SX cabinets it won’t work. The holes in the AR8125’s horizontal mounting rails are 5.5mm o.d. and the M6 screw is 6mm o.d. The M6 screw is too wide to fit through the holes in the horizontal mounting rail.
        Note: the AR8125 is a shallow shelf with a maximum depth of 25.25”. If deeper equipment is mounting into the cabinet you may want to mount the rear of this shelf onto a recessed rail kit. This will reserve the NetShelter SX’s rear vertical mounting rails for use with the deeper mounting equipment.
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