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Mining machines

Increasing workplace safety and value

Investing in reliable, innovative electrical solutions optimises capital expenditure, maximises workplace safety and contributes to successful profit margins.

Clipsal Mining Solutions can keep you at the forefront of technology and assist to improve your mining operations across four key areas:

  • high-level occupational health and safety (OH&S)
  • financial performance
  • operational performance
  • mining camp accommodation and facilities.

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Oil field workers

High-level occupational health and safety (OH&S)

Superior levels of safety are imperative for any mining operation, to prevent staff injury, increase productivity and reduce costly downtime. Clipsal Mining Solutions can greatly improve staff and operational safety through integrated technology and innovative product design.

Clipsal Mining Solutions provide high-level OH&S.

Mining trucks

Financial Performance

Good financial performance is an essential aspect of any well managed mining operation. Investing in our reliable, innovative electrical solutions optimises capital expenditure and contributes to successful profit margins.

Clipsal Mining Solutions assist to improve financial performance.

Cable Management

Operational performance

Our expert engineering and R&D design team continuously evolve the extensive Clipsal product range, to meet the specific needs of today’s mining industries. With an offering of more than 20,000 products, we can develop electrical solutions that are unique to the mining industry and specific operational requirements.

Clipsal Mining Solutions improve the performance of mining operations.


Mining camp accommodation and facilities

To maintain high levels of productivity it is essential that mining living quarters and facilities are comfortable, convenient and safe - providing staff a homely environment with access to modern technology.

Clipsal Mining Solutions assist with improving mining camp accommodation and facilities.


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