IP rated switches and socket outlets in front of a swimming pool

Electrical Equipment re Zones - General & Damp Situations

An area that causes concern is zoning for the use of IP rated switches and socket-outlets in external applications. This has brought about a zone of 30 degrees from the horizontal from the edge of a verandah (facia or soffit) to the exterior wall where an accessory with no IP marking can be mounted within that triangular zone. The exterior wall below that triangular zone requires an accessory with a minimum IP33 to be mounted. There is an exception to this that meter boxes have always been IP23 minimum and over the years have proven to be weather-resistant so they may be installed on the wall outside of that triangular zone.

Mounting of isolating switches adjacent to split-system air-conditioners has been part of the standard for quite a while and now we are including water heaters, and heat pumps in that. Remember that the isolating switch should be mounted adjacent to and not on the unit to be isolated.

Electrical Equipment and Damp Situations
It seems that there are numerous state-of-the-art plumbing accessories out on the market now and one that needed to be included was the flush ceiling-mounted shower head. These fittings look great and tumble water directly down as if rain from heaven, so a new clause and diagram were added.

Further detail has been added on exclusion zones for pools and water features where electricity distribution equipment and electricity generation systems may be present. 

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