RF Remote Control Improvements

Airflow RF Remote Control

Improvement to the RF Remote Control

We are pleased to announce that our current remote kit will be upgraded to offer an infinite number of radio frequency channels.

This means that the issue of any potential cross-channel interference of other frequency transmitters/receivers from garage doors, blinds, shutters or fans etc. in neighbouring rooms will be significantly reduced.

The reference code (ACESR16K1) will remain unchanged and stock will be available from June 2019.

Retrofitting the RF Remote Control to ‘Non-Remote’ Sweep Fan Models

In parallel, we have also received feedback from some customers looking to retrofit the ACESR16K1 to our “non-remote” Performance range hangsure models.

In 2017, to reduce noise and wobble, we introduced a larger plastic ball that sits inside the cowling.
Being a larger ball, this meant that the ACESR16K1 receiver could no longer be placed inside the cowling.

We are currently working on a solution to overcome this issue but in the meantime, we recommend placing the receiver inside the ceiling cavity in a suitable enclosure.

Unfortunately, if your application has a concrete ceiling then retrofitting our ACESR16K1 kit will not be suitable, and we recommend that you look to our dedicated remote-control sweep fan models instead.

Currently, we offer three sweep fan models that come with an RF remote control in the box as standard:

  • 3HS1200ALR-WE

  • 3HS1200SSR-SS
  • 4HS1200ALR-WE

The remote kit that comes with these fans will also be upgraded to the new remote from June/July 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience, and rest assured we are working to provide a retrofit solution as soon as possible.

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