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Gary ‘Buzz’ Busbridge

What's up, Buzz? RCDs!

All you need to know about the changes to the application of Arrangement, Control and Protection by RCD - Residential & Non-Residential.

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Backup Power with Easy UPS

Offer 24/7 Backup Power with Easy UPS

It’s all about business continuity! Learn how you can offer 24/7 backup power reliability to commercial customers. The NEW Easy UPS.

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Clipsal Iconic Styl and Essence

New Iconic Skins: Styl & Essence

Iconic® Styl and Essence are the newest set of skins from Clipsal to complement the Iconic range of electrical accessories. With overwhelming demand for Styl skins in market already, Essence skins will hit the shelves in the coming weeks - and consumers are already super excited!

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Clipsal Wiser Iconic Switch Mechanism

New Wiser Iconic Switch (10A)

Launching the new Wiser Iconic 10A switch mech, providing simple smart device app control from the Wiser Room App.

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Clipsal 56 Series product line

56 Series – Different Materials & Reduced Trade Pricing

For demanding and adverse conditions, your industrial switchgear must be tough. Clipsal's Industrial switchgear knows how to take hard knocks and be safe.

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Actassi S-110 Data Jacks

New Release: The S110 Data Jacks

Compatible. Compliant. Certified.

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the release of the Actassi S-110, the new unshielded RJ45 punch down jack. The new ACTASSI S-110 punch down RJ45 connectors deliver an optimal solution for network termination.

They are easy to use, easy to Install and best in class performance.

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Airflow RF Remote Control

Market Update on RF Remote Control for Airflow Performance

We are pleased to announce that our current remote kit will be upgraded to offer an infinite number of radio frequency channels.

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