THI-5x30 hammer in Frame fixing

Thorsman Thi Hammer Fixing 6X50 Box 100 Pcs

Catalogue Number: 1131135
THI-5x30 hammer in Frame fixing
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
Product or component type
hammer fixing
Product name
Thorsman THI
Device short name
Provided equipment
Device application
high load installation in board material
Colour tint
Practical load capacity
  • pull-out load: 500 N for concrete B25
  • pull-out load: 400 N for brick
  • pull-out load: 300 N for sandstone
    • Practical load capacity
    • pull-out load: 50 kg for concrete B25
    • pull-out load: 40 kg for brick
    • pull-out load: 30 kg for sandstone
      • Ambient air temperature for operation
        -40-70 °C
        6 mm
        50 mm
        Quantity per set
        set of 100
        Sale per indivisible quantity
        Unit Type of Package 1
        Number of Units in Package 1
        Package 1 Weight
        5 g
        Package 1 Height
        1 cm
        Package 1 width
        1 cm
        Package 1 Length
        7.8 cm
        Sustainable offer status
        Green Premium product
        REACh free of SVHC
        EU RoHS Directive
        Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
        Toxic heavy metal free
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
         Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
        Environmental Disclosure
        18 months

        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is part number for PDL push button momentary mech?

        The part number for PDL push button momentary mech is a PDL680TMPBWH.

        What is the mounting height of a PowerPact H Frame 3-pole breaker

        Product Line:
        Circuit Breakers
        PowerPact H
        I Line

        Electrical Distribution Equipment

        It takes 4.5`` of mounting height.

        Does Clipsal still make Wilco, 44 pin plugs and sockets?

        Yes, they can still be produced as part of our quotes/specials team ordering process.

        What is the part number for 1 gang switch weatherproof in PDL?

        The part number for 1 gang switch weatherproof in PDL will be 681HWP-WH.


        Does Clipsal have a metal board, at least 36 pole and less than 150mm deep?

        Yes, we have the 4C48FD which is only 105 mm deep.
        For more information, please refer to the link:​

        Do you have a 3 position rotary cam switch with spring return?

        No, unfortunately we don't have a 3 position cam switch with spring return .

        For further information please visit

        What is the AR8395 Busbar Amp rating?

        What is the Amp rating for the AR8395 busbar?

        Product Line:
        NetShelter Accessories
        Equipment in the NetShelter must be grounded.
        See attached document, or explanation below.
        AR8395 Busbar Amp Rating

        As of this writing (April 2012)  the AR8395 busbar has not been rated for power grounding. It is designed for low voltage applications. Its intended use is to ground equipment chassis of switches, routers, AV and other low voltage IT equipment to reduce noise from the system. Because of this intended use the AR8395 Busbar has not been rated for amperage. Should this product be rated in the future this document will be updated.

        What is the part number for 300mA sensitivity RCCB, in 63amp?

        The part number will be A9R25263.
        For more specifications please follow the below link,
        Image result for A9R25263 schneider


        Do not add Sensor Pods to a Netbotz Version 3 appliance while a firmware upgrade is in process.


        Do not add Sensor Pods to a Netbotz Version 3 appliance while a firmware upgrade is in process.

        Product Line:



        NetBotz version 3 firmware upgrades.


        During the upgrade of a version 3 NetBotz appliance, the appliance will also attempt to update the firmware on any connected NBPD0155 or NBPD0155 sensor pod. If another pod is added while the firmware upgrade is in progress, the process of upgrading the sensor pods could stall resulting in the pods not receiving the appropriate upgrade..


        APC suggests not adding any pods during an upgrade of the device. If this has been done and a sensor pod does not get upgraded, a reboot of the appliance will allow the appliance to restart the procedure of upgrading the sensor pods.

        Note that a similar issue could happen if an extra power supply is being used to power the sensor pods and it is removed during upgrade. Pods removed during upgrade will also not be updated.

        How to Program If-Then-Else Statements in SCADAPack Workbench FBD Language

        SCADAPack Workbench supports four standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages for CAM5 and three standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages for CAM3. These languages can be mixed within an application to provide an optimum control strategy.

        Typically If-Then-Else Statements are best used with Structured Text Language (ST). In some instances, it may be desired to use these types of statements in a Function Block Diagram (FBD). Although not as elegant as ST, this can be achieved with JUMP's and LABELS in a FBD program.

        The below example shows how to create an If-Then_Else statement in both FBD and ST.

        ION8650 sliding Window Demand module lower than expected after a time sync

        Sliding window Demand module (SWD) is lower than expected after a meter is time synched

        ION8650 firmware V407 and below

        Meter is time sync'd where the clock is adjusted forward and the SWD module is set to an integer value (900, 300 etc). For example the time is changed from 11:11:51 AM to 11:12:40 AM. This does not include when clock is adjusted backwards.

        A change to the SWD module created a connection between the module and a time sync on the meter.

        This has been fixed in V420 firmware. To reduce the impact of this issue, the smaller the change in time for each time sync the smaller the impact on the SWD module. Consider time syncing the meters as often as possible.

        What SCADAPack E Modbus Master Method Should I use (Modbus Scanner or IEC Programming)?

        SCADAPack E Modbus Master Operation

        There are 2 methods to configure the SCADAPack E rPAC/RTU to be used as a Modbus master. It can be done via IEC-61131-3 programs running on the controller, or it can be accomplished using the Modbus Scanner configuration in SCADAPack E Configurator. The method that you choose to implement depends on where the data you collect from the Modbus slave is required

        IEC 61131-3 Programs

        Within IEC programs, there are an additional 2 methods. The legacy version uses the I/O devices to poll Modbus slave registers. A second method using Modbus set-up blocks was introduced in firmware 8.12.1. Both of these methods will return Modbus slave data into the IEC 61131-3 program variables. The data can be used in the programs for calculations and then applied to database points (using output I/O devices) if needed.

        This method is useful if the Modbus slave data will be manipulated by an IEC 61131-3 program.

        Modbus Scanner

        A Modbus Scanner feature was also introduced in firmware 8.12.1. This lets a user configure Modbus polling within the SCADAPack E Configurator. Modbus slave data is returned directly into the SCADAPack E point database. If some of the data is needed in a IEC-61131-2 program data can be mapped to program variables using input I/O devices.

        This method is useful if the SCADAPack needs to act as a protocol converter between Modbus and DNP3 and/or the majority of the data will be sent to an upstream device as Modbus or DNP3.


        Both methods can allow Modbus data to be used in IEC-61131-3 or converted to DNP3 points, the primary function of where the data will be used should be considered when choosing one of the 2 options.

        Detailed operation of both methods is described in the SCADAPack E Documentation set (Included with the installation of SCADAPack E Utilities)

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