Thorsman THI Hammer Fixing With Screw, 6 x 35 mm

Catalogue Number: 1131130
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
Product or component type
hammer fixing
Product name
Thorsman THI
Device short name
Provided equipment
Device application
high load installation in board material
Colour tint
Practical load capacity
  • pull-out load: 500 N for concrete B25
  • pull-out load: 400 N for brick
  • pull-out load: 300 N for sandstone
    • Practical load capacity
    • pull-out load: 50 kg for concrete B25
    • pull-out load: 40 kg for brick
    • pull-out load: 30 kg for sandstone
      • Ambient air temperature for operation
        -40-70 °C
        6 mm
        35 mm
        Quantity per set
        set of 100
        Sale per indivisible quantity
        Sustainable offer status
        Green Premium product
        REACh Regulation
        Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
        REACh free of SVHC
        EU RoHS Directive
        Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
        Toxic heavy metal free
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
         Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
        Environmental Disclosure
        Circularity Profile

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the difference between the Quantum 140CPS11410 power supply and 140CPS11420 power supply?

        Difference between 140CPS11410 and 140CPS11420

        Product Line
        Modicon Quantum

        The Quantum 140CPS11410 is a 115/230 Vac, 8A summable power supply.
        The Quantum 140CPS11420 is a 115/230 Vac, 11A summable power supply.


        Does Clipsal have a Link Bar with at 13 tunnels and 1 x 50mm and 3 x 16mm tunnels?

        Yes the L13/150 will suit those requirements.

        What is the part number for Key operated mech in 30 series?

        The part number for Key operated mech in 30 series is a - 30TKM-WE


        What is the VA rating of a 9001KM transformer light module?

        What is the VA rating of a 9001KM transformer light module?

        Product Line:
        Harmony Pushbuttons

        All Products

        Product Features

        9001 KM2 110-120 volt 25-30 hertz      2.2 VA
        9001 KM1 110-120 volt 50-60 hertz      2.4 VA
        9001 KM3 208-220 volt 50-60 hertz      2.5 VA
        9001 KM4 220-240 volt 25-30 hertz      2.2 VA
        9001 KM7 220-240 volt 50-60 hertz      2.0 VA
        9001 KM8 277 volt 50-60 hertz             2.4 VA
        9001 KM5 380-480 volt 50-60 hertz      2.8 VA
        9001 KM6 550-600 volt 50-60 hertz      2.5 VA

        What are the diameters of the encoder and motor cables for Lexium 32?

        The motor power cables and encoder cables diameters can be found in the manuals for Lexium 32 drives.

        The data from the manual has also been attached to this knowledge article for quick reference.


        What is the part number for a 30M in Arctic Silver?

        The part number for a 30M in Arctic Silver is 30M-3A.

        Some of the key features are:

        • Terminal bores of 4.1 mm diameter accommodate 4 x 1.5 sq mm or 3 x 2.5 sq mm cable
        • Body fits 22 mm diameter hole
        • Motor rating is 100

        For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=30M


        What is the part number for Single phase KWH meter?

        The part number for Single phase KWH meter will be a - A9MEM2105.
        Please refer the below link for more information,
        Image result for a9mem2105 schneider


        What is the part number for 300mA sensitivity RCCB, in 63amp?

        The part number will be A9R25263.
        For more specifications please follow the below link,
        Image result for A9R25263 schneider


        What are the size of the holes in a BP165C72?

        All the tunnels in the BP165C72 have a diameter of 5.8mm with two screws to accommodate up to 16mm2 cable.

        Some of the key features are:
        • Bar section: 19 x 9.5 mm
        • 3/8 inch hexagon head bolt
        • 1 stud to suit cable lug

        For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=BP165C72

        Is a time delay available for the Masterpact NW/NT undervoltage trip?

        Need a delay on standard undervoltage relay (UVR) in breaker.

        Circuit Breakers

        Applies to Masterpact NW/NT breakers.

        To eliminate circuit breaker nuisance tripping during a temporary voltage dips, operation of the undervoltage trip (MN/UVR) delayed.  This function is achieved by adding a external delay unit (either adjustable or non-adjustable) to the undervoltage trip (MN/UVR) circuit.

        Yes. Time delay modules can be used with the NW/NT UVR in the following voltages:

        Adjustable (adjustable with dial on the front via pocket screw driver):

        Volts                            Cat. #

        48-60 ac/dc               S33680
        100-130 ac/dc           S33681
        200-240 ac/dc           S33682
        380-480 ac               S33683


        100-130 ac/dc           S33684
        200-240 ac/dc           S33685

        PTZ or motion detection functions on an existing Pelco camera no longer work through NetBotz appliance after upgrade to 3.3


        PTZ or motion detection functions on an existing Pelco camera no longer work through NetBotz appliance after upgrade to 3.3

        Product Line:



        NetBotz 3.3. upgrade

        Cause / Resolution:

        If after upgrading from 3.2.x to 3.3.x, the PTZ or motion detection functions on an existing Pelco camera no longer work the camera has to be removed and re-added and shared. Possible cause is that the user upgraded to 3.3.x Advanced View but did not upgrade to 3.3.x on the appliance and then added the camera. The user should upgrade both Advanced View and the appliance before adding the Pelco camera. An existing camera added with matching software and firmware will not have this issue.

        Do not add Sensor Pods to a Netbotz Version 3 appliance while a firmware upgrade is in process.


        Do not add Sensor Pods to a Netbotz Version 3 appliance while a firmware upgrade is in process.

        Product Line:



        NetBotz version 3 firmware upgrades.


        During the upgrade of a version 3 NetBotz appliance, the appliance will also attempt to update the firmware on any connected NBPD0155 or NBPD0155 sensor pod. If another pod is added while the firmware upgrade is in progress, the process of upgrading the sensor pods could stall resulting in the pods not receiving the appropriate upgrade..


        APC suggests not adding any pods during an upgrade of the device. If this has been done and a sensor pod does not get upgraded, a reboot of the appliance will allow the appliance to restart the procedure of upgrading the sensor pods.

        Note that a similar issue could happen if an extra power supply is being used to power the sensor pods and it is removed during upgrade. Pods removed during upgrade will also not be updated.

        How to Program If-Then-Else Statements in SCADAPack Workbench FBD Language

        SCADAPack Workbench supports four standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages for CAM5 and three standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages for CAM3. These languages can be mixed within an application to provide an optimum control strategy.

        Typically If-Then-Else Statements are best used with Structured Text Language (ST). In some instances, it may be desired to use these types of statements in a Function Block Diagram (FBD). Although not as elegant as ST, this can be achieved with JUMP's and LABELS in a FBD program.

        The below example shows how to create an If-Then_Else statement in both FBD and ST.

        ION Setup 3.0 goes into a continuous loop when trying to view a CM4000 (CM4) Meter Configuration Report

        ION Setup goes into a continuous loop when trying to view a CM4000 (CM4) Meter Configuration Report

        ION Setup

        This behavior occurs when trying to view the Meter Configuration Report using ION Setup
        and the CM4000 series meter does not have a IOC44 card installed.

        This has been corrected in version ION Setup Build 13113.01 and later.
        To obtain the latest version of ION Setup software, refer to article FA212816 - Where can I download the latest version of ION Setup Software?

        Do the Advantys STB Power distribution modules (PDT) require an Input Power connection (Sensor Bus) for the island to function properly ?


        Input power required on a PDT module.



        Product Line

        Advantys STB






        With the 24 Vdc Power distribution module (STBPDT3100), you are required to have this connection, otherwise you will receive a module error (Flashing ERR led) on all 24 Vdc input modules. With the 115/230 Vac Power distribution module (STBPDT2100), you are not required to have this connection, therefore allowing you to connect directly from the field device to the input module.

        What SCADAPack E Modbus Master Method Should I use (Modbus Scanner or IEC Programming)?

        SCADAPack E Modbus Master Operation

        There are 2 methods to configure the SCADAPack E rPAC/RTU to be used as a Modbus master. It can be done via IEC-61131-3 programs running on the controller, or it can be accomplished using the Modbus Scanner configuration in SCADAPack E Configurator. The method that you choose to implement depends on where the data you collect from the Modbus slave is required

        IEC 61131-3 Programs

        Within IEC programs, there are an additional 2 methods. The legacy version uses the I/O devices to poll Modbus slave registers. A second method using Modbus set-up blocks was introduced in firmware 8.12.1. Both of these methods will return Modbus slave data into the IEC 61131-3 program variables. The data can be used in the programs for calculations and then applied to database points (using output I/O devices) if needed.

        This method is useful if the Modbus slave data will be manipulated by an IEC 61131-3 program.

        Modbus Scanner

        A Modbus Scanner feature was also introduced in firmware 8.12.1. This lets a user configure Modbus polling within the SCADAPack E Configurator. Modbus slave data is returned directly into the SCADAPack E point database. If some of the data is needed in a IEC-61131-2 program data can be mapped to program variables using input I/O devices.

        This method is useful if the SCADAPack needs to act as a protocol converter between Modbus and DNP3 and/or the majority of the data will be sent to an upstream device as Modbus or DNP3.


        Both methods can allow Modbus data to be used in IEC-61131-3 or converted to DNP3 points, the primary function of where the data will be used should be considered when choosing one of the 2 options.

        Detailed operation of both methods is described in the SCADAPack E Documentation set (Included with the installation of SCADAPack E Utilities)


        Where can I get technical documentation on the Altivar Process Drives?

        Where can I get technical documentation on the Altivar Process Drives?

        Product Line:
        Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

        All serial numbers for Altivar Process Drive

        Needing more information on:
        • Technical Specifications
        • Environmental Specifications
        • Accessory Parts
          • Fans Kits
          • Mounting Kits
          • Type 1 kit/Conformity Kit
          • Remote Keypad
        • Part Numbers
          • Communications
          • I/O
          • Filters
          • Braking Units/Resistors
          • Dimensions
        • Replacement Parts
        A good source to reference would be the Altivar Process Drive Catalogs:

        ATV600 Catalog: https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/download/document/DIA2ED2140502EN/

        ATV900 Catalog: https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/download/document/DIA2ED2150601EN/


        What are the part numbers for the motor power and encoder connector for Lexium 28 drives?

        Customers may wish to build their own cables for use with Lexium 28 and BCH2 motors.

        The connector sets are available using the following part numbers.

        Motor power connectors:

        Motors with flying leads
        BCH2*B/*D/*F motors (flange size: 40/60/80 mm) with free leads connection, without brake uses - VW3M5D1A type connector   (sold in lots of 3)

        BCH2*B/*D/*F motors (flange size: 40/60/80 mm) with free leads connection, with brake uses - VW3M5D1F type connector.   (sold in lots of 3)

        Motors with military type connector
        BCH2*H/*M motors (flange size: 100/130 mm) with or without brake uses - VW3M5D2A    (sold in lots of 3)

        BCH2*R motors (flange size:180mm) with or without brake uses - VW3M5D2B     (sold in lots of 3)

        Motor Encoder connectors:
        For BCH2*B/*D/*F motors (flange: 40/60/80 mm) with free leads connection uses - VW3M8D1A    (sold in lots of 3)

        For BCH2*H/*M/*R motors (flange: 100/130/180 mm) with MIL connector uses - VW3M8D2A     (sold in lots of 1)

        rev 7-19-18


        Does the SEPAM MES 114/120 I/O module have analog input availability?

        The Sepam MES114/120 I/O module does not have an input that can monitor the value of an analog signal generated from an external power source. The Sepam I/O modules are designed to detect status changes of a circuit breaker, contactor, plc, etc....., and will output a "0" or "1", depending on the condition of the input signal. The MES114 I/O module (compatible w/ Series 20/40) has up to 10 input connections and the MES120 (compatible w/ Series 80) has up to 14 input connections.
        The Accessory MES114 and MES 120 can be used only in Logical Status

        The MES114 module, on the other hand, will accept analog input signals, but the input APS_SENSORS will only detect whether the status of the analog signal is high "1" or low "0" depending on a certain threshold. These thresholds can be located in the characteristics section of the MES114 install sheet:

        For a 110 V AC analog signal, a signal greater than 88V will force a "1" state and a signal less than 22V will force a "0" state.
        For a 220 V AC analog signal, a signal greater than 176V will force a "1" state and a signal less than 48V will force a "0" state.

        These input status changes can then be used by the Sepam relay to influence control logic, display alarm messages & LEDs, trigger waveforms or open & close relay outputs.

        Nevertheless sepam can use the Accessory MSA 141 to manage an Analogic Output


        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203471 V1.0, Originally authored by MiZe on 09/21/2010, Last Edited by MiZe on 09/21/2010
        Related ranges: Sepam accessories

        What is the part number for the 520VPU19200 Hand Held Programmer (HHP) Accessories Kit?

        Part number for Hand Held Programmer (HHP)

        Product Line
        Modicon Micro

        The part number for the 520VPU19200 Hand Held Programmer (HHP) Accessories Kit is 520VIA19200.

        The Kit includes the following:
        1) 115/230 Volt universal power supply.
        2) 9 pin D shell adapter.
        3) 25 in D shell adapter.

        Send an e-mail to service.sales@schneider-electric.com for price and availability.

        What are the Key Differences Between ISaGRAF 3.55 and SCADAPack Workbench for SCADAPack Standard CAM3

        SCADAPack Workbench is the update to ISaGRAF 3.55 for SCADAPack Standard. Consideration should be taken for programming language changes along with importing ISaGRAF 3.55 projects. Below is a list of key differences for SCADAPack Standard (CAM3) only.

        Functional Limitations Associated with this Workbench (6.3) Release

        The following items outline limitations and restrictions associated with this release that should be understood by existing users already using the existing Workbench 3.x with target 3.x programs.

        IEC 61131-3 Programming Language Support

        The new SCADAPack Workbench (WB6) supports the most commonly used programming languages in the 61131-3 suite of languages. The fully supported languages below that may be imported and edited within the new Workbench include:

        • Ladder Diagrams (LD)
        • Function Block Diagrams (FBD)
        • Structured Text (ST)

        The following languages are not supported for editing or modification within the new Workbench, however they may be imported from an existing target 3 *.hie project file and then compiled, downloaded, and monitored for debug purposes.

        • Instruction List (IL)
        • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
        • Flow Chart (FC) - (this is an ISaGRAF specific language that is not part of the IEC 61131-3 standard)

        Project Passwords

        This feature previously available in Workbench 3.x is not supported in the initial release of the new workbench. If the Workbench 3.x project has been encrypted, each password must be removed from existing target 3.x project file prior to import into the new Workbench. If the project has not been encrypted, any passwords will simply be ignored on import, therefore the resulting project in the new Workbench will not include the passwords.

        Upload (reading) of Existing Projects from SCADAPack Controllers

        Projects cannot be read from controllers using the SCADAPack Workbench CAM3. Any existing projects must be imported into the new workbench from raw project files (*.hie files) created with Workbench 3.x. If connecting to a SCADApack in the field, the user MUST have a local copy of the solution.

        Archived Files (.pia files) are not supported

        Archived files are not supported, therefore any existing *.pia files must be restored so that the complete raw project file from Workbench 3.x is available to facilitate import into the new Workbench 6.3.

        Import/Export of Function Blocks

        The new SCADAPack Workbench does not support import/export of function blocks in the same manner as the legacy Workbench 3.x. In place of the import/export, the functions blocks may be copied from one project to another and you can use dependencies. See "Managing SCADApack Target 3 Libraries" in the SCADAPack technical help documentation for more information.


        Support for printing has been updated in the SCADApack Workbench 6.4 release. See "Generate Documentation" in the ACP technical help documentaiton.

        Online Programming

        Although target 5 programs are supported with the new Workbench for SCADAPack E, the additional functionality associated with Target 5, such as online programming improvements and
        nested function blocks, are not available on the SCADAPacks running target 3 programs. Workbench 6.3 supports only CAM3/Target 3 in the standard SCADAPack, and CAM5/Target 5 in the SCADAPack E. For clarification, a table is included below showing the CAM versions and runtime target support associated with each workbench.

        Workbench Type/Version CAM3 Target 3
        CAM 5 Target 5
        SCADAPack IEC 61131-3 WB 6.3 Yes Yes No No
        SCADAPack E IEC 61131-3 WB 6.3 No No Yes Yes
        ISaGRAF WB 3.55 (Legacy) N/A Yes N/A N/A

        NetBotz Cannot Post to FTP Server


        NetBotz Cannot Post to FTP Server 

        Product Line:



        NetBotz any version


        When you configuration a NetBotz Appliance to post data to a FTP server, the action may fail unexpectedly.

        Whenever a NetBotz appliance connects to an FTP server it attempts to issue a couple of commands: XCWD - change working directory XMKD - make a remote directory The

        se commands were created in RFC 775. Some modern FTP servers have backwards compatibility for these commands, but not all do. If you are having problems creating an FTP alert action or report, it could be related to this issue.

        Currently, version 3x firmware on the rPDU will result in a communications error. In the Advanced View application log, we see an event similar to the following:
        Jan 3 11:01:30 netbotz029184 kern.debug nbSerialPortMgr: send_AP7900_refresh_request: Waiting for prompt (nbAP7900Enc_0)


        An easy way to troubleshoot this is to open a command prompt and try to connect to your FTP server using these commands:

        ftp authenticate username and password XMKD test (This attempts to create a directory named 'test') XCWD test (This will change the working directory to 'test' which you just created)

        If you get an ""Invalid command"" response for these commands, then you will either not be able to use FTP alerts/reports or you will have to find a different FTP server that has backwards compatibility with these legacy commands.

        Note: These commands have been replaced with CWD and MKD on some newer FTP servers."

        This issue should be resolved in Botzware (NetBotz Firmware) version 3.3 and higher.


        Can I monitor and control APC's rack mount PDUs serially with a Netbotz version 2 or version 3 appliance and rPDU 3.x firmware?


        Can I monitor and control APC's rack mount PDUs serially with a Netbotz version 2 or version 3 appliance and rPDU 3.x firmware?

        Product Line:



        NetBotz version 2 and 3
        APC rack PDUs


        The NetBotz version-2 420 and 500 units with a PSM key as well as the NetBotz version-3 rack mount 450 and 550/570 as well as the wall mount 455 can serially connect to the AP79xx series of rack mount PDUs. Connecting the NBAC0226 USB to serial cable to the bot and connecting the 940-0144 cable from the NBAC0226 to the RJ9 serial port of the PDU will allow control of the outlets of the AP79xx.

        Currently, version 3x firmware on the rPDU will result in a communications error. In the Advanced View application log, we see an event similar to the following:
        Jan 3 11:01:30 netbotz029184 kern.debug nbSerialPortMgr: send_AP7900_refresh_request: Waiting for prompt (nbAP7900Enc_0)


        APC customers must use rPDU 274 firmware on the PDU for this procedure.Only those PDUs supporting that version of software should be connected.

        Additional info:
        There is a limit to how many rPDU's can be managed by each model appliance:

        NetBotz 420 supports up to 4 rPDU's.
        NetBotz 500 supports up to 16 rPDU's.
        NetBotz 450, 455, and 550 support up to 12 rPDU's.

        What are the Supported Programming Languages in SCADAPack Workbench (IEC 61131-1 for SCADAPack Standard & SCADAPack E)

        SCADAPack Workbench supports four standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages. These languages can be mixed within an application to provide an optimum control strategy. The supported programming languages are described below.

        Functional Block Diagram (FBD)

        The Function Block Diagram is a graphic language used to build complex procedures from a library of functions. Standard library functions such as math and logic may be combined with custom library functions such as serial port control, PID controls and Modbus master and slave protocols to create Function Block Diagram application programs. A class of programs called functions allows the creation of user functions that are not included in the library.

        Structured Text (ST)

        Structured Text is a high-level structured language, similar to Pascal and C, that is used for complex procedures or calculation that cannot be easily implemented using graphic languages. Structured Text is the default language used to describe actions within the steps of the Sequential Function Chart language.

        Ladder Diagram (LD)

        Ladder Diagram is a graphic language combining contacts and coils to build logical discrete control procedures. This language is identical to the relay ladder logic used by many programmable Logic RTUs. Ladder Diagram contacts and coils may be used in the Function Block Diagram language for discrete control of functions.

        Sequential Function Chart (SFC): (SCADAPack E RTUs CAM5 Only)

        The Sequential Function Chart is available for SCADAPack E Target 5 applications. It is a graphic language used to describe sequential operations in a process. The process is graphically partitioned into a set of well-defined steps containing actions performed using other languages. Steps are linked together with conditional transitions. This language is useful for batch processes and process procedures such as automatic startup and shut down.

        How to License SCADAPack Workbench (CAM3 & CAM5)

        A license is required to build open, build and create all SCADAPack applications (solutions) in SCADApack Workbench. There are four license types of varying duration available for SCADAPack Workbench applications:

        • 1 month
        • 6 months
        • 12 months
        • Unlimited

        Once you have installed SCADAPack Workbench you will need to license either CAM3 or CAM5 (or both)

        1. Choose one of:

        a. Help > Licensing CAM 3.

        b. Help > Licensing Target 5 CAM.

        Review the license description and expiration date.

        3. Record the numbers in the User Code 1, User Code 2 and User Code 3 fields.

        4. Submit the three user codes to Schneider Electric Customer Support at OrdersTRSS@Schneider-Electric.com.

        You will receive Registration Key 1 and Registration Key 2.

        5. Enter the Registration Keys in their respective fields on the licensing page.

        6. Click Validate to validate your license.

        You cannot open a template or a file that was created using a template until the license is activated. If you have difficulty with these tasks, contact Schneider Electric Technical Support at SupportTRSS@Schneider-Electric.com.

        M340 Troubleshooting Guide

        Goals and Symptoms

        How to interpret the front panel lights when diagnosing problems with the M340.

        Causes and Fixes

        Modicon M340 Processor Troubleshooting

        • The Modicon M340 Programmable Automation Controller is a Mid-range automation system providing small size, yet powerful 32-bit processor for demanding OEM machine and industrial process applications. It is programmed using our cross-platform IEC 61131-3 application development software, Unity Pro (v3.0 or higher). The front panel has a series of LEDs that indicate the status of the M340 processor, SD Memory Card, and system communications.

          The Modicon M340 is available in the following models.


          M340 Processors

          BMXP341000 Standard Level 1, 2MB RAM, USB port,

                    • 1-communication port: ModBus/Serial, includes 8MB memory card
          BMXP342000 Advanced Level 2 (Performance) for Modicon M340 PLC
                • 1 USB Port for programming
                  1 slot for a memory SD-card
                  1 communication port: serial link
                  Shipped with 1 standard memory SD-card

          BMXP342010 Advanced Level 2, 4MB RAM, USB port,
                    • 2-communication ports: ModBus/Serial and CANopen master includes 8MB memory card.

          BMXP342020 Advanced Level 2, 4MB RAM, USB port,
                    • 2-communication ports: ModBus/Serial and Ethernet-ModBus/TCP, includes 8MB memory card

          BMXP342030 Advanced Level 2, 4MB RAM, USB port,
                    • 2-communication ports: Ethernet-ModBus/TCP and CANopen master includes 8MB memory card.

          Processor Status Displays


          There are several LEDs available on the front panel of each processor, enabling
          rapid diagnosis of the PLC status.

          These LEDs provide information on:

          · PLC functional status
          · The memory card status
          · Communication with the I/O modules
          · Modbus Serial communication
          · Communication on the CANopen network
          · Communication on the Ethernet network


          The following diagrams shows the physical location of the LEDs on the front panel of the BMX P34 processors:

          BMX P34 1000/2000 Processors LEDs

          BMX P34 2020, BMX 2030/20302 Processors

          Table 1 M340 Processor Status and Error indicator display


          Display differences between version 1 and version 2 of the

          BMX P34 20x0x module.

          Searching for Errors Using the Processor Status LEDs


          The status LEDs located on the processor inform the user of the PLCs operating
          mode and any possible errors.
          The errors detected by the PLC concern:

          · circuits which constitute the PLC and/or its modules: internal errors
          · the process driven by the PLC or the process wiring: external errors
          · functioning of the application executed by the PLC: internal or external errors


          Error Detection

          Error detection is performed at startup (autotest) or during operation (which is the
          case for most equipment errors), during exchanges with the modules, or during
          execution of a program instruction.
          Certain "serious" errors require the PLC to be restarted while others are left to the
          user to decide how to proceed depending on the level of application required.
          There are three types of error:

          · non-blocking
          · blocking
          · processor or system

          Blocking Errors


          Blocking errors, caused by the application program, do not cause system errors but
          prohibit execution of the program. When such an error occurs, the PLC stops
          immediately and goes into HALT mode (all tasks are stopped on the current
          instruction). The ERR LED flashes.

          Restarting of the Application After a Blocking Error
          To end this status it is necessary to init the PLC or to set the %S0 bit to 1.
          The application is then in an initial state:
          · The data resumes its initial value.
          · Tasks are stopped at end of cycle.
          · The input image is refreshed.
          · Outputs are controlled in fallback position.
          The RUN command then allows the application to be restarted.

          Blocking Error Diagnosis
          Indication of a blocking error is signaled by the ERR and RUN LEDs flashing on the
          processor front panel.
          The system words %SW126 and %SW127 indicate the address of the instruction
          which caused the blocking error.
          The nature of the error is indicated by the system word %SW125.
          The following table presents the errors signaled by the values of the system word

          M340 Diagnostic information Memory card

          Memory Card Description

          Only Schneider memory cards are compatible with BMX P34 processors.
          Schneider memory cards use Flash technology and do not require a battery. These
          cards can support about 100,000 write/delete cycles (typical).

          The Memory card access LED is located behind the Memory Card Protective Cover.


          CANopen Diagnostics


          BMX NOM 0200 Module Status Display

          LED Indications


          BMX NOE 01x0 Module

          Ethernet LED

          Display differences between Version 1 and version 2 of the BMX NOE 01x0 module.


        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL200598 V1.0, Originally authored by MiOB on 11/26/2009, Last Edited by MiOB on 11/26/2009
        Related ranges: Modicon M340.

        Will the Compact NSX breaker be for sale in the USA or Canada?

        Where can I buy a Compact NSX breaker?

        Product Line:
        Circuit Breakers

        This breaker is popular overseas and there is interest in the US

        There are no plans for a general release of the Compact NSX breaker line in North America, since the NSX is not UL Listed to UL489. (UL 489 is the standard commonly required in the US.) In the US, the Powerpact Circuit Breakers should be used (Powerpact breakers are UL, CSA and IEC-rated).

        If an existing piece of equipment has an NSX breaker which needs replacing, we have made a few catalog numbers available for sale in the US. The list of numbers will vary based upon need. Contact your local authorized Schneider Electric distributor for assistance on your specific NSX catalog number.

        For support on these breakers, Please see the following link to Global Operations where you can select other Countries:

        Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?

        For support on APC and MGE products please visit:  https://www.apc.com/support/

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