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Edition 4

Owed amounts on a bill

A connected energy management solution for air-conditioners

Customer story: Electricity costs are going up every year and home owners are looking for smart ways to optimise their electricity consumption. Download the below application sheet to learn about how you can provide similar solutions for typical residential applications and grow your business.

See Wiser energy application sheet (PDF 481KB)


iCat App - Easier navigation, better search

Check out the Clipsal iCat 5.0! The Clipsal iCat is the digital version of the Clipsal Trade Product Guide and so much more. Cleaner layout, many updated features, YOUR wholesaler pricing, better than ever!

Streamlined to allow faster browsing of the catalogue - wherever you are, 24/7. Easier than ever to see search results by Products, FAQ, Brochures and more.

Just update the app on your device or download the latest version from your app store.

Clipsal Wiser Smart Home

Smart Home?! Simple app controlled dimming and switching

The Wiser Iconic Mechs provide simple app controlled dimming and switching with smart functions that will make your customer's life easier. 

Learn more


Clipsal Iconic Smart Mechs

Iconic Smart Mechs

Clipsal Iconic Smart Mechs deliver innovative functionality to any home through standard and electronic dimmers, timers, sensors and switches.

Learn more about their installation, giving you the confidence to offer next level technology solutions to your customers.

Download Mechanism Wiring Guide (PDF 2.3MB)

Clipsal employee, Buzz

What's up Buzz?! Main switches & surge protection

Get this month's update on the importance of main switches and surge protection in accordance with the recent update by the standards committee.

Read more and watch video here