Max 4 Neutral, Active, Meter Links, Meter Test Block

Max 4 Neutral, Active, Meter Links, Meter Test Block

Max 4 Neutral, Active, Meter Links, Meter Test Block

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1.27 kg

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7.7 cm

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17.4 cm

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23.5 cm

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12.7 kg

Package 2 Height

238 mm

Package 2 width

342 mm

Package 2 Length

390 mm

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396.8 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the RCD response time and Standard for Acti 9 Range?

The  response times of Acti 9 RCD conform to the specifications of the IEC/EN 61008, IEC/EN 61009 and IEC/EN 62423 (DC leakage current) standards.

Please see the attached document for reference. 

Do we have an RCD Trip Curve for Acti 9 breakers?

Schneider does not publish a trip curve for Acti 9 RCD. However, it is confirmed that they comply with the standards IEC 61008, IEC 61009 and AS/NZS3190:2002 Type II.

The maximum break times for these standards are outlined in the document attached with advise on discrimination with RCD devices.

Do we sell a meter test block?

Yes, the part number for a meter test block is 1008.

Some of the key features of this product are
  • Active + Neutral Testing Pegs
  • Easily removed cover makes for faster testing
For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/products/detail?CatNo=1008&backto=%2Fsearch%3Fq%3D1008&tab-document-1=0

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Why does 'address out of range' error come in Vijeo Citect.

Actually Vijeo Citect reads digital addresses in blocks of 16 bits. So if there is a digital tag at C1000, Citect will read from C993 to C1008 in a single request. If the address C993 does not exist then 'address out of range' error comes. Because of this optimization of digital read requests make sure that there are valid addresses in the PLC. In some PLCs the valid ranges of all memory addresses can be set and make sure that the setup in the PLC is what Citect is going to read. If the range cannot be adjusted then do not use any digital tags within the first and last 16 digitals.

Vijeo Citect also tries to block reads together and may try to read across invalid addresses. So if C1000 and C1100 are configured, Citect will try to read from C993 to C1105. If any address is invalid between these tags then also 'address out of range' error comes. This is quite unlikely as almost all PLC contain continuous memory with no holes.

What is the replacement for an STR28D, STR38S, STR58U trip unit in an obsolete MP Masterpact breaker?

What is the replacement for an STR28D, STR38S, STR58U trip unit in an obsolete MP Masterpact breaker?

Masterpact MP

MP Masterpact built between year 1987 and 2000


Replacement trip units come in one model, STR58U, either with or without ground fault. They are available through Schneider Services only (Westchester, OH).
PLEASE NOTE:  Most (if not all) of these replacement trip units are obsolete and out of stock. Please consider replacing the cradle, breaker, and trip unit with Masterpact NW or MTZ.

Part number with GFP
M1008H2  for breaker with 800 amp sensor, In=800
M10H2       1000
M1612H2    1200
M16H2        1600
M20H2        2000
M25H2        2500
M3230H2     3000
M32H2        3200
M6340H2     4000
M6350H2    5000
M63H2       6300
Part number without GFP
M1008H2NG  for breaker with 800 amp sensor, In=800
M10H2NG         1000
M1612H2NG      1200
M16H2NG         1600
M20H2NG         2000
M25H2NG         2500
M3230H2NG     3000
M32H2NG         3200
M6340H2NG     4000
M6350H2NG     5000
M63H2NG        6300