#1: Electrical Equipment and Testing

The Wiring Rules affect your businesses every day. Whether you are an electrical contractor or an electrical engineer, the changes to each clause in a revision of the Wiring Rules affect your compliance with State legislation.

The new and revised Wiring Rules was published in June 2018. A six-month grace period has followed this date to ensure that all users are up-to-speed by the 1st of January 2019.

The following are intended to provide an overview of the Schneider Electric product that can help each and everyone in the industry to be up with the latest 2018 version of the Wiring Rules.

Electrical equipment and testing

Electrical Equipment and Testing

Whilst the changes to this section are minor to some extent and do not change the requirements dramatically there has been a need to stress that verification process is not to place the operator, people in the vicinity and the test equipment at risk. 

There has been a clarification of relevant technical detail on insulation resistance and testing of low voltage. 

Two areas, Earth Fault Loop Impedance (EFLI) testing and operation of RCD’s have had a major overhaul. These changes will provide clarity on test procedures and requirements. 

It's a mandatory requirement to test your installations. Just how effective are you and your business in complying with that requirement?

Gary 'Buzzy' Busbridge

Gary 'Buzzy' Busbridge - Standardisation Manager

Gary started way back in 1975 straight from Uni where he gained a degree in Industrial Design. He has worked in various roles within Product Engineering as designer and manager. Over the last 15 years he has helped develop Australian Electrical standards and is now the Chairman of the Wiring Rules.

Gary also enjoys the privilege of working with our Club Clipsal members to impart the developments in electrical standards.

Outside of work: Gary is a keen Port Adelaide fan and is now a doubly keen racehorse owner and punter. His kids are all grown up and Gary now enjoys travelling with his partner

Email: gary.busbridge@schneider-electric.com