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Food Processing

Factory production line

Improving operational efficiency and profit

Clipsal Food Processing Solutions assist to improve operational efficiency and maximise productivity through consistent integration across multiple sites and user-friendly, reliable products that comply with stringent industry regulations and standards.

Factory being cleaned

Food manufacturing safety

Electrical solutions that minimise contamination risk are essential. In stringent food processing environments, electrical products need to be safe, durable, reliable and compliant with industry regulations and standards.

Clipsal Food Processing Solutions assist to improve food manufacturing safety.

Factory production line

Energy efficiency

Due to the rapidly rising cost of energy, Australian manufacturing is under significant pressure to reduce energy consumption and associated costs. The ability to achieve more while using less presents substantial benefits in maintaining a competitive advantage.

Clipsal Food Processing Solutions assist to improve energy efficiency in food processing.

Bakery production

Maximising uptime and minimising downtime

When selecting electrical products and solutions for manufacturing sites, reliability, safety and ease of use is essential in order to maximise operations and minimise downtime. Poor selection can potentially increase operating expenditure (OpEx), cause unnecessary downtime and create potential OH&S hazards, which can all have a negative impact on productivity and profit.

Clipsal Food Processing Solutions contribute to maximising uptime and minimising downtime.

Bakery production

Manufacturing plant consistency

To maximise productivity, food processing plants need to be user-friendly, with consistency across the site (or multiple sites) to provide uniformity for maintenance staff.

Furthermore, in some instances automated systems can be integrated with building management systems (BMS) and other manufacturing sites, improving operational efficiency and usability.


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